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  1. Cardio aside Zabit is class, those trips and his variety of attacks are wonderful. Kattar is very good aswell if a little more conventional, i suppose. But i cant help thinking Zabit could be finishing these guys and is content to coast a bit once its seems to be going his way. EDIT: Herman not Berman, curse these metal hands!
  2. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    Aye i was thinking that too. Saints got beat, NY Jets looked non-terrible, Browns did ok and Miami had a game-winning drive. Omg.
  3. Thw front kick and follow-up was great and there was a wicked KO by Roberts iirc. Ed Herman with a good win too wtf!?
  4. Im looking at RSG after your pist and bloody hell. I paid £90ish for mine early 2000s and thought that was bad, played it to death before i sold it.
  5. Isnt tje benefit of the doubt meant to go to attacking player when its tight?
  6. Also iirc theyre not talking about straying over the cap, they just didnt declare anything at all. If i got that right, hows that possible?
  7. The coming season on EotB UK should be awesome from what ive seen of the line up
  8. Aye 7pm UK, sorry. I forget we're not all Brits here
  9. My pleasure. Incase you didnt know, Scotty T and Bear and Marty McKemna and Sam Gowland are having mma "fights" soon.
  10. Just a reminder that UFC is on earlier than usual, 7pm. Plus World Sambo championships are on Eurosport over the weekend.
  11. Both posters wete awful 90s-eaque crap. Ryan-Marks "vision" (iirc he said maybe not tho) was so bad i dunno how the PM didnt punch him, my nephews could do better. Lottie has potential but shes so patronising and matronly for a young, very smart and attractive womanit makes her tough to warm to.
  12. EOTB USA is fucking dreadful. If you want a real freakshow check The Challenge: war of the worlds.
  13. Salary cap issue for Saracens means facing 35 point deduction and £5.3m fine. Holy shit
  14. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    Browns player Jermaine Whitehead goes mad Apparently his tweets were sent 15mins after final whistle
  15. Holloway v Ortega? Gastellum v Adesanya? Sage, Eddie Alvarez fights in One FC? Barbosa v Hooker? Hookers last fight? There was a shit-hit fight from prelims of a no-name card 2 or 3 weeks ago
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