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  1. Daughter has chicken pox this week. Was hoping it had cleared up by tonight but no luck. We need to give over the spare room with the computer in to a much needed in-law for the night so I won't be able to raid. Sorry guys! Things are indeed not looking rosy. I don't have the time and energy to devote to recruiting and I don't typically enjoy pug raids. I am open to ideas as to how we can move forward, if we can!
  2. I am going to struggle tonight - have been on the road all weekend and need to catch up with the wife. Hopefully we'll be able to kick things off again on Tuesday, if not next Sunday.
  3. Have you analysed their logs and had a gentle word to them about it?
  4. I'll be around 8ish. They've hotfixed it so you can do it with M+ as well so we'll see if we can do them for attunements.
  5. I'll be around tonight - need attunements first which is basically 4 mythic dungeons.
  6. Ze logs for tonight: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/3FqfdnXk2mYNrT7K/
  7. Like I said on Sunday - shall not be about tonight due to open evening. I'll leave you all in Ben and Tree's capable hands...
  8. OK so after carefully analysing the data and ignoring the bits which aren't convenient for me - it looks like our new raid nights ar: Sunday & Tuesdays starting at 8.00pm Finish times will be 11pm We'll try to get a raid going tonight if there are enough people available and on (short notice obviously so if it doesn't go to plan we'll split out into Mythic groups). As it happens, next Tuesday is open evening at my school and Tree isn't available the following Sunday, but we'll still plough forward.
  9. Hello! Jon is still drunk/recovering from drink/kicking his power supply unit/on an extended mission for MI6 (delete as appropriate) which means we get to fiddle with the raid schedules! We'll be raiding on the following schedule: Sunday & Tuesdays starting at 8.00pm Expectations are to raid twice a week still, and for raids to last three hours. Any less than this and we really don't progress at a rate people are happy with. That means if we start at an earlier time, we can finish at an earlier time. First up is the Emerald D
  10. Me me me! Very excited. Going to go to bed early and miss the server meltdown then get up early.
  11. This made me chuckle/seethe with rage: When did they rush out an expansion last?! I'm sure if I had the time and inclination I could find near enough the same quote about there not being a content drought this time for every expansion since Burning Crusade.
  12. Yeah I'm desperately trying to like Brewmaster but I'm still failing. I think I can still see how they can pull off amazing feats against boss abilities with >100% stagger available to them. The brew system feels so limiting though when compared to warriors dump all your rage into a shield mechanic. What's worse - the healing balls mechanic they have is the bit I liked the least about them last expansion, and they've made that much more of a thing now (and I've heard artifact traits make them even more important come level 110). Mistweaver is indeed good fun now, so glad they
  13. Starting to ease my way back into playing WoW and had a few ups and downs in the new patch: Downs: Brewmaster Monk - they've completely redesigned the class and it's taking a lot of effort for me to start liking it. I've been doing proving grounds a lot to see how all the tricks might come together for something great, but so far I'm coming up short and I can't even get past gold level. Raids - Having several months off and coming back to the same stuff doesn't make it interesting again, unsurprisingly. Ups: Protection Warrior - Dumping the majori
  14. We'll give it a go and see who turns up. See you later!
  15. Thursday evening is indeed year 10 parents evening as I feared - it's unlikely I'll be back for 8.30 but I'll let you know. 9.30 is more likely.
  16. Yeah I'm struggling tonight - will update in an hour or so but may only be able to join for a bit. This teaching stuff has gotten busy
  17. Guys I've been hit by unexpected in-laws. I'll try to make it on and usher them out politely asap but I could be a while. Very sorry.
  18. It's carefully worded to filter out the joyless. You mean 8 server time right? 7 UK?
  19. Current post on EU Draenor forums. If you have responded to this post, please include your character link in this thread.
  20. Yup it was - hit a good pace with only one eyed Bob or whatever he's called holding us up to any extent. I feel that under Goldwriggles' tutorage the only way is up.
  21. We're going to try again tonight yeah. If people pop on for half eight we'll see I. We can make a viable raid
  22. Yeah most of the wipes last night for Gorefiend were just simple mistakes people were making, typically around the constructs and void zones.
  23. I'm unwell in bed at the moment. Unlikely to make it unless there's a spectacular turnaround in how I feel
  24. Seems bizarre - why I wonder? Does this mean I'll miss stuff for the guild if I'm pulling and no looting? Because I do that a lot
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