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  1. Closing the gates now. Thanks everyone. I've been able to pay a good chunk of my final mortgage and I've got all the fruit I could ever need. Cheers!
  2. Thanks, really no need to drop money though. Just wanted the fruit! If anyone wants black tulips I can visit and drop some off. Cheers for that.
  3. No need to post. Come on over. Help yourself.
  4. Yeah, that would be cool. Come on over
  5. If anyone is interested in selling turnips, they're buying for 508 bells on my island. The dodo code is 8R62W. If anyone wants to drop of a fruit that isn't apples, pears, cherries or coconuts that would be smashing. If not don't worry...
  6. I have always used FLY, which is my surname with all the vowels removed. Also has the benefit of being alphabetical, making for an easy entry.
  7. There are plenty of lifeless 'rocks' to be found, which are usually rich in resources. There's usually at least one in every system I've visited. No large gas giants though as far as I know.
  8. dismembo

    Nintendo Switch

    So basically what Rubberjohnny is saying, is that if there's lots of colour, then it's for kids? Where as if there is a lack of colour it's for grown ups? Zombi-u is a kids game because the cover has a bit of colour? I don't get it.
  9. dismembo

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm hoping that the NX will have the ability to transfer across previous purchases from both 3ds and Wii-U. If that's possible, I'll more than likely get one. After all, you were able to transfer across all the wii vc purchases to wii-u.
  10. dismembo

    Nintendo Switch

    Pikmin 3 is very lush indeed. It made me crave more fruit juice in real life.
  11. dismembo

    Nintendo Switch

    Maybe they've got a better understanding of what's involved in HD game production during the two and a half years since that article?
  12. dismembo

    Nintendo Switch

    What's different about it?
  13. It is quite a momentous occasion though, as once you complete that mission you can have a cat of your own!
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