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  1. Swarm of Flies decimates her if you have the arcane stats to use it and a decent seal
  2. Yep, was a whole lot quicker on PS4 as I just rushed through the game getting only what was needed for trophies. Left it at the start of NG+ for any DLC they release. PS5 is the main character
  3. January February March 14 - Elden Ring PS5 - Platinum. Easily GotY, absolutely loved it and still playing it. Bring on any DLC 15 - Elden Ring PS4 - Platinum. As above 16 - Horizon Forbidden West PS5 - Platinum. Improved on the first one so much, bring on any DLC
  4. Just the final boss to do on the PS4 version now for the endings. About 9 hours I think to rush through getting everything
  5. Respec? Sorcery can nuke boss's
  6. Try using Mimc Ash, hug its right or left hand side and there is a chance that the AI will break and keep the boss from moving or attacking, cheap way to do it but needs must I've seen the AI break plenty of times using this method so worth a shot if you want to finish the game
  7. Ploughing through the game on PS4 and just started NG+ on PS5, after updating my Bleed build now that arcane is properly working
  8. Glad they have fixed the Arcane bug and some of the other glitches / exploits Mimic Tear though, its PVE only, so not sure on that one. Need to see how badly it has been nerfed At least Bleed is still as powerful, time to actually use Rivers of Blood Katana now, its way more powerful than my twinblade after the patch
  9. Check your inventory, its a consumable
  10. HP down, Have you had a hug from Fia, if so use the item she gives you
  11. They always point there, they don't change
  12. And is scaling is currently broken, when they fix it it should be better too
  13. Told you, enjoy it while you can, suspect it may get nerfed I'm running 2 twinblades with my build and they destroy in seconds
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