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    Well, thanks to @MartinMrz I have a new addiction seven bloks is really rather good. I’ve been playing it rather a lot since December (*cough 56 thousand bloks dropped) to the extent that I’ve not touched the now fixed original Drop 7 its fun to have proper leaderboards, and I managed yesterday to have a great run and hit #2 on highest level on Toughness, with 99 levels and the dev is updating regularly, making good tweaks and improvements, which feels like the good old days of iOS games Highly recommended
  2. squ1ffy


    Yeah, so Drop7 was broken by iOS12 - it crashes on launch. Gutting! I mailed Zynga support and they assured me they’d fix it, but nothing for months. I think part of the issue is that now all app updates need to support more stuff, like iPhone X support, which the app doesn’t , so a quick fix doesn’t work its super sad as I cannot get my drop 7 fix any more. Threes has become my iPhone puzzle game of choice...
  3. Mr Vikkis Chilli Jam is incredible and knocks any other chilli jam into a cocked hat. Amazing with sausages! Perfect with a hangover fry up.
  4. Very interesting 'oculus simulator' here - shows the impact of low persistence and improved resolution http://vr.mkeblx.net/oculus-sim/
  5. squ1ffy


    So Drop7 receives a retrospective Edge 10. Richly deserved in my mind. I must have played an average of 5 games a day for the last 4 years. And what's amazing is that I keep finding new ways to play it. I'm now pretty damn good - but the kind of good where you know the game so well, and so only see your flaws not your ability. I know I can be better. Anyhow - latest scores:
  6. Just finished this. What an amazing game. The nostalgia was just pitch perfect - I loved the handwritten back and forth notes with the doodles. And the ending was properly tense.
  7. 1. Doom 1. Everyone remembers the first time they played Doom. It just blew me away. Light years ahead of its time - not just the graphics, but the sound (Soundblaster cards were quite rare before Doom, and with one all the alien noises were just terrifying), and gameplay - mind blowing weapons that set the standard (I defy that anyone didn't get a shit eating grin when using the rocket launcher or chainsaw for the first time), hordes of monsters that took a decade to re-experience when full 3d came around, and alternating between gleeful wanton destruction and utterly terrifying (lights go out, lots of noises, trip a wall opening with a multitude of imps spilling out). Birthed an entire genre. Not only that but it popularised network play, level generation, modding (remember the Alien's total conversions?), shareware etc. Absolutely ground breaking in so many ways. Download a modern engine for this and play it again...it really holds up today. 2. Civilisation 2 I dread to think the total time I've put into this series. Steam say 294 hours in Civ 5, and I must have done the same in the others I owned (1,2,4). It's without doubt the most addictive and engrossing game I've ever played. Hard to choose amongst the series but I'll go with 2 as that solved all the niggles of 1 and was just utterly perfect in its day. What I love about Civ is that it's genuinely educational too. The amount of history I've learnt through Civ osmosis is quite impressive. 3. System Shock 2 Sublime; not been bettered by any of the Bioshocks or anything else. Hard as nails; genuinely terrifying, and the best RGP like stats building in a FPS ever - I carried around a rare assault rifle for half the game (using utterly precious inventory space) that I couldn't use until I have a certain weapons ability, and the joy of finally hitting that point and making mincemeat of the bastards that I'd been hiding from until then is one of my greatest gaming memories. 4. Portal Just sublime. Incredible script (first and only time I've said that about a game); hilarious; mind-alteringly amazing concept, makes you feel incredibly clever. You can't fault it. 5. Syndicate Wars God this game was good. Rock hard, with unbelievable tension towards the end of an epic level as you couldn't save mid level. I genuinely had dreams where I woke up and thought 'well I'm awake but where are the other 3 of me?'. Again amazing balance of action and building up your characters and weaponry, utterly engrossing. Can't wait for Satellite Reign. 6. Half Live. Hard to choose but I'll go with 1, mainly because I played network multiplayer in my student house for countless hours of pure joy. 7. Peggle. Casual gaming crack that appeals to anyone. 8. Deus Ex 9. Civ 5 - oh go one then, if we're splitting up the series this needs to be on the list. 10. Half Life 2 - ditto
  8. So a good mate has just released a cracking funk album - check it out here http://funkgymnastik.bandcamp.com/ it's definitely good to your earhole!
  9. Holy moley - check out this video from the guy that did that 'sealed deck' trick...just astounding.
  10. Great job strangelight! OK, so the original font was Corbel The other slight difference is that the font's shadow has no offset rather than being down/right; and the font has no outline (just white, hence the drop shadow so it stands out) - but go with whatever looks good at that size!
  11. It's bollocks. Drop7 isn't inherently broken - it just that it features a good dosage of luck as well as skill. People complain that it's too luck based and in the later game you have no response to certain outcomes. But the more you play the deeper it gets and you realize that whilst luck plays a substantial role it's all about getting yourself into situations where your exposure to bad luck is minimized. I've had a number of points of playing where I've thought 'i can't develop my game any more; this is as good as it gets and I'm just down to luck now'. Expect I then have a play style insight and up my game again. It really does get deeper and deeper and you will get better and better; learning to embrace the luck and play the game with that in mind rather than curse it as 'broken'. I've played countless games over the year I've had it, yet all my high scores are only a couple of months old. It really is an awesome game. Thank god it still works on my iPad!
  12. Drop7 devs updated on the updated on the 29 June saying Curse the slow approval process - I'm now obsessively checking the app store for updates!
  13. Yes drop7 lite mode is not in the full game. Devs have said they are no longer supporting the lite version though, and considering it doesn't work in os4 it sounds like that means it's dead. Anyhow hardcore mode is where it's at. I'm utterly hocked on it. Os4 breaking the game has been real cold turkey. Keep checking for the update - devs submitted to apple a good couple of weeks ago but their being very slow to approve.
  14. What's really annoying is when free apps aren't universal - managing two is boring, and easy to miss there is an ipad optimised version - Shazzam I'm looking at you
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