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  1. I have always used FLY, which is my surname with all the vowels removed. Also has the benefit of being alphabetical, making for an easy entry.
  2. There are plenty of lifeless 'rocks' to be found, which are usually rich in resources. There's usually at least one in every system I've visited. No large gas giants though as far as I know.
  3. dismembo

    Nintendo Switch

    So basically what Rubberjohnny is saying, is that if there's lots of colour, then it's for kids? Where as if there is a lack of colour it's for grown ups? Zombi-u is a kids game because the cover has a bit of colour? I don't get it.
  4. dismembo

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm hoping that the NX will have the ability to transfer across previous purchases from both 3ds and Wii-U. If that's possible, I'll more than likely get one. After all, you were able to transfer across all the wii vc purchases to wii-u.
  5. dismembo

    Nintendo Switch

    Pikmin 3 is very lush indeed. It made me crave more fruit juice in real life.
  6. dismembo

    Nintendo Switch

    Maybe they've got a better understanding of what's involved in HD game production during the two and a half years since that article?
  7. dismembo

    Nintendo Switch

    What's different about it?
  8. It is quite a momentous occasion though, as once you complete that mission you can have a cat of your own!
  9. I just found this website all about box art through the ages and the artists who created them... http://www.boxequalsart.com/welcome.html Might be worth a look!
  10. dismembo

    Nintendo Wii U

    F-Zero GX HD! Metroid Prime 4!! Pikmin 4!!! Exclamation Mark Maker!!!!
  11. dismembo

    Nintendo Switch

    It's the shopping centre one, Arowana Mall.
  12. I have to admit that after playing it for over 150 hours and finishing all the main story chapters, a lot of the games systems totally elude me. Especially overdrive and it's proper use. It all looks like magic to me. The last battle in the story chapters was hugely difficult for me as well. I think I would have done better if I had understood some of the systems better. All the stuff that's left to do post story, is still compelling though. I'm going to have to understand how things work though if I'm ever going to beat the tougher enemies, especially some of those super tyrants knocking about.
  13. the heart to hearts in this are supposed to be about showing what characters get up to when they are not with you. It took a long time for me to find this out, but I think it makes sense.
  14. Most recent one for me was Xenoblade Chronicles X. There's a bit not long after the game starts, where you've been wandering through an enclosed rainy ravine at night. You get to the end of this as the dawn is breaking and the rain stops. You come out into an open area as the sun rises and you see the most amazing vista, stretching off as far as the eye can see, a landscape filled with bizarre and exotic lifeforms, ranging in size from human sized, to the size of shopping centres. A real 'Wizard of Oz' moment. Before that, it was Alien Isolation, especially the PC version. If you are a fan of the original Alien film, then this gaming nirvana. It looks like the film in every detail, the locations are incredible. I've actually spotted little background details in the film now, thanks to the game. It's a much more terrifying experience than the film though, when it is you that is being hunted. I never knew crouching down behind a chair for minutes at a time could be so tense. Finally, Mario Kart 8. I don't care what anyone else says, this is the best one, I have them all, I know my Mario Kart. This one is just so slick. Every detail on every track, like the pink frosting on the sweet track that leaves a dusty layer on your tyres if you touch it. Or as you slowly come to realise the true shape of the race courses you hurtle around upside down or up the walls. The little expressions on characters faces as you jostle for position. Incredible draw distances. Rock solid framerate. It really makes me think this is what a modern day arcade game would be like, if they were still being made. Everything about it screams fun and is a massive treat for the eyes. It's accessible and challenging and beautiful. Everything a good game should be.
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