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  1. McFly

    Formula One - 2020

    Yeah the medical car just caught up
  2. McFly

    Formula One - 2020

    That crash is unreal How the hell he wasnt hurt let alone killed is beyobd me. Almost like the Zinardi crash
  3. Thats quite a stat about the points. Theres been a lot of race winners this year but how many won 2 or 3? Mir only won once iirc, near the end. Its been great to see Suzuki, KTM and a mix of guys up front.
  4. McFly

    NFL 2020!

    Watched it last night and it was unreal. Great pass from Allen to Diggs then what Hopkins and Murray did. I thought the end of the Lions v Washington game was most dramatic game but i was wrong
  5. That was a cracker for sure. Felder v Dos Anjos was a gritty fight, im glad Felder is hanging around. RDA v Conor next possibley?
  6. Yeah Argentina played great, their #10 was awesome
  7. Its a real pity that Japan arent able to be in the tournament as theyd have added a real spark to the usual 6 Nations teams.
  8. Proud of my fellow Invernessian To top it off there will be England v Scotland at Wembley
  9. If nothing else, the streak is broken an Scotland have been to a tournament this century!
  10. Penatly saved! But maybe retaken? No! Scotland going to the Euros!!!!! 2 penalty shoot outs in a row! I barely watch football but im stoked with this
  11. I hadnt played for about s year also until a month ago maybe. And like you say theres so much to do abd catch up on that it can seem overwhelming. I just did bits here and there and got rolling slowly but surely. Tottally worth it i love Destiny again
  12. Yeah i was a bit unfair to McPhee, hes done well this season overall. Just a pity when he got pole position to throw himself down the road. Cant wait for next race and the Portimao finalè
  13. Cal has been non-compepative all year so its what you'd expect. McPhee too, 1 step forward 2 steps back. But Lowes, wtf? The commentators were saying how he would push for the win and not settle for 2nd and the points as "its his way". Or words to that effect. Really worked well eh? A potential race win over a potential championship win, and now has neither
  14. I fucking love Jeopardy
  15. Remember the exploding ear from a few years ago? Well this is way Worse
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