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  1. He's great, making up a whole system must be so cool. For the millionth time, I wish they'd use the overhead/Madden view so the viewer can see the field properly.
  2. PFL finals are bones C4 tonight, should be worth a watch with two Brits in the finals, Stevie Rae at 155lbs and Brendan "takedown" Loughnane(sp?) at 145lbs iirc
  3. Man, that's so true Craig v Glover would an ace fight.
  4. I maybe read it wrong in the first place, I'm not sure now. I don't get why they'd swap out both fighters, makes no sense.
  5. Prochazka, terrible pulling sorry, is out long term, vacated belt. Glover will fight Ankalaev for belt in couple of weeks
  6. Same here. So much effort put into utter garbage. Maybe there's a bunch of easter eggs or whatever I'm missing that unlocks it's genius but I'm not fussed. Also Previous Leon aka Red Gooblers voice makes my skin crawl.
  7. Agreed. If they really care is a yellow card a big deal?
  8. Sky, some of her music is pretty good in sub-Pink Kelly Clarkson way
  9. Cutting that brutal weight he did when ge was young must have fucked up his body. I'm not saying it's why he died or anything but it must damage you.
  10. McCann had been on a run but it wasn't even a contest.
  11. Molly meatball had the rowd on her side pity she got demolished, her oppo whose name escapes seems super-legit. Molly put up a fight and did well to kinda escape but she was given soooo much time in the crucifix position.
  12. Scotland threw that away big time, should have had another 1 or 2 tries at least. Thought the ref had a shocker giving that knock-on against Hogg and the deliverate knock on and yellow card was well harsh, even the NZ commentator said so, he clearly went for a tackle. But regardless Scotland choked, the nerves were visible.
  13. The whole top5 of the division now has a chance after seeing Izzy control Peririera with grappling. Izzy gets a rematch I think.
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