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  1. just ordered from yes Asia, although the payment says on hold until they verify my paypal transaction
  2. I need this game, just have to find it somewhere cheap and in stock
  3. Gamestation are doing a deal, Nintendogs DS, accessory pack and any other game for £115. I ued this to get my new DS with Advance Wars
  4. all being well my 360 will be delivered on launch day along with the 4 games I have on order. Can't wait now
  5. have to admit I have bought quite a few DS goodies in the past few weeks - Blue DS Nintendogs Lab Advance Wars Meteos Castlevania Another Code Phoenix Wright Wooden Stylus
  6. XBOX - PES5 DS - Phoneix Wright (on way) DS - Castlevania DS - Another Code GBA - Mario Kart there are more but these were the most recent 5 from the past few weeks
  7. I still fully expect my 360 (ordered from Game's website on day 1) to arrive on launch day
  8. what happens if you don't turn the game on for a week or so ???
  9. cheers worked a treat on his knee section, then I went to the Managora soul on his head and nailed him
  10. its probably rubbish, I ordered the first day that they allowed orders online and i am not worried inthe slightest. I fully expect the postman to delivey my 360 before midday on the 2nd Dec
  11. I wouldn't be without my DS now and am so glad I picked up another one a few weeks back. Too many good games out for it and coming out
  12. and its under the import duty limit too although I have asked PA to mark my copy down
  13. not sure if this has been answered or not, but does the Japanese version ahve any problems with you speaking Objection etc in English ???
  14. pretty much the same method as me so far, I am at level 42 and have full health and magic powerups to hand (including the rotten meat)
  15. a little help if you please I am onto the final proper boss and am struggling to beat it. The first part is easy but after that I strugle to take it out. What are the best soul's to use on it ??
  16. Got PES5 in the XBOX and Castlevania Ds in my DS. Another Code is next for the DS
  17. MikeF

    Pes 5

    god am I struggling with this, for some strange reason I can no longer score goals, the through ball seems rubbish now. Still loving it though Just need to find a good team to play as with a good fprmation, any suggestions ?
  18. I'm up for some friendly gmes, add me -- Tieler
  19. my re purchase of a DS has just been justified
  20. where is the bad ending that unlocks me julius mode then ??
  21. I just neat the game with the bad ending but didn't unlock Julius mode I used a save file that I copied from my original to beat the game, is this why I didn't unlock Julius mode ???
  22. UO_Snes9x has a few different option in the menu, its the version I am running at the moment and so far am pleased with it
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