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    It was fucking great stuff, Dr lewis is pretty fine yo. And what is this Freaks and Geeks?
  2. McFly


    It was oki suppose. It'll be repeated on BBC3 i imagine.
  3. Thats pretty cool that Capcom one that is.
  4. I got all excited at the title thinking it wa son tonight. Now i want to die. I hope you all wore youre sunglasses
  5. "Junk, fuck" A good night, the best in a long time A new friend turned me on to an old favorite Nothing better than a dealer who's high Be high, convince them to buy What's my drug of choice? Well, what have you got? I don't go broke And I do it a lot Seems so sick to the hypocrite norm Running their boring drills But we are an elite race of our own The stoners, junkies, and freaks Are you happy? I am, man. Content and fully aware Money, status, nothing to me 'Cause your life is empty and bare What's my drug of choice? Well, what have you got? I don't go broke And I do it a lot I do it a lot, yeah You can't understand a user's mind But try, with your books and degrees If you let yourself go and opened your mind I'll bet you'd be doing like me And it ain't so bad What's my drug of choice? Well, what have you got? I don't go broke And I do it a lot Say, I do it a lot! I do it a lot! I do it a lot! Say, I do it a lot! Junk Head, Alice in Chains
  6. Wine bars are where its at man.
  7. Was that them on the Brits doing the Cure? It was great and she is sexy
  8. Sorry i should have used quotes to show it was tongue in cheek.
  9. The way you posted it seemed to imply that. But if you must know why i like them and not others is cause their a fun band who dont sing about capping niggas and cops.
  10. Didnt the cover have them all wearing red bandanas? It was pretty sophisticated for a a kids cartoon spinoff
  11. So youre saying i'm racist cause the only hip hop i like is a white band?
  12. Goldfinger, Goldeneye and Dr No is my top 3. Honourbale mention to a view to a kill which has the best theme tune by far and was the first one i saw.
  13. Metallica at Earls Court in december. Sadly all the bands i want to see are not around anymore.
  14. Everyone has the right to an opinion. Not Uncle Mike though. As for hip hop well its all shite Beasties aside.
  15. I hope its an 18, the new Marvel max Punisher style is great. Lots of real "bad"words and blood!! About bloody time man.
  16. Castro is the colour that is redder than red Castro is the colour.....that'll earn you a spray of lead Washington Bullets (an excellent "political" song), The Clash The whole worl is fucked and so am i Maybe its the otherway round i cant seem to decide SCreamager (i think), Therapy? Wheres your guts and your will to survive Dont you wanna keep rock and roll music alive? WE WANT THE AIRWAVES!! We want the airwaves, the Ramones
  17. Got my dvd on thursday even though it was not due out until 2/3/04 according to Play. Its great fun i love.
  18. I got an UGC one and its great. Especially for poorer film nerds , because frankly £5.90 is a disgraceful charge to see a flick.
  19. McFly


    Thats racist. Sort of.
  20. Any Howard Hawks film Naked Gun/Airplane Alien
  21. My god man we cant wait that long
  22. McFly

    Big Fish

    I bought a book of small poems and stories called "strange tales" or something and t was great. I hope to see this soon.
  23. Probably. But i think its just to make sure its not been nicked from somewhere else and returned for money/credit
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