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  1. Nothing bought yet for me either


    Backlog started - Resident Evil Village, Little Nightmares 2, The Long Reach, Dirt 5 (both PS4 and PS5 versions) and Uncharted Lost Legacy all completed with Platinum achieved.  Outlast Insane run finally done

    Cyberpunk 2077 resumed with aim of getting the Platinum


    First purchase probably Uncharted Thieves Collection on PS5 at the end of the month

  2. 13 minutes ago, FatOldGeek said:

    Apologies if this has already been asked a thousand times, but could anyone please point me in the direction of a wall plug thing I can use to charge PS5 controllers and headsets. The information I can find is that 5v 2a ones should be fine, but then other people are saying some work and some don't.


    I've been doing it by plugging into the front of the console but putting the cable in and then taking it out again over and over can't be any good for the connector on the console I wouldn't have thought.


    Ideally from Amazon if possible so I can get one delivered tomorrow. Many thanks.


    I used an Apple one without issues before I got the charging dock

  3. 1 hour ago, Jamie John said:


    Yep, this is also very true. Another good rule is to not buy any game that you don't plan on playing immediately, or within the next week at the very most.


    I've bought plenty of games on sale that I've just never got round to playing because that spark of interest has gone. Sales and bargains can quickly lead to game 'stockpiling', which is the true enemy.


    This is the reason why I am thinking about cancelling Sifu, Horizon out a few days before and Elden Ring a few days after.  Its not going to get a look in is it

  4. I will try to participate, but not sure how long it will be before I hit the limit


    Already paid for the below

    January - Uncharted 4 / Lost Legacy Remastered PS5

    February - Horizon Forbidden West, Sifu (although may cancel it), Elden Ring

    March - GT7


    The new Salt and Sacrifice game is on the buy list

    God of War 2 and Silksong will be bought if they are released in 22

    BotW2 should be a gift as my eldest lad will be playing it so he can buy this one


    Not sure what else is likely to hit 22 that I am after but we will see


  5. Just taken delivery of my All Access Series X from Game.  Was going to keep it for myself but have decided that I am giving it to my eldest lad for Xmas.  He has wanted one for a while but cant afford one due to being on apprentice wages


    If I want to make sure I can use the Ultimate I have to set my account as the home console and just add his to the series x. Then I add my account to his One X and use that with the full benefits


    Does that make it so that both he and I have full access to the 2 year Ultimate subscription?


    Been out of the Xbox loop for a while

  6. 13 minutes ago, Popo said:

    I don’t - I’ll be honest, I didn’t really like it, so at the point where it changes pace I’d already decided to sack it off, and therefore I don’t know how the play style develops after that, but it had already long overstayed its welcome by that point. 


    Not sure I am enjoying it, seems very very platformy at the moment.  Will stick with it for a while longer to see if it changes

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