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  1. Disney obviously didn’t want it getting in the way of Mary Poppins. Crazy to think that episode 9 probably won’t be their biggest hit next year.
  2. Also thought the 3D was the best I've seen and great to see it on the big screen! Showing it at Everyman Bristol tonight 8:30 if anyone's in the area!
  3. vaatividya videos are really good at explaining the lore in these games. Not too sure about written.
  4. Nioh loved the beta and I've book a day off work for the occasion so when I saw 9th of Feb at the top of the tread I started to get a bit sweaty! Comes out on the eighth
  5. Is there a problem with battle packs, I played for around 5 hours and didn't get one, am I missing something?
  6. New bonfireside chat is up with initial impressions if you need a bit of a dark souls fix while at work.
  7. I'm loving the butchers blade at the moment but any suggestions on something similar that I can infuse and buff?
  8. Who said romance is dead know the feeling well though.
  9. There is also a good one that is on the Japanese version of ground zeros of when big boss met Kaz
  10. Spainkiller are you allowed to talk about your impressions yet or are you still under embargo?
  11. As much as people dislike reflex mode, I did think it helped a lot in that regard. I'll be driving off like this
  12. Would be surprised if we didn't get a beta for metal gear online during e3 too! It's good to dream! Do worry about post game balancing and patching for online though way things are going.
  13. Here is some impressions from the European press who played it yesterday! Needless to say it sounds amazing, can't wait for this game! Spoilers obviously Spainkiller you lucky git!!
  14. Or showing off a chicken suit to go along with the chicken hat.
  15. Hopefully finally a release date!! But probably more trolling
  16. Trailer from The Game Awards last night of Metal Gear Online Looks amazing can't wait but still no release date
  17. More maintenance on Monday from 6pm till midnight http://uk.playstation.com/psnmaintenance/ Yay
  18. A guy called Perfect stealth has just started a tutorial video on how to get fox hound rank on Mgs3 some really impressive knowledge and very well detailed. So many tricks I didn't even know about especially how he deals with the Ocelots.
  19. Great game last night we really needed that and hopefully we can kick on. If we can beat the Vikings then the Buccaneers after the bye week and Rg3 coming back fully fit will be back at 500 and ready to challenge. Also for the first time in along time it looks like we might have the makings of a decent secondary Breeland was brilliant! Aways feels good to beat dallas I know we will probably end up losing both
  20. And surly half the people, if not all are buying the candles because they know they are filming the apprentice. Pathetic
  21. Don't think it does the catch justice in slow motion! Also 3rd and 20 wow
  22. Must feel good been an absolute nightmare being a redskins fan for the last year
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