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  1. First off, forgive me if this looks like a blatant plug but, well, it kind of is Anyway, I've been working on this wee venture for some months now and we are now finally launching our webgames social bookmarking type thing. It's basically a listing site for sharing any games you come across but leaving the original games on their original pages rather than trying to 'steal' them by re-hosting or embedding them. Anyway, if you're at all into wasting your work hours away playing "Orphan Feast" then you might find it worth a look. TheGamesList And if not, sorry for bothering you. But most of all, we want this to be a site that people actually like and want, so if you've got any suggestions (that don't involve telling me where to stick my site ) please fire away! Cheers!
  2. Race spec cars like Touring Cars, Rally, F1 etc generally don't have ABS. Seems to be the consensus it's too great an aid to the driver's own skill. I'd probably turn it off on Forza if I bout the wheel, but I just cannot get that degree of finesse with that wee little trigger. No matter what I try, I lock em up and glide into the wall
  3. Has anyone else had this thing not work? I downloaded the update and all but there's no new channel? Does it appear on the regular homepage along with weather and news etc? I've restarted my Wii a few times but no new channel. It's definately still going online though so it ain't that. Weird. I need to tell the world if I prefer cats or dogs...
  4. Don't know if anyone can help here? We just had a PS3 brought back to our office from the US so we can well, try it out and what have you. Anyway, plugged it in, set up the various user what-not and stuck in a game. Nothing. Tried second game. Nothing. Tried CD's and PS2 games. Nothing. Not the most auspicious start to the debate over the longevity of Sony's new hardware. So that aside, anyone know of ANYWHERE in the UK that might be a good place to take a DOA US Playstation 3? Meh.
  5. Ooh yeah! Please and Mii on an all! magic juan: 7747 0534 4771 6592 And now for a marathon bout of pointy-number input goodness...
  6. Does anyone have the first idea about setting up WEP on a router. I've tried a few times now (using a Mac Powerbook) and everytime I turn WEP on, set up my key things and hit "APPLY" it just swiftly stops me connecting to either the web or indeed my router itself. I basically have to hard reset the router at the back, set all my account details up again and forget the whole thing. It's a shame as I don't suppose firing my bank details all over the infogrid over an unsecure wireless network is going to do me any long-term favours... Mmm, but just to explain myself topic-wise, obviously you have to use WEP for the DS to give you any love.
  7. OK, I'll be prefectly honest - my company just made a game to promote, well a game. And here it is. It's called Turf Wars Yes, that's right, it's for those corporate demons EA, but regardless, I reckon it's a pretty good one as far as webgames go. It's a kinda multiplayer, Qix / Snake / Tron type of thing. You know the ones... Anyway, if there's anyone in the lobby and you get a game it can actually be quite good fun. Go on! Draw your EA hate away with Sony's rotten treatment of Lik-Sang and have a go
  8. magic juan


    Lord knows, I think they're getting confused with "L" which isn't used in Japanese at all, often to amusing effect. The Japanese word for slipper phonetically comes out as "SU-RIP-UR" Well, I say 'amusing'. It's not exactly a laugh riot I guess...
  9. magic juan


    Are there seriously people out there who are saying they have gone from being genuinely interested in buying the console based on its technical merits to no longer wanting one at all because of its name?! Jesus Christ! What's the matter with you people!!! Yes, it's the same phonetic sound as a word which children use meaning urine. So!!?? It's also the same as the word 'we'. Do people all giggle like little girls every time someone says "Shall 'we' go to the pub" No, because they'd get a dry slap to the face and be told to grow up. The Pixies - stupid, girly name for a rock band Golf - weirdly irrelevant name for a car Cilit Bang - pardon? rllmuk - you can't even say it!! And what do they all share? All very successful and ultimately memorable. And the simple fact is, after you've seen them around for more than about a day their name becomes TOTALLY irrelevant and is simply the sound you make when you want to talk about thme. Personally I'm just looking forward to playing with one at E3 Woot! ...another stupid sounding word
  10. Has anyone played Everybody’s Golf on the PSP? The screenshots from the website look awesome. The site’s quite cool too – if you click on the fly at the bottom there’s a cool little secret movie clip. I wonder if that’s one of the game developers in the film ?!? www.everybodysgolfclub.com cheers
  11. So has anyone tried a US Wipeout in a Jap PSP?
  12. I might have to rip an MP3 of the tune so that I can induce a 'mind-quake' when I'm away from my computer...
  13. Surely it would be Raiden that would need blowing...
  14. It's best if you try and imagine it was all a dream... Yes, all a dream.
  15. http://www.mausland.de/dolphin.swf God damn... ...and 76077. I can't try it again just yet...
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