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  1. think I am upto the same point as you know Shoes, just about to do some more investigating as instructed by the Judge. This game is a breath of fresh air
  2. my copy is apparently waiting for me at home, can't wait to get stuck into once I get in from work
  3. MikeF

    Mario Kart Ds

    PAL is 25th Nov and US is 14th Nov
  4. MikeF

    Mario Kart Ds

    watching the videos has made me want this even more now. So tempted to order the US version now and cancel my PAL order
  5. I'm going the dongle route myself
  6. I was told Nov 14th for my ship out daye but it shipped today. They are just being cautious, it will ship way before that I recon
  7. I suspect that the DS will have a mac address somewhere and that it will use that to identify each individual user
  8. at the moment its handheld gaming for me that gets most of my time, meand I can sit down stairs with the wife and not get moaned at for spending too much time away from her and the kids. I suspect this may change a little once my 360 arrives
  9. same with mine, wasn't suppossed to ship until the 14th Nov. Not complaining mind you, although I will have 3 ace games that I have to spread the ing between
  10. ditto although I have never order from Yes Asia before so don't know how long the delivery times are. Also have Viewtiful Joe Scratch on the way from them
  11. Same here, order placed Also ordered the USB access point from Play
  12. my copy is now Ready to be Shipped fromn Yes Asia, hopefully it will be on its way to me in the morning
  13. Currently Advance Wars DS and Mario Kart GBA are getting my game time. Awaiting arrival of Phoenix Wright and shipping of Ouendan
  14. Just spoken to Game's customer service and they sprouted the same old crap about its guaranteed for xmas but not launch day. What a pile of crap I ordered onthe very first day that they were taking preorders and was essentially told I was guaranteed a launch day machine. I will be Seriousley pissed off if mine isn't delivered on launch day
  15. MikeF

    Xbox 360

    I put my pre order in with Game Online on the 18th August, so hopefully I will be safe
  16. thisis probably my most anticipated launch game (assuming it makes launch)
  17. not doing very well at present First season with Oldham, currently 23rd with 30 points and 9 points off safety. My team is so inconsistent its unbelievable. I keep getting the dreaded vote of confidence so I reckon I will be sacked before long. Managed to secure some good freebies for next season assuming I am still the manager
  18. MikeF

    Touch Golf

    looks good if you ask me, its on my purchase list now
  19. the money will have been earmarked from your bank as a payment to be made so you should be OK. You have already paid for the game so it will just ship when the stock arrives (as will mine)
  20. Xbox and DS for me, soon to be a 360 the Xbox is being passed onto my daughter to replace her ps1
  21. I got myconfirmationtoo with the same shipping date, luckily I paid with paypal so the money is already taken. Just hope they ship it out earlier than the 14th as I want it now
  22. should be updated inthe morning I am hoping for a shipped notification too
  23. so far this year I have played and completed the following games DS Touch Wario - Main Game (January) Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow - All 3 endings (October) Another Code (October) Advance Wars Dual Strike sold on as not really feeling it Meteos Nintendogs Lab Edition (although I am not sure you can actually complete it) Phoneix Wright (awaiting arrival) Ouendan (awaiting arrival) Viewtiful Joe Scratch (awaiting arrival) PSP Ridge Racers - 100% Done (January) Minna No Golf - Seen the Credits, All Chars unlocked and All challenges completed (February) PS2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater (March) Killzone (March) Devil May Cry 3 (March) Devil May Cry (March) God of War (May) Xenosaga (June) Gamecube Resident Evil 4 (January) Starfox Assault (March) GBA Konami Krazy Racers (February) Mario Kart PC House of the Dead 3 (February) Fear FM2006 (again not sure how you can actually complete it) XBOX Fahrenheit (September)
  24. I have - PES5 in the xbox Nintendogs Lab Edition and Mario Kart GBA in my DS waiting for Phoenix Wright to arrive and Ouendan to ship
  25. assuming they all make launch then I will be getting the following 4 games PDZ PGR3 Oblivion Kameo
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