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  1. Anyone had their tracking number yet ? I know some have been sent out (mine included) but no tracking number or order update yet
  2. we just have to wait impatiently for our shipping confirmation emails now
  3. but they are pulling 24 hr shifts to cope with the demand
  4. out of curiosity has anyones order status changed yet, mine still says processing and my Mario DS says pre order processing
  5. I've been allocated one too and I have my purchase receipt for MArio DS too now
  6. mine is dated 3rd Oct, no idea when its going to ship now
  7. No how idea reliable the source is as it is taken from another forum
  8. My order went in 3/10. Actually quite hopefull of getting a DS quickly (within the first few weeks as I reckon most people waited till the official games announcement before ordereing)
  9. anyone received their copy frm vg+ yet ? shipped on tuesday and hoping it arrives today or tomorrow
  10. I can wait for mine if I am not gettin gone on launcj, ordered on 4th Oct so doubt I will be high enough up the list. As long as I get it for xmas I will be pleased
  11. My order was placed and paid for on the 3rd Octocber, just hope that I am in the first shipment, but probably not
  12. Does anyone know if its region free ie does the US version work on an unmodded xbox
  13. Disagea GT4 Thats about it for the moment but Halo 2, Doom 3 and Half Life 2 will be pre ordered at some stage
  14. I managed Alma on my third attempt Have to say that thi sgame is easily the best I have played this year (I re bought my xbox just for this game) Currently on Chapter 10 just about to face that electirc worm thing again.
  15. I have this on Pre order and can't bloody wait for it
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