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  1. 13 minutes ago, Minion said:

    This is incredible and it's amazing to see so many people enjoying it, it's deserving of all the gushing reviews. After defating Margit I couldn't make much progress in the castle beyond so instead I've gone on a jaunt around the south island for what must be many many hours now. The sights I've seen and enemies I've fought, all so incredible! Time to head back to the castle I guess! I don't suppose anyone knows how to interpret the status icons you get under your health bar, I know one is increased health from my talisman but I've got another 2 one of which is negative and I have no idea what it is or causing it. It's a red square with arrow pointing down?


    Did you get a hug from the woman at the roundtable?


    If you did then use the item she gave you and rest

  2. Productive session yesterday, took down Godrick and Wolf Man, and then spent an hour or so helping others take him down too.  Every time my summon went down I was in another game within 30 seconds.  The amount of people wanting help is insane


    Today I plan on attempting the dragon and deciding where to venture to next, need more map fragments for sure

  3. 1 hour ago, Doctor Shark said:


    You get an item - Furlcalling Finger Remedy (which can be crafted with Erdleaf Flowers) to reveal Summon Signs. Simply interact with a sign to summon another player into your world, but pay close attention to its color. If the sign is gold, you are inviting a friendly ally, but if it is red, you are challenging another player to a duel.


    It’s worth pointing out they’ll most likely be near bosses - players choose where to drop their summon sign so they’re unlikely to do so in the middle of nowhere. 


    Thanks, so I have to use an item to see the summon signs.  How long does the item last for when you use it?


    Can I cast it once and its there until I quit out or die?

  4. 1 - Circuit Superstars PS4 (£14.99)

    2 - Uncharted Collection PS5 (£10)

    3 - Dying Light 2 PS5 (£54.99)

    4 - Horizon Forbidden West PS4/5 (£59.99)

    5 - Elden Ring PS5/5 (£49.99)


    That's it for the foreseeable, not sold on GT7, so cancelled that.  Salt and Sacrifice will be the next purchase I think by me


    Sifu and Olli Olli World were bought for me by my wife, so I have enough to be getting along with


  5. 1 minute ago, kempstar said:

    Im struggling to buy it! Ive changed my region to NZ. It wont let me pay by Paypal, and it wont accept my postcode for my credit card, presumably as it is expecting an NZ format!


    Are you saying I can go back to UK location, buy the game, download it, and then change my location to NZ, and play it three hours from now?


    Yes, buy it from the UK store first


    Switch locations to unlock later

  6. Upto The Tower now at age 32, when do you get the shortcut to the underground area, the level seems massive


    I can do the third level without dieing too, think I have the boss patterns down now

  7. Beat Sean at 24 now and got to the third boss, so have the shortcut unlocked


    Managed to get to her second phase first try, but need to learn her patterns now


    Pretty sure I can do the Club without dieing now too

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