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  1. Kicked the ball from hand poorly too but nailed the 3pts when needed. Much better tempo and disciine in 2nd half but we're lucky at times. Lions did well to win, yay.
  2. The South Africa front row are immense men. Pretty ropey first half.
  3. Yeah, Kaz seems really nice and genuinely wanting someone to care about and be cared for back. If Chloè thinksits "muggy" to link arms, what would she do if her be hugged or cheek kissed a friend? Hugo might be playing the unlucky in love sympathy victim role now.
  4. Toby really is dense when it comes to speaking to people. Abi is who I would be going after if I were in there. And I must admit Faye is growing on me now she's calmed down and no being faux-tough or hostile to everyone.
  5. I can't stop thinking of Shallow Grave "Where's Hugo!!" Now there's gonna be some aggro I hope.
  6. I did that too a few years, but on a bike, it was brilliant.
  7. I think that's a fair team really, it's been alluded to already but the bench is gonna be mental, very strong replacements available in each area.
  8. Softball is on the go too, Japan humped Oz. Struggling to care tho, no crowds is just death to almost every sport.
  9. They did the Northern 500 which was good, showed the tiny place I'm from, Invergordon iirc. The roads in Scotland/Wales are as good as anywhere its just the weather. England has great roads too but usually very busy, so lockdown driving should be quieter.
  10. Looking forward to TJs return v Sandhagen this weekend. Super tough match up for TJs first go back.
  11. It's really just a big holiday this year, no excitement or anything at all. They should all be kicked off and get in 35 or overs, that'd be way better. People that are comfortable in themselves but verging on desperate. Lucinda is pretty, but absolutely nothing else there at all. At least Faye has some personality
  12. This week's was way better.
  13. Something approaching drama last night with Aaron and Danny, but as usual its all talk. Aaron was within his rights, it's a game after all. Though hes wasting his time with lucinda, she'll go with anyone just to stay in. Apparently she has a Brighton player boyfriend already at home, poor Brad not gonna be happy.
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