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    Us Psp

    They mark it down to $20 CDN as they did the DS
  2. For me it has to be Starfox Assault. I was so looking forward to it, but once it arrived boy was it a major disapointment, it survived in my house for a day whilst it was completed and then sold on.
  3. I was going to order with them, but alas they don't do paypal
  4. EA haven't supplied any retailers in Canada with copies yet. Its supposed to be shipping on the 18th April now although I will take that with a pinch of salt. I cancelled my vg+ order as i was fed up of it being put back all the time
  5. MikeF


    What determines when the level changes ? Is it score, blocks deleted or something else ? Anyone ? Need to figure out where I am going wrong as I can only get to the blue and white skin with a pitiful 40k max score
  6. already have Minna No Golf and wanted this too, have asked vg+ to cancel the order and refund my payment
  7. and checking now on vg+ the date has changed to the 19th April, when the hell are they going to get stock in. Looks like its time to cancel and order from somewhere else. Anyone know a US site that takes paypal ???
  8. looks really good, need any more testers ?
  9. finally its shipped
  10. great, mine hasn't shipped yet abd I have had it on order from the second it went live on the site
  11. still waiting for mine to ship too. This is getting annoying now
  12. vg+ told me that Mercury will be shipping today, good news if it's true
  13. got a reply back, the reason that vg+ haven't got stock of TW yet is that EA haven't supplied any Canadian retailers with it yet, hence the delay
  14. Just emailed vg+ asking whats going on with Tiger Woods from them
  15. thats probably when they added it to the site for pre order, doesn't mean its in stock, guess we will know later today if our copies ship
  16. according to my screen vg+ still have it down for release today. Its supposed to be shipping to stores tomorrow though, so who know when it will actually appear
  17. Its too early for vg+ to have shipped my copy so there is still a chance. I was told it had been delayed until today. Scratch that its now down for the 12th according to vg+ still Mercury is still up for shipping today
  18. I just hope it isn't delayed again. I have it opn order along with Mercury (both supposed to ship on tuesday) Can't wait to play it
  19. This is still sceduled for release next Tuesday (5th) or has it been delayed again. Hoping this and Tiger Woods both ship out on Tuesday
  20. Anyone else having problems with teh PS2 version. It keeps on corrupting my save data and I am using an official memory card
  21. Keep on replaying mission 1 till you get the combat down. The first boss had me for a while, then it was the 2nd boss that had me cursing some more Still a fantastic game and can't wait to get back on it later
  22. Can't wait to read the review, hopefully my subs copy arrives soon
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