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  1. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    Roughly, its east coast so might be a little earlier, maybe 11pm? But pretty much as you say
  2. Masvidal is the way to go surely? An exciting matchup that could be promo gold. As for Khabib its hard not to see a repeat and Usman would surely be even more of a beating than that? Maybe Nick Diaz as a total wildcard, id be more into that than Nate again. Aside from thay Michael Chiesa is fighting Dos Anjos thisbweekend and im looking forward to that.
  3. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    Psyched the 49ers are in the championship game. I was watching the game with dad whose a Packers fan so i wasny going nuts. Packers D had nothing for the running game if the 9ers and you could see it on Rodgers face that he wasnt gonna manage to pull them back when they were so far behind.
  4. Yeah he was very fluid and made Pettis looked cluless despite him being ery savvy on the ground. Also enjoyed the Greene/Olenik grapplefest very much, despite idiotic booing.
  5. Just watching Holly Holm on the post-fight show and man shes slurring her words a bit. It seems like some cte is on the cards
  6. Sounds about right, but Conor seperated to get the space to add power. So maybe need a collar tie or thai clinch to control his upperbody movements also.
  7. Cowboy looked stunned when he ducked the punch and got bumped by Conors knee. Those shoulder strikes though were cool, explosive and went upward to the nose. I expected abit more of a fight though Conor looked great. Tje Roxy/Barber fight had a strange moment where an obvious knee injury was checked byba doctor and deemed, "a partial acl tear" then left to continue. Wtf? Bizarre. Corner should have stepped in, Roxy was dominating and knees are important.
  8. Your house must have an awesome view if its near there, it looks gorgeous. Im not wanting to be nasty but the way the twin acted with Michael, getting all huffy, when he picked Leanne showed a side i wouldnt like. Accusing him of being untrustworthy was out of order, she picked him didnt she? He did nothing wrong as far as i saw except not picking the twin.
  9. Cowboys disclosed pay is $200k/$200k. Hardly ball busting money. I hope/assume hes getting big back end or lockerroom bonus? Alexa Grasso missed weight by 5.5lbs what a joke and now Gorgeous Gedelha doesnt get a fight
  10. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    The shouting and abuse of his kids mum and the police. A boxing match might give him some humility if he lost.
  11. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    Antonio Brown has really fucked it up now.
  12. Oliie has been outed as a big game hunter and his family are being bombarded. Thays why he left apparently. Its all so bland, nothi g exciting at all and for me none of the girls are interesting and none of the guys are handsome. Again all bland. Seriously Temptation island pissesnon this show. Ex on the beach is back tuesday though!
  13. Its all a seedy business What does it mean for the players and teams whove been so succesful during the period mentioned? It must taint them to some extent.
  14. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    FFS. I get why, he had some serious cobcussions so good for him he was an awesome player and one of my faves
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