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  1. In a bout ghilt induced self-loathing, I coups see him do it. Perhaps he could add to the cruise papers as proof of what Logan will do for his loved ones? Assuming Ken gets his immunity deal sorted, but since it was abroad, I dunno how that'd work. But they'd never extradite him anyway, I know it's real life but look at that diplomats wife who killed that kid on his bike and she ran away to USA and fuck all happened (I think).
  2. I think PFL should be a good place for him, chance to earn good money and the format could suit him and his so-so gas tank.
  3. Kevin Lee has been booted from the ufc. Been up and mostly, down last 3 years so but I'm still surprised. His coach commuting suicide really upset him, as it would.
  4. I completely forgot about the cover-up in England. I guess it can't be exposed though because it would fuck Logan too?
  5. McFly

    NFL 2021!

    The deal USC just supposedly gave to Lincoln Riley is bonkers. $15m a year, plus a $6m house plus unlimited use of the private jet plus the bought his two homes in Oaklahoma for 500k over valuation each. I used to be ok with college players not getting paid until I saw how much universities make. Also I had no idea they couldn't sign autographs etc or even have a job, it's disgusting. Just to clarify when I said about football player development here, I meant its a lot less coverage unless you're involved somehow.
  6. That sounds cool, the birth tunnels are not my thing at l though. Alexander Skarsgard Was well cast as that wanker he portrayed. As an aside, the UTI making you mental stuff was quite accurate. I've seen it happen and can be come severe if untreated.
  7. What a great episode. Kendalls trajectory from planning this awesome party with all these amazing guests super-happy. To in the end realising its all byllshit and wanting his daughters present over everything else. Them feeling betrayed by his family whom he thought were there genuinely was sad and brilliant. Then add in Shiv whose also totally conflicted seems to want to help Kendall abit. While Roman/Romulus is a callous fuckwit who only wants his dad's approval regardless of the damage. Then, there Tom and Greg, dumb and dumber. The party stuff was surely based on reality, which someone else mentioned. That compliment tunnel was so horrendous and the tree house scenario
  8. McFly

    NFL 2021!

    It really is, you see facilities in small towns that would be better than many SPFL teams or league 1 or 2 English league. It's the way the whole system works of school-> college-> Pro. We don't see any of that development really here.
  9. McFly

    NFL 2021!

    They look great fun, the bands and music. Also proper historic rivalries to compare to football here, which is kinda missing from nfl. My ex is from Michigan, they would get 10,000 people watching high-school games when she covered it for the local paper.
  10. Maybe the Wire or The Shield, is my only thoughts but they are pretty one nite. Whereas Succession calls for wide variety of performances from the actors, which gets delivered. Siobahn looked amazing in that brown suit towards the end of current episode. The right-wing guy they're getting photographed with seems kinda famiar, would I have seen him in something else?
  11. Hope so. It was deliciously twisted but kinda sweet too
  12. Pretty sure Romulus has been ever present almost
  13. My only gripe is the seeming end to Roman and Gerris "relationship", I thought it had real potential.
  14. Ahh, I think I wanted it to be true so I made it so.
  15. Also, is Logans ex-wife marrying Peter Manion?
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