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  1. Been really enjoying this.
  2. Anyone got any recommendations for a good F1 podcasts?
  3. I manage a cinema, interesting year to say the least. I know a lot of you think cinema has had its run but hopefully we can be back watching films again with a full audience sometime in the near future, as for me there is nothing better than sitting in a dark room with no distractions and an audience, however though it has been challenging, it has also ben a surprisingly good year for films. 1. uncut gems 2. Portrait of a lady on fire 3. Parasite 4. Saint Maud 5. I’m thinking of ending things 6. Lighthouse 7. Mank 8. Tenet 9. BabyTeeth 10. Queen and Slim
  4. I’ve just finished this, thought it was absolutely brilliant as many have echoed here. The school stuff was so grim and believable Great interview with Michaela and Louis here, if any of you have missed it https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/grounded-with-louis-theroux/id1508985962?i=1000500762509
  5. I just couldn’t do any better for race B! Really wanted to get into the 1:52s Don’t know where everyone else was getting there time from! Did win a few races though! Thanks for uploading the times Junker
  6. Love to join you guys next Monday for some races, when do you announce the tracks as the daily’s are awful this week and will need practice.
  7. Would love to but I work Monday nights at the moment and finish around 10pm, if we have another lock down I’ll be there. pretty chuffed Interlagos has turned up this week, one of my favourites
  8. Jeez you guys are fast! I think after two weeks with the wheel, I’ve finally had a lightbulb moment with using no traction control, and the times my lap times are getting quicker and I’m getting more consistent, what a rough, infuriating and rewarding two weeks. still 3 seconds off sub 1:40 on the Red Bull challenge but getting there. now just need to get better at laying the power down.
  9. Gave my Dad my old PS4 and he brought thermal paste the next day because he couldn’t handle the noise when playing GT Sport, something I should of done years ago
  10. Thinking I am going to smash round Spa had a disaster yesterday with the grid starts and a lot of aggressive driving on the straights which has knocked my driver rating and safety right down but do love the combo with the G2 cars! I know it will be a painful process but looking forward to the challenge.
  11. Finally cracked and brought a wheel (coming today), I’m sure this has been covered to death but should traction be put to 0 and Abs put to 0 too, currently using weak also what advice apart from practice like a nut would you advise with getting to grips with the wheel?
  12. What’s your guys main hopes for Gt 7? I would quite fancy some dynamic weather during races, bigger race pools ( however this might just be because I came very late the party). I quite like the penalty system but it does have issues, especially if someone loses control and hits you as one example.
  13. Thank you, much appreciated that back section has definitely been a problem area for me, I’ll have a look at it. the wheel is happening, I’m Just trying to kid my myself that I won’t buy one at the moment. I give myself two weeks
  14. What we thinking is the best strat for Brands Hatch daily race this week? currently doing 8 to 9 laps on the hard then on to the mediums to finish off with the Porsche. Currently doing 1:25 As my fastest lap, where you guys getting your time? Feel like I am going pretty clean but obviously Seconds behind, is there a break balance I should know about. Blaming it on not having a wheel :)
  15. I know what you mean, when you nail the tricky middle section it really is a great rush. Must of improved my time by 15 seconds over the week just grinding at it, taking more risks. As soon as work calms down and I’m free, I will join you guys for sure. Have some great races this eve guys and thanks for the info again.
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