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  1. I adore this film, one of the few films we had on Betamax! The first reveal of the chopper is The script is pure class and has some amazing action sequences click, click.. catch you later!
  2. King Crimson do the same, I'm all for it tbh.
  3. Drunken Master 2 A Better Tomorrow 2
  4. Just got back and thought it was good but not great. The pacing was all over the place and more like a series of vignettes than a coherent whole. The script was pretty bad in places too. Big plus was the cinematography and the costumes which were brilliant.
  5. Yeah don't sacrifice sleep. My habits have changed so much, I just go for bitesize quick lift games nowadays so no more 12 hr shifts on Zelda etc! Playing quite a lot of Fortnite with my 7 year old, he has a remarkable skillset!
  6. Honestly I'm really pleased about this with a decent squad it's great fun.
  7. Lamb - A24’s arthouse version of Stuart Little. Nice lens work though. 2/5
  8. I went with performance mode this time but turned off grain and motion blur.
  9. Watched this tonight too.…what a gigantic turd. total waste of time 0/5
  10. Just seen that DV is slated to direct Rendezvous With Rama...love that story!
  11. Halo Infinite Good lord, the grinding of the final levels broke me. Fuck it I'm out.
  12. yeah it's not great at all.. in fact, it's flat as a fart. maybe it's time for him to take a rest and reflect on direction.
  13. I'm not sure you can? If you need to change you can buy from the shop at the mission start but it's worth noting that often weapons are lying around in the staging area.
  14. Loving this (the bar room brawl is mental) but is anyone finding the awards of supply points a bit random? Sometimes it’s very generous and other times we get very little?
  15. Hah just finished that one, absolute class! I had a pump action shotgun equipped and the amount of blood & body parts it generated was obscene
  16. How do you apply a community skin to a car!?! My boy is doing my head in
  17. What time will the AJ fight kick off you reckon?
  18. Yeah I'm tempted to wait just in case but the force is strong with this one
  19. Fab thanks Bazjam There's scant info but is it getting a theatrical release in UK?
  20. oof! that's some double bill man you're gonna need happy pills after
  21. Nightmare... cheers for the info
  22. Yeah I have an X in the front room and the boy is next door on the S... Virgin media wired for me and wireless for him. Daft thing is after a reboot etc it works but then flips to moderate which is what's getting my goat,
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