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  1. 30 minutes ago, Number 28 said:

    I'm using a fingerprint shield +25 which just about lets me survive her waterfowl bullshit because there's no chance of me learning to roll through it. I'm basically dealing with a strength/faith build when ideally I should have dex if I'm using a katana, and possibly more arc for the bleeding? But then I'll probably have to switch back for the end boss from what I've read...


    Swarm of Flies decimates her if you have the arcane stats to use it and a decent seal

  2. 1 hour ago, James Lyon said:



    Waitasec... You platinumed Elden Ring twice? Yikes.


    Yep, was a whole lot quicker on PS4 as I just rushed through the game getting only what was needed for trophies.  Left it at the start of NG+ for any DLC they release.  PS5 is the main character




    1 - Little Nightmares 2 PS5 - Platinum

    2 - Dirt 5 PS4 - Platinum

    3 - Dirt 5 PS5 - Platinum

    4 - The Long Reach PS4 - Platinum

    5 - Uncharted The Lost Legacy PS4 - Platinum 

    6 - Resident Evil Village PS5 - Platinum 

    7 - Outlast PS4 - 100%
    8 - Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 - Platinum

    9 - Greak Memories of Azur PS5 - Completed main game, speed run trophy means that's as far as I am going so its completed as far as I am concerned

    10 - Returnal PS5 - Returned to this and finally saw the credits roll, the suspend cycle was a real help.  Calling it complete now but I will return to it periodically to look for the sun fragments.

    11 - Doom Eternal PS5 - Game completed with every collectible found, only the extra live mode and MP trophies left, MP is pretty dead so calling this complete now

    12 - Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection PS5 - Platinum, imported old saves and then mopped up remaining trophies, playing through again at my leisure




    13 - Dying Light 2 PS5 - Main story complete, no real inclination to return and mop up any more side quests, may return to mop up a few miscellaneous trophies



    14 - Elden  Ring PS5 - Platinum.  Easily GotY, absolutely loved it and still playing it.  Bring on any DLC

    15 - Elden Ring PS4 - Platinum.  As above

    16 - Horizon Forbidden West PS5 - Platinum.  Improved on the first one so much, bring on any DLC


  4. 15 minutes ago, Ry said:

    I still can't beat this boss with these stats. I have a maxed out greatsword , Heavy Giants Crusher and the big Red axe which are the 3 most powerful strength weapons. 


    I beat the other optional boss which is supposedly the hardest boss in the game. 

      Reveal hidden contents



    At my wit's end here lol


    Try using Mimc Ash, hug its right or left hand side and there is a chance that the AI will break and keep the boss from moving or attacking, cheap way to do it but needs must


    I've seen the AI break plenty of times using this method so worth a shot if you want to finish the game

  5. Glad they have fixed the Arcane bug and some of the other glitches / exploits


    Mimic Tear though, its PVE only, so not sure on that one.  Need to see how badly it has been nerfed


    At least Bleed is still as powerful, time to actually use Rivers of Blood Katana now, its way more powerful than my twinblade after the patch



  6. 2 minutes ago, Popo said:

    How do I get rid of this? That woman said she’d give me an item if I hugged her, but I’ve no idea what, and when I hug her again she says something like “Oh no, you’ve still got the item so I can’t give you another”.


    Check your inventory, its a consumable

  7. 8 hours ago, Broker said:

    Wow bleed really is a bit broken. Respecced for it and went into NG+ to mop up a few trophies and crushed the first few essential bosses:





    1:30 each :lol: Don’t think I needed the summon for Godrick.


    Told you, enjoy it while you can, suspect it may get nerfed


    I'm running 2 twinblades with my build and they destroy in seconds

  8. Started again on the PS4 version, powered my way to beating Godrick, this playthrough is literally going to be a run through for all the trophies, I wont be doing any opitional stuff


    Once done with this, I will probably do NG+ with my PS5 character.  Dual Godskin Peelers bleeding everything they touch.  Had a quick go at Margit with them, it wasnt good for him put it that way

  9. And done, Platinum trophy achieved


    Best Souls game, easily 10/10


    If anyone wants any help on PS5 or PS4 as I think you can crossplay between them let me know


    Will be going into NG+ tomorrow probably, unless I start a new character


    Just hope that there will be DLC for it, although they would be fools not too


    Easily going to be my GotY

  10. 21 minutes ago, Jamie John said:


    Excellent work! I dread to think how long it's taken you. I haven't even looked at the achievements yet. Are they like other From games in that you have to do multiple runs and get every single major weapon, sorcery, talisman, etc.?


    Everything can be done in one playthrough, including all 3 endings if you backup your save in the correct place


    I should be done trophy wise with the PS5 version soon, only have 4 trophies left to get and 3 are the endings


    Found and defeated dragonlord this morning, then spent some time getting the miners bells so I can buy all the smithing / somber stones I need to level up to +24 and +9 respectively


    It takes 12 of each smithing stone to get to +24 apparently and 1 of each somber to +9

  11. Im almost done :(


    One optional boss left to find and then its the final stretch to do


    Tomorrow I play hunt the dragon lord.


    Got all the ashes, weapons, talisman and sorceries trophies out of the way now


    Level 150 and currently carrying close to 1 million runes.  Really not sure if I should just keep on levelling up

  12. 3 minutes ago, Broker said:

    Meh. Earlier it was great, especially with a katana as there’s lots of early enemies and bosses susceptible to bleed. As the game went on though, I found the bleed worked less often and was less effective (probably because I wasn’t levelling arcane), and the range of katanas isn’t great (though I know there’s one which I imagine is amazing that I haven’t got).


    Ultimately, I know there’s always an element of FOMO but I found a lot of really cool looking STR weapons compared to dex ones, as well as tonnes of exciting stuff that needed faith or int. going through everything I’ve picked up in 98 hours, the dex options were sparse and not very exciting. 

    There’s also a lot of bosses later on that you need to dodge two or three times before you get a window to hit, and if that hit is one or two insubstantial slices it’s less satisfying than a big old smack. I’ve staggered like one or two bosses the whole game, and I’m jealous seeing people online get staggers and high damage ripostes. 

    It was fun enough, but on my new build I’ve rushed straight to the greatsword and pumped levels into STR so I can wield it immediately. Having a lot of fun with that.


    Ooh what build?


    Mega Bleed, can proc bleed pretty much with every attack if they are weak to it


    Going to have fun with it, as I suspect bleed will be nerfed

  13. 20 minutes ago, Curtis said:

    I should probably not progress through this game in a semi-drunken state, especially given the scale of it all. 

    I was just jolly cooping in the hosts NG+ Stormveil Castle, and i had absolutely no idea where to go. Not only because it’s 100+ hours ago on my playthrough and I’ve seen a lot of castles, but my memory is fucking terrible anyway. 😂

    Have you stopped levelling now


    I’m 150 now, running around Bitches area, although not got to her yet

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