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  1. 2 hours ago, wev said:

    Fucking hell how does Cal keep getting rides? Every time I think he's gone someone drags him back again


    Yah, he had some good rides but nothing really that would be screaming get him back. 

  2. 19 hours ago, wev said:

    Pity Vinales out braked himself and Rins used up his tyres

    Once Bagnia knew he was there after Mav briefly passed, he Vinales didn't have the tyreeft to push hard like you say. A really good race from him tho maybe he's ot his screwed back on now? 


     Crutchlow is taking over from Dovi seemingly, such a sad return from Andrea as his battles up the front were awesome a couple of years ago.

  3. A friend of my brothers is thereover the weekend and got a selfie with Randy Mamola, the Jammy git. 


    Moto2 is after the GP today

  4. Yeah it was a crazy race, I dunno how they made it so long without crashes. 


    There was video my dad showed me from Goodwood, with all the 500cc legends riding the wee track including Wayne Rainey, whom for the uninitiated was paralysed after a crash

  5. It's mad that Billy Kennedy became such a huge star in House and Chicago Fire.


    I used to love that website, "some girls you may like" it's was a trove of Neighbours screen grabs of Anne, Libby et al

  6. 30 minutes ago, spork said:

    Not yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I want Lance to visit too!

    Didn't Lance do some sci-fi themed 12 labour's of hercules to get some girl?


    When Skye Mangle ( Sptephanie Mcintosh) came back I was stoked, she was gorgeous and pretty good Kelly Clakson type singer. They did a daft Ghost World type thing too

  7. On 17/07/2022 at 19:36, Matt Defis said:


    Does make me wonder if I'll get away with it after playing until i was 31 and then boxing until i was 36.

    Same here. I didn't play as long as you, but skating/bmx plus loads of general accidents, I was in hospital with head injuries 3 times before I was 5 for example. At christmas I smacked my head bad at work and was really emotional and kinda out of it for a week, 2 days after getting a small rear ender in my work van that damaged my neck. It makes me worry sometime when I read stuff about cte as I show a lot of symptoms mentally and physically and I'm 40 now, so in 10 years who knows?

  8. I was gonna say, is O'malley even ranked? Yan must be needing a fight or getting good pay for that, it could be a good fight. Sugar has such a reach for his division that even someone as complete as Yan could have problems.


    That 280 card is gonna be crazy good if it stays as planned.

  9. Nate Diaz for some reason gets another big fight against Khamzat at 279 And TJ is being lined up for Aljo at 280 with Charlie Olives is facing Makachev whom while impressive hasn't really faced a top opponent yet.


    Aspinall v Blaydes this weekend in London is a very interesting.



  10. 4 hours ago, Yobo Ahoy said:

    Just catching up on the last couple of weeks' fights, Schnell vs Sumudaerji is one of the best fights I've seen in ages and definitely one of the best comebacks ever. Recommended viewing.



    Yeah it was a great fight. It seemed like Schnell was 1 or 2 blows from being stopped, 3 times maybe? His training must go deep in his mind as he was autopilot I reckon until the finish, which sums up why I love triangles so much.

  11. Luca jut seems like he was making a fuss over nothing just for screening. Gemma and Billy for that matter didn't really do anything. He just looked a twat

  12. Tashi came back with another guy so how can she be complaining? Plus I can't stand Coco, something about her really puts me off.and cos Andrew didn't pick her she's being spiteful and talking shit any chance she gets. 

  13. 44 minutes ago, Fry Crayola said:

    Not only did Rafa not know the extent of the injury, he also won his match while injured. It's not a leap from there to thinking there's a chance it's not bad enough to pull out of the semi-final.

    I'll admit I was being unfair, and didnt want to belittle his performance but he's such a honed athlete I find it hard to believe he didn't know how bad it was. Even in my relatively puny experience I know how bad an injury is. 


    But again if it was that bad, why  couldnt his opponent beat him? So I've contradicted myself anyway. Its just a shame that someone misses out on a big match and i took it too far


    Good for Norrie so far

  14. 10 minutes ago, hmm said:

    He managed to play, what, 4 sets after the injury first set in? So I'd challenge the assertion that he knew this was inevitable.

    That's true, I didn't realise it was that much he played, I was listening on radio and was going by what they said but still an injury that's gonna take a good amount off his service speed and movement t isn't gonna heal over night.

  15. Cant help feeling Nadal has been a bit of a knob here. Surely he knew he wasn't gonna play in the semi?  So instead of retiring in the match and letting his opponent through to play Kyrgios, he does this when chances are he knew he wasn't going to be fit

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