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  1. Finished my first run through, 4 trophies left to get, will get 2 of them in NG+ Really hoping Bluepoint change the ring trophy requirements, but doubt that they will do
  2. Yep, you need all the spells on one character, so it takes multiple play throughs to get them all on the same character Same for rings and miracles
  3. No worries, I will message you once I am going on If you have done the pure white in world 4, then don't worry, you want them to be pure black too for certain items anyway I will get the final boss, almost had him but whiffed with my last magic and then he caught me After the first run through, I will need 3 trophies, but I think that one will require a new character, unless Bluepoint patch the starting ring into the game or make it so it is not needed for the trophy
  4. I can help tomorrow if that's any use. Just turned off for the evening now, can be on mid morning if that's any use Final boss is destroying me, need to level up a bit before trying again
  5. I didn't pick it, so I think I need to start a new character for that trophy
  6. That's what I am doing tonight, or in my next session Need to get to pure black on World 3 now for a few items, then to move to 5-2
  7. Did you need the Providential ring for the Ring trophies?
  8. Without a doubt, easily worth the £25, I was on the fence about getting it, but I am glad I did The dualsense haptics are superb
  9. I love being summoned into the OM fight, waiting for them to enter the fog gate and nuking them with firestorm. Never gets old I just have 5-2,5-3 and 1-4 to do to finish the first run through, will be heading back to 1-1 too for the sword
  10. Yep, I have one, add me Mik3F, we will need to set a password and then summon at a location, I can then drop it for you Maybe at the start of 4-2? I don't need it back, as I will pick one up in NG+ if I want it again
  11. Let me check to see if I have one in my stockpile
  12. I think I have one, but if you have a meltstone you can turn it back (I think, not sure if it works on boss weapons)
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