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  1. On 28/06/2022 at 17:11, yakumo said:


    Its lifestyle determined its deathstyle.




    However, I fucking love their Whiskey in the Jar cover.

    I prefer Turn The Page myself but that could be due to overexposure to Whisky

  2. Coco, "do you fancy me?" Seems to be her opening line to whomever she meets. Far too smug. Indian and Paige are still my favourites.


    Ekin-su, or whatever her real name is Sue Hazel? Must be one of the most altered people ever on the show


    An aside, but I fine the whole underboob thing really unattractive, which as a boob guy seems strange but regular cleavage is way sexier

  3. I forgot Usman, he's been  good lately. But women's 115lb has been great bar Rose/Esparza but that's very rare.


    Good to see O'Malley make a point about the shitty ufc gloves.


    Also bye-bye to Cowboy Ceroone. He's been awesome to watch since WEC but you could tell he wasn't really into it anymore.

  4. The whole card up to the main events, bar O'malley/Munhoz was very entertaining. 


    Volk, put on a masterclass, so much so that it was almost underwhelming.


    I imagine Periera will be next for izzy, even tho he's unranked. Izzy is great but he hasn't been entertaining for a few fights now.

  5. On 20/06/2022 at 13:09, marsh said:

    Who needs stig when you've got Harris? Bloke is genuinely rapid in anything he's behind the wheel of, last week an old rozza car, this week a truck. Kudos due.

    Have you heard the collecting cars podcast or the YouTube channel?


    Both are excellent, pity the podcast is so sporadic now. But there's some great stuff from John Macguinnes, Nick Grist, Franchiti brothers and plenty others.

  6. There hasn't been much going on in here lately, but UFC 276 next week is an awesome card. Volkanovski v Holloway III and Adesanya v Brunson headlining. I wanna put out there now that I think Brunson wins by lay and pray or perhaps tko. No idea about the 145lb belt, there's some great undercard fights including O'Malley v Munhoz and Jim Miller v Cowboy. Robbie Lawler, Sean Strickland and Miesha Tate are fighting too.


    Overall though I just hope every fight goes as planned with no fight day cancellations or weight cut related issue

  7. 3 hours ago, Simbo said:

    Another great series i enjoyed was Mark Evans "a car is born" and his other "is born" projects.  Was good to see other stuff being built... A plane and a helecopter.


    It was the sort of thing they showed on a bank holiday, its been a good while since I've seen one of his shows.


    There was a series on History of two guys buying old retro tech and fixing them up which was cool.


    Edit: Vintage Tech Hunters



  8. 5 minutes ago, davidcotton said:

    Has Wheeler Dealers been renewed for another series?  I know they did another dream car series recently which was ok. 

    Have you seen the latest series where Mike is back in England with a new mekboy, Elvis, (whom i believe was in Dream Car)? That's the latest series and should be more iirc.



  9. Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars on quest is brilliant. No antics or bullshit, the family companies and people in sheds they find to sort out the cars is inspiring. A proper enthusiasts program where you see what goes into making the replacement parts not just the fitting or what you. Highly recommended if you're into this stuff.

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