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  1. I played the PS2 version last night and wasn't impressed at all. Lets just say I won't be rushing out to the shops on Friday to pick up a copy
  2. Killer 7 for me at the moment, absolutely loving it
  3. Finished Xenosaga so have moved onto Xenosaga 2. Got Grandia 2 in the PAL PS2 but not really getting into yet (4 hrs in) Lumines has just been popped back into the PSP
  4. yep thats right, here's hoping for a multiplatform release or a PS3 release
  5. MikeF

    Room 101

    I'm with you on this one, just can't seem to get into it at all. I suppose it doesn't help with me playing Xenosaga on my US Ps2 though and having other RPG games waitng in the wings. Not sure whether to keep hold of Ico or to trade it in
  6. Xenosaga on PS2 for me with Katamari Damacy, Dark Cloud 2 and Xenosaga 2 waiting in the wings
  7. I have been seriously thinking about this myself recently. Decided to trim down on my consoles and now only own a US and PAL PS2 and a PSP. I have decided that I am only going to get the PS3 out of the next gen consoles, but I know I am going to buckle and end up with all 3 of them Must try and be strong willed though
  8. still waiting on mine
  9. seems very good, load times are a tad on the long side but everything else looks like a mini version of TW2k5 so far. better impressions later once I have had a longer go of it
  10. Finally got my copy and had a very brief go on the bus on the way to work this morning
  11. vg+ now have it down as arriving today. Wonder what date they are going to put on it next
  12. do we know for certain that today is the day that it wil be shipped though, I am praying that it doesn't get put back again
  13. Is there a set method of doing it or is it just a luck thing ?
  14. cheers, managed to figure it out but then got stuck on Aqua percentage 1. The one with the yellow paintshop on a level that needs a ramp jump to get to
  15. Played this for a while last night until I hit a stumbling block Anyone have any help for the Xero Boss stage (world 2)
  16. I intend to sit down with this properly tonight and see what happens. certainley looks good from the brief play I had at lunch time.
  17. it must be fully loading everything into memory as there is no disc access at all once the level has loaded
  18. I know there is a 7th world that is unlockable but I woul dhave though it takes up more than 4% of the total though
  19. My copy also arrived as i found out when I went home at lunch. Only played the tutorial levels so far but it looks promising. Bit worrying that I have done 16% already though
  20. with any luck mine will be on the doormat when i get home tonight
  21. I don't have any dead pixels on mine that I can see but I do have a tiny black mark on the screen that won't come off. Doesn't really bother me as when you are playing games you can't really notice it
  22. MikeF

    Wipeout Pure

    Glad you're enjoying it but this thread and the fact that I didn't really give it enough of a chance has meant me ordering it again
  23. MikeF

    Us Psp

    why not get the Japanese version then ?
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