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  1. But it was Blaydes who was asleep.
  2. McFly

    NFL 2020!

    Foles (a free agent now?) and Wentz both gone from the Eagles 3/4 years after the Superbowl win is crazy. Salary cap is part of it with Wentz but there must be more to it?
  3. McFly

    NFL 2020!

    Wentz has gone to the Colts.
  4. His respobse to being rocked was great, waited consilidated and then asserted himself with that brutal jab. The other side of that is Birns going to his pack rather than pressing forward was wrong to me. But hes the toptier fighter so...
  5. Oof what a try. Wasnt a sending off though.
  6. Thats good about Bellator, Sky sports had it but never seemed to show it. Its a nice change from just ufc to see whats out there.
  7. Not the worst foul but stupid and reckless and deserved what he got.
  8. KO of the year in the Sanhagen/Edgar fight
  9. Yeah i forgot about Vunipola and his card
  10. Tottally. Constantly offside at rucks most of the game but only Scotland got penalised the one time they did it
  11. A warning and yellow xard on 8th foul, doible that and no more cards, what a joke. But we bloody won! Wtf was that drop goal about though? Never the less Scotland dominated and England looked useless, score shouldve been more but still who cares?
  12. England committing so many penalties its unreal but Scotland havent made much of the opportunities through great conttol so far. Itoje England best player by far.
  13. Its ok i got ot sorted by going through the Guardian Rises quest from the vault.
  14. McFly

    NFL 2020!

    Stafford is also getting on a bit now injuries as much as age. He has insane career stats but very few big wins. Its a good move for LA and buys Detroit a solid if unspectacular qb and some great draft pick options
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