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  1. In 8 attempts I haven't managed to complete a single outbreak game without disconnection - shambolic.
  2. Ooh yeah I'd be up for that! I'm terrible like but it'd fun
  3. Tried to set up a lobby this evening but was restricted to team/ banger/ elimination? Doesn’t appear to have options for demolition, couch racing etc. Maybe I was goofing out but that’s shit if it’s the case.
  4. Anyone know which UK channel screens the v8’s ? Bathurst opener this weekend
  5. ouch - i'm really hyped for Strikers
  6. The opening of Thief is perfection, just magnificent filmmaking. Special mention for Robert Prosky’s tracksuit, fucking killer!
  7. Yeah I’ve got photoshop and I’m an intermediate user so can show her the basics for starters I’ll also have a look at clip studio She’s really into anime and stuff like pusheen etc I’ve given her a few more formal bits to look at like posing and basic anatomy but it’s all about the stylin at the moment! great info and thanks again
  8. Thanks Yakumo that’s great info. Any apps you’d recommend ?
  9. That's grand thank you
  10. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask but my 9 year girl has expressed an interest in digital drawing. I have photoshop for work on both mac & pc and was looking at the small wacom intous (small). I'd really appreciate guidance on apps / hardware as it looks a bit of a minefield! Many thanks
  11. Hah fair play dude definitely a marmite movie. The wife HATED it. I assumed the tedium was intentional metaphor?
  12. Citadel - 2020 John Smith's evisceration of the tory pandemic response. 5/5 High Life - 2018 I'm a sucker for hard sci-fi and this checked all the right boxes. My first Claire Denis film, I shall be watching more. 4/5 A Painted Bird - 2019 Horrific WW2 road movie. Harrowing and beautiful. 4/5
  13. Digging the art style, lots of Goya/ Blake inspired stuff that looks really nice but the animation is uniformly gash.
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