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  1. I've not read the story or seen the show but my 8 year old daughter wants to watch it. Too intense or ok?
  2. Awesome. I'm dying loads going ADS with LMG, it's just so slow.
  3. Thanks Buddy That Recon perk is great for a half blind old codger like me, works a treat on maps like Picadilly.
  4. Any set up insights? I'm feeling a bit wooly but then I use LMG's a lot.
  5. Got tired of being beaten up last night so went for the Heavy Support class (Riot Shield & LMG) omg it's amazing.
  6. Hah sagely advice much obliged. Big Business, Infernal Sea, Mork & Opeth are on my hitlist. Is it wise to get early into a room beforehand?
  7. Laser Pistol It's my first time at Damnation fest next weekend Is it all in one building or different venues? Any tips & tricks for a newb?
  8. Abul Mogard is just brilliant and sounds exactly like what you want. I 'd also mention maybe Plaid, Mark Pritchard and Bing & Ruth? Check out the two Sinoia Caves albums for proggy electronic goodness Must give a special mention to Geoff Barrows unused soundtrack for Dredd, It's called Drokk: Music inspired by Mega City One.
  9. ah right it's a teaser? I couldn't select it the other day it popped me to the store straight away
  10. I'm not sure what's going on but I've managed to open the shadowkeep moon missions without buying the game? Just selected moon at random this morning and voila! Anyone out there got the same?
  11. Sorry for the goofy question but I can't seem to purchase Forsaken? It shows as ready to download from within the game but greyed out, I've uninstalled everything and it's still the same? Any forsaken missions just bounce me to the purchase screen
  12. It's a great lp - really getting under my skin Anyone off to Damnation to see them?
  13. I hated it and still think about it all the time, it's weird. I really liked the score so maybe that's it? Or perhaps there's an old pagan hex embedded in it..
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