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  1. I have hardly ever experienced any lag when playing other uk'rs on my friends list in over 200 matches
  2. I mananged to get a few games against UK'rs tonight, helps if you host your own game too
  3. not had any problems like that and i boot with the game in the machine to start with. I just wait till it signs me in before pressing any buttons
  4. I have done all the story mode with all the characters now, just one more character left to unlock Time to start to master a character now
  5. they works fine in HD mode or SD mode (60hz only)
  6. there wasn't with RR6 so I doubt there will be with this, my copy has shipped, can't wait for it now
  7. Well I gambled and ordered it from vg+
  8. http://ntsc-uk.domino.org/showthread.php?t...48&page=5&pp=10 http://forum.lik-sang.com/showthread.php?t=10230&page=2
  9. check on Lik Sangs forums, NTSC-Uk, they are saying the same thing
  10. I think a lot of people are confused mate. I want to buy ti too, but am not sure if its going to work or not
  11. apparantley it may not be region free people are having troube getting it to work with their controllers. Don't know if they are wired or wireless though I was about to order it too
  12. Playing Call of Duty 2 on veteran at present, got the last british and 2 american missions to go
  13. MikeF

    King Kong 360

    That could of course be entirely the wrong section ← The above is correct, I didn't want to spoil it too much for you
  14. MikeF

    King Kong 360

    If this is the area where the brambles are before the water and the door then you do need to backtrack a bit and lit the fire urns that way (Millipede level iirc, apologies if this is the wrong level)
  15. MikeF

    King Kong 360

    iirc you need to backtrack and look for a flaming skull and knock that over to get access to a fire
  16. MikeF

    King Kong 360

    I would assume it can be patched and updated via LIVE
  17. MikeF

    King Kong 360

    I'm intrested in checking this out, if its as bad as they say looks like I will only be playing on my HDTV then (the wife will be pleased)
  18. MikeF

    King Kong 360

    I picked up a copy in a trade yesterday, but don't plan on starting it (assuming it arrives tomorrow) until after I have seen the movie tomorrow night. Looking forward to it
  19. mine didn't arrive today, bar humbug
  20. Arn't gaming doing exchanged until january now seeing as it the christmas shopping time
  21. so far this year I have played and completed the following games 360 PGR3 All Silver (December) Condemned Quake 4 Perfect Dark Zero DS Touch Wario - Main Game (January) Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow - All 3 endings (October) Another Code (October) Advance Wars Dual Strike sold on as not really feeling it Phoneix Wright (November) Mario Kart DS (November) PSP Ridge Racers - 100% Done (January) Minna No Golf - Seen the Credits, All Chars unlocked and All challenges completed (February) PS2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater (March) Killzone (March) Devil May Cry 3 (March) Devil May Cry (March) God of War (May) Xenosaga (June) Gamecube Resident Evil 4 (January) Starfox Assault (March) GBA Konami Krazy Racers (February) PC House of the Dead 3 (February) Fear Call of Duty 2 (November) FM2006 (again not sure how you can actually complete it) XBOX Fahrenheit (September)
  22. I've tried and failed to find both a play and charge kit and an advanced scart lead since launch
  23. My copy from vg+ still hasn't shipped and I paid with paypal
  24. ordered mine on the 2nd Nov from vg+, still to ship
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