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  1. I'd like to think they Rins and Bagnia changed their tune after seeing that clip. Not like they've never fucked up.


  2. I feel sorry for him but etf happened? Pretty inexcusable regardless, he had ridden so well too. Nasty looking crash by our man Nakagami, helmet to the back wheel :huh:

  3. Nothing much to see in the shows, though the Honda one is OK from what I saw. Can't believe its been 2 years with no TT.


    Catalan GP also

  4. Same here with Nakagami, I could be wrong but the pressure on top level Japanese riders must be severe. They're not very common compared to Spanish and Italians, there are two riding in BSB this year but are struggling a bit so far. 


    The Honda isn't the king maker bike it used to be so that needs to be taken into account when judging riders not just plain results. Like you mentioned @SteveHto see Taka and Alex Marquez on different bikes would be interesting. Dovi also would surely be doing better on a Ducati again?

  5. It was good to see a few different faces up front for a while at least, iirc the Ducati was clocked at 226mph or 236mph, can't remember which rider but they were 5mph or so quicker than all others.

  6. How is The X-Files not on there? Or did I miss it? It was mostly fantastic and made household names of its characters. I hated the reboot series a few years ago tho


    Buffy Firefly or Angel I can forgive as they are pretty niche but way more dramatic emotional episodes than LoD or some others. At least the Shield was quite high up.


    Its good The Simpsons is missing also. It's the best program ever for 6 or 7 series but has been unwatchable for 4 times as long :(

  7. 16 hours ago, Naysonymous said:

    Just saw the finish of Chandler vs Ferguson fight.  That’s gonna get replayed for years.  

    Yeah it wasn't so much a front kick, like Andersons, it was a proper booting to the face. Insane.


    10 hours ago, bobontheway said:

    Rose :( Jeez

    I dunno what she and her team were thinking, at all. I love Rose and was really looking forward to that fight. Esparza is great wrestler, but Rose was so much bigger and more athletic yet seemed terrified of Carla. Rose seemed content to do nothing the steal the round at the last second, Carla was trying to engage but wasn't be allowed. Terrible fight, but I think it was a fair result.


    Oliviera, just wow.

  8. Tomorrow Never Dies? It's good fun, nothing springs to mind regarding sexist or just sex issues. I have a soft spot for it cos I bought a boxset that came with a wee fold up camera and earpiece radio, and it prompted me to buy an N64 and Goldeneye.

  9. Me too, he's someone whose had up and downs but sorted it out and became great. If it was straight forward that he missed weight then that's one thing but it sounds like there's some massive fuck up.

  10. Olivieira has missed weight by 0.5lbs, stripped of title. Fight goes ahead but only Gaethje can win belt.


    EDIT: apparently the backroom scale said he made weight before heading out then the front room scale said he, and every other fighter was 0.5lb higher. Disgrace.

  11. Miller is almost always at the front or podium position for 80% of the race then fades a touch to finish 4th - 6th. He isn't a crasher but should probably have more podiums than he does. Martin is more a win it or bin it type, if the factory suits love you it can forgive a lot however.



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