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  1. Whoa thats a big capture, awesome.
  2. Bloody elbow is doing a Mount Rushmore of MMA following the criteria of the real thing: Birth, growth, development and preservation.
  3. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    Sweet, thanks. Started reading "Boys will be boys" about the late 80s to mid 90s Cowboys dynasty. Pretty good so far.
  4. The anime style one is great.
  5. Ha, i love the National Treasure films. If anyone hasnt seen Old Yeller, thats a real family tear jerker
  6. Theres a pretty decent Slipknot show on bbc iplayer.
  7. Khabib and Tony has found a venue and will occur behind closed doors so says Lord DW. Minimal staff and no crowd and in a gym or warehouse could look seriously cool tho with a gritty neo-noir vibe. Probably It'll be at the PI or something similar. Apparently Khabib has gone to Russia though "to finish his camp" so maybe its in Russia? Theres more chance of that i reckon, where rules are a bit easier to circumvent.
  8. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    Also when was the last time New England signed a big free agent? Theyre kinda notorious for paying shit money to players and theyve let a lot of essential players go, like Van Noy has left and a good few other last 2 or 3 years. The Bears have signed Nick Foles which im not sure will work out. Fine he was injured last year but i still doibt he will be near his Philly form.
  9. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    I think both guys(and Kraft) will want to prove doubters wrong for as long as they have left. Tanking, while i get the principal, is anathema to them both. The Bucs have 2 awesome recievers thatbate better than NE have ever had, almost, and with a proper pocket qb/leader they could be great. Cool that Bridgewater has gone to Carolina he deserves some luck. Stefan Diggs going to Buffalo is cool too.
  10. Bellator paid every fighter their full purse. As well as that all the judges, refs, cut men and arena staff from the cancelled show their full wages which is awesome. Im sure plenty places wouldnt have.
  11. Joannas face "discoloured" A little hard to see with her shades on but Joannas face is a bit fucked post the fight. Kevin Lee weighed-in at 158.5lbs for tomorrow and Bellator, which i was looking forward to, has been cancelled.
  12. "Does it hurt? does it hurt?" Was a big taunt when me and my brother would fight as kids.
  13. Rory MacDonald must be in there surely? Benavidez and Uncle Creepy perhaps too?
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