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  1. Man that sucks. I hope they get a replacement. Whats the bet its Conor? Lol. Maybe Masvidal or Covington rematch?
  2. Thats a mad situation, something from a novel. EFL are hopefully corrupt as to sanction a sale to owners whom put the club into admin a month later cant ne that stupid, can they? (If im understanding it right).
  3. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    Did they relocate? I didnt know them, only knew of the Nationals or Capitals (nhl).
  4. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    Not serious: Washington Swampies? Semi-serious; Washington Senators? (I know Ottawa Sentors are an NHL team also)
  5. Im rewatching S1 and after Toms bachelor party when Connor asks him aboy swallowing his own load and Tom says: " its like i didnt cheat because my sperm never left my body like a closed loop system"
  6. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    "Veteran minimum" is what i heard, in the region of $1m iirc.
  7. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    Cam Newton has a new team.....The Patriots! I did not see that coming. As usual with BB it'll be awesome like Randy Moss or terrible like Albert Haynesworth
  8. The thought crossed my mind too. His arms and back looked a lot bigger than i remebered him being. Gian Villante definetly wasnt enhanced, he weighed in at 255lbs and looked every bit of it.
  9. Holy shit great main card.
  10. Adesanya v Costa for the returning TUF apparently. Perry should manage to dispose of Gall right?
  11. Its a new girlfriend from his last few fights (a tennis player iirc) isnt it? Regardless, If his nose doesnt look like his last outing its a moral victory. Poirier v Hooker should be awesome.
  12. I've been plunging the depths of "reality tv" and have been watching Selling Sunset and Below Deck. Selling Sunset is about an estate agency in Hollywood selling ridiculously awesome houses, which unlike London i can see why they cost what they do. Its all (gorgepus) women agents and theres some next level cattyness for sure. Below Deck is about crew of luxury yachts and the shenanigans involved and its hard to explain other than social dynamics.
  13. Judging by #joesilvastories and this from Bloody Elvow i was way wrong when i said about Zuffa being better owners than WME. What a total scumbag.
  14. Interesting stuff. As well as being pro-home team crowds are also anti-away team. So players not getting shit on and being relaxed must help performances too.
  15. First 3 fights on the prelims lasted under 3 minutes total! Madness. Main card was as expected. A total size mismatch in the 1st fight, the way bigger girl looked great, boxing champ iirc. Thete was a nice choke by Vettori and the less said about the main even (lol) the better.
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