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  1. So Sifu is out 2 weeks earlier now, that means I may not cancel it, although I can see it being one of Sonys titles on what ever the new service is
  2. I had considered that too, but Im keeping it. Got the PS4 version preordered for the free PS5 upgrade This and Elden Ring will take up all my gaming time as I intend to platinum both of them Sifu is getting cancelled as soon as Sony open their email up again for requests
  3. This is the reason why I am thinking about cancelling Sifu, Horizon out a few days before and Elden Ring a few days after. Its not going to get a look in is it
  4. I will try to participate, but not sure how long it will be before I hit the limit Already paid for the below January - Uncharted 4 / Lost Legacy Remastered PS5 February - Horizon Forbidden West, Sifu (although may cancel it), Elden Ring March - GT7 The new Salt and Sacrifice game is on the buy list God of War 2 and Silksong will be bought if they are released in 22 BotW2 should be a gift as my eldest lad will be playing it so he can buy this one Not sure what else is likely to hit 22 that I am after but we will see
  5. Do games already pre ordered and paid for count in the 12? Got 5 titles already paid for before the end of March
  6. I put a Firecuda 530 in mine. Really impressed with it so far
  7. I got one on Monday via All Access from Game, ordered on Friday and arrived on Monday It appears that if they allow you to sign up then there is stock to send
  8. Finally taken the plunge and ordered a SSD to extend the storage. Went for a Firecuda 530 with built in heatsink
  9. Just taken delivery of my All Access Series X from Game. Was going to keep it for myself but have decided that I am giving it to my eldest lad for Xmas. He has wanted one for a while but cant afford one due to being on apprentice wages If I want to make sure I can use the Ultimate I have to set my account as the home console and just add his to the series x. Then I add my account to his One X and use that with the full benefits Does that make it so that both he and I have full access to the 2 year Ultimate subscription? Been out of the Xbox loop for a while
  10. It looks like Game have stock via All Access too, Ive just ordered one but dont seem to have a delivery date
  11. I have also regrabbed it for PS4 / 5. Even if I don't resume my initial playthough, I will do once the PS5 upgrade is out
  12. This is good, got the first major soul. Really tempted to get the SRG switch version, but its around £42. Quite a hike from the digital price
  13. Anyone seen any deals on internal ssd I’m not sure what I should be looking for Samsung 980 1TB PCIe 3.0 NVMe M.2 is that compatable
  14. Was hoping this would have arrived yesterday before I went away. Shopto or more likely RM let me down Still hopefully will be waiting for me when I get home tomorrow
  15. I normally don't like Open World games as I find the traversal boring, but for this I don't mind at all. Don't care how long it takes I will get the Platinum trophy Wonder if there will be an official guide
  16. Just pre ordered the standard edition from the PS Store, £43 via Shopto PSN Credit I need this now Booking the Friday and Monday off work for sure
  17. Not sure I am enjoying it, seems very very platformy at the moment. Will stick with it for a while longer to see if it changes
  18. Is The Messenger classed as one? Just nabbed it from the PS store to try
  19. Getting stuck into Blasphemous now, Mummy Demastered is probably next Finished Ender Lilies and Bloodstained RotN Then Deaths Door on PS5 or Switch
  20. Its £15.99 on PS so I'm hoping its around the same as I am planning on double dipping Not yet on the Nintendo eshop
  21. Pre ordered the PS5 version and may get the switch version as well, assuming its around the same price
  22. This is good, but the platforming sections are annoying as hell at times, especially in the fire cauldron area
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