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  1. Tyreek Hill is gonna be banned for......0 games! Crazy.
  2. 9 decisions in a row. Not exciting ones either. Followed by 3 1st round KOs then a fairly strategic uninspiring main event.
  3. Just saw about Connahs Quay ,iirc, beating Kilmarnock, well done but
  4. Cerrone v Gaethje september 14th. O.m.g
  5. Newcastle fans are apparently going to protest at a Sports Direct store and then maybe bouycott an Arsenal game and then a home game. Boycotting games, especially home games is the bestvway to go about protests imo. Never mind about loyalty and "through thick and thin" nothing will change until serious money starts being missed via home games being empty. Even then there so much TV money and Ashley owns so many shops now it'll probably not matter.
  6. Could be fun, i just wish it was over a shorter time period. A few weeks say rather than months. Anyway, i didnt noticed Vitor was now in OneFC and wants Rogan to cirner him since they debuted for the UFC on the same night apparently. I guess they can share their TRT with eachother.
  7. Was utterly insane. England had a bit of luck but they never gave up and put themselves in a position where a little luck could be capitalised on. NZ have participated in a final that maybe could never be matched for drama but it must be awful to have it in the bag then lose it from a weird event.
  8. She was barely there and I think it was fair stoppage. What would have happened otherwise? She was just gonna take punches and pointless damage.
  9. Some crazy action and some tedium lastnight.
  10. I was gonna come and post that too. Thats kinda immoral and bordering on negligent letting her fight after being in that state. She genuinely must have been close to death. She could be fine, for a round or 2 maybe but if GDR doesnt smoke her then she must have fucked up. A big win gets either a title shot at 135 or 145 in current state.
  11. England seem to be cruising. Almost complete control and Australia seem to have no answer.
  12. Yeah if the company was ran properly then itd be fine. I have no problem with rankings per sè just they arent being used properly. Danas denying that guy from Contender a contract for that takedown is ridiculous. Gus v Rockhold could be fun too, a pair of big names and theybhave styles tjatd mix well i think.
  13. Shes a great fighter who has a bad rep after the title non-defence. Pretty sure she'll win. She could get a title shot with a good win, who else is there? Thatd be a sick fight, id love to see that. The rankings are pretty meaningless. I wish they'd ditch them as it leads to "i gotta fight upwards" mentality. And they dont count for shit so why have them? Anyway what an ace fight thatd be. Yeah me too.
  14. I'd like to watch live and get right into it and not be skipping stuff. Im always up early to watch a recording before i go the gym. Me to, all the TAM guys would be on main card i'd have thunk.
  15. Never watch any live unless they are in Europe. There is some interesting fights though, Ryan Hall v Elkins is ultimate-technician against ultimate-grit guy. Sean Emmet again, Julianna Pèna is back from wherever shes been. Uriah Faber returning should be headliner id say. Could dire could be FOTY candidates
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