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  1. 10 hours ago, SteveH said:

     So the rather surpising that Suzuki are leaving Moto GP at the end of this year. How utterly bizarre to put all that work into getting a bike that is truly competitive and then call it a day. No official announcement yet, but it has been confirmed by some members of the team that they were informed at the testing session this past weekend. 

    Man, they won the title and have been competitive for a few years now. I guess they proved their point in a sense, but considering the have almost zero production racing input I assume they will just stop racing.

  2. Loads of stuff from The Raid.

    The finale of Banshee S1 in the old church iirc.



    Someone mentioned it earlier but with older films, it was all real stunts and stunts people. Makes it so much better, even seemingly sime stuff.

  3. 16 hours ago, Yobo Ahoy said:

    What? I have seen absolutely zero promotion for that. Never really watched PFL (although the rosters seem paper thin) so looking forward to giving it a go. 

    Me either, they kept it fucking quiet, it was fight Disciples I heard about it. Yesterday it was week 2, (FW/HW), bit of a different format but good fights are good fights the rest doesn't really matter, at least it's not just arbitrary opinions making the rankings.

  4. Wsb looks good for sure, the bsb grid is also very strong and with Honda being back in the mix, it can only be a good thing

  5. Something always goes wrong for Bellator when they have a big card :(


    There was weirdness in ufc last night where a fighter, who was dominating, landed an illegal knee but was still given the win as it was deemed "unintentional", seems wrong to me.

  6. I played it a bit, enjoyed it well enough. I just found it was just either too easy or too hard regarding batting, pitching was great and I loved it but I could never find a balance with batting.

  7. 22 hours ago, JohnC said:

    Some guy who normally does videos about maritime disasters/accidents/incidents did an April fool video about the scuttling of the Nostromo. I can’t say it’s funny at all, but it does have a lot of interesting detail, technical stuff, nice shots of models and blueprints. 


    Thanks for posting that i really enjoyed it, I'll be reading my Aliens technical manual with breakfast tomorrow now :)

  8. Proper excited for this week's card. Three main fights are all very interesting.


    Was just listening to Fight Disciples who've been championing Leon Edwards for Usman next, say that he need to get a poster or some official hype out before/during this weekend because if Khamzat smokes Burns, he'll probably leapfrog Edwards for the title shot. And I have to agree.

  9. 12 hours ago, Mallet said:

    Do you believe there is anything to the speculation that Brady would only come back if Arians was no longer the head coach?


    It's certainly possible, it seems like a Brady move. I thought they were working well together but they had a big bust up iirc but that's not uncommon amongst teams.


    Arians was probably happy to retire again and Brady was probably happy to unretire if Bruce left.

  10. It's a little late, but after Bruce Arians retired as head coach from Tampa, good job done by him. However, Byron Leftwich not being made his successor is a joke, he apparently did 100% of the offensive coach work, and it was very good work.


    The def was good too but they don't wanna risk losing Byron

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