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  1. Kinda depends whether you're speed-levelling or not. I'd assume that it's probably faster to jump around zones rather than do everything before moving on. Feels a bit shit to do that though.
  2. Very helpful, thanks. Although you are clearly several degrees more sophisticated than me - I never even used the Curse app, never mind Macs or Amazon Prime or any level of Twitch. A true dinosaur... I still play frost mage too! Apparently I don't like change.
  3. How does that work then? I have literally no clue about Twitch, never used it.
  4. I'm back dabbling with WoW and will probably stick around for BfA. Have I missed the pre-orders for the big box Collector's Edition already, or have they not been started yet?
  5. PinkMoon

    Nintendo Switch

    A quick late-to-the-party question, if I may: Is there any difference (apart from the purely cosmetic) between the various versions (grey, red, neon) of the console available just now? I've seen some comments up-thread about poor connectivity on older controllers and wondered if 'older' correlated to any particular console.
  6. Genuinely amazed that World Of Warcraft didn't manage to squeeze in somewhere. Sure, it represents a Marmite genre, but it is the absolute polished, triumphant pinnacle of that genre and has swept aside everything before and after it over the last 13 years. It's 'important' as well as brilliant.
  7. No. I've heard enough of them to know that I don't want to hear any more.
  8. Not sure really. I don't really watch films very often, I guess. I prefer gaming or music.
  9. I'm going to assume this snapped during that mind-bending moment of incredulous bewilderment when I told you I've never seen The Matrix!
  10. It's a really easy platinum. Even I managed it.
  11. No, I'm with you too. I did my first Cauldron last night so I'm guessing I'm not too far in but it just all feels like a charmless chore so far. I had a swell of positive feeling a couple of nights ago but it had almost completely disappeared after last night's session. I'll stick with it though, I feel obliged to try and enjoy it because of all the love in here.
  12. Confirmed in stock RIGHT NOW: http://www.shopto.net/video-games/ps4/PS4AC75-playstation-move-motion-controller-vr
  13. I just got a shipping notification from ShopTo on a pair of Move controller which I back-ordered just over a week ago. Not sure if they still have any of this batch left, but clearly some new stock *is* floating about.
  14. Yes, although it's only been happening since I upgraded to a Pro; my launch day PS4 didn't ever do it.
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