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  1. First Purchase of the year for me Jan 27 - Circuit Superstars PS4 (£15.99) Uncharted tomorrow I think
  2. How do you unlock the Top Gear Track?
  3. Same here, thought it would have been available by now
  4. Yes, but you will need the disc in the PS5, it wont work with the PS+ version
  5. 11 - Doom Eternal PS5 - Game completed with every collectible found, only the extra live mode and MP trophies left, MP is pretty dead so calling this complete now January
  6. Yep, will be playing them as soon as they are out. Helps at the moment that I quit my job in December so have some free time whilst I look for a new job (taking my time)
  7. This is what mine currently looks like Jan - Circuit Superstars, Uncharted ?? Feb - Dying Light 2 ?? , Horizon, Elden Ring March - GT7 Sifu has been benched, waiting on Dying Light 2 and Uncharted reviews before making a final decision on those, but more than likely they will be bought So thats 6 games before the end of the first week in March
  8. Circuit Superstars is out next week for the PS4, that may be my first purchase. Too many games out in the next few weeks that I want Jan 27 Circuit Superstars Jan 28 Uncharted Thieves Feb 4 Dying Light 2 Feb 8 Sifu Feb 18 Horizon Feb 25 Elden Ring March 4 GT7 Something has to give, decisions to make
  9. 11 - Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island DLC PS5 - 100% complete, all that is remaining is 1 Legends trophy to have every trophy in the game, but seeing as its partly luck based I am not bothering with it. January
  10. Get the PS4 version. It’s a free upgrade to the PS5 version
  11. Still not bought any games this year, Dying Light 2 is tempting as a potential purchase but will wait for reviews before deciding Certainly helping with the backlog though as 10 games completed so far, some were started last year
  12. 10 - Returnal PS5 - Returned to this and finally saw the credits roll, the suspend cycle was a real help. Calling it complete now but I will return to it periodically to look for the sun fragments. January
  13. After returning to the game, I have managed to do Biome 5 and 6 and am now looking for the Fragments to be able to complete act 3. Found 1 so far Do I have to redo the Biome 6 boss after getting them all?
  14. You can’t back up PS5 saves to usb You can upload to the cloud and then turn off auto sync to keep it safe though
  15. Trust me it’s so simple to do. A couple of cables to replace and that’s it No need to have the l3 r3 or touchpad as mappable buttons so that means no soldering is needed takes about 30 minutes taking your time only negative is the pad doesn’t fit on the charging dock anymore tempted to do my other pad too
  16. I’ve fitted the rise 4.0 to one of my controllers makes a big difference
  17. January Little Nightmares 2 PS5 - Platinum Dirt 5 PS4 - Platinum Dirt 5 PS5 - Platinum The Long Reach PS4 - Platinum Uncharted The Lost Legacy PS4 - Platinum Resident Evil Village PS5 - Platinum Outlast PS4 - 100% Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 - Platinum Greak Memories of Azur PS5 - Completed main game, speedrun trophy means that's as far as I am going so its completed as far as I am concerened
  18. Let’s see how many games I can finish this year. I’m putting them in 2 categories. These being Platinum / 100% achieved and just finishing the game January Little Nightmares 2 PS5 - Platinum Dirt 5 PS4 - Platinum Dirt 5 PS5 - Platinum The Long Reach PS4 - Platinum Uncharted The Lost Legacy PS4 - Platinum Resident Evil Village PS5 - Platinum Outlast PS4 - 100% Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 - Platinum
  19. Nothing bought yet for me either Backlog started - Resident Evil Village, Little Nightmares 2, The Long Reach, Dirt 5 (both PS4 and PS5 versions) and Uncharted Lost Legacy all completed with Platinum achieved. Outlast Insane run finally done Cyberpunk 2077 resumed with aim of getting the Platinum First purchase probably Uncharted Thieves Collection on PS5 at the end of the month
  20. I used an Apple one without issues before I got the charging dock
  21. I've not even looked at Gamepass, I am subbed for 2 years due to All Access but haven't even switched the Xbox on since redeeming the code on my lads Series X. PS5 mainly for me Started my backlog today with Doom Eternal
  22. Im using a caveat too, any Credit I had in my wallet before the year started is free to spend without it impacting on the 12 games being bought this year. Any credit added to the wallet either by purchasing it or refunds this year is included in the 12 games to buy challenge
  23. I have cancelled Sifu (or requested it) so thats 1 game off the list for now Hoping a few good titles come to PS+ or the new service Plenty of games to play through whilst waiting for the titles I want to arrive
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