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  1. It's getting a 20th anniversary re-release at the cinema soon.
  2. max renn


    Can't believe there wasn't a caution for that bit of rubble on track
  3. Miami Connection is certifiable madness.
  4. max renn

    The Division 2

    That's a massive and consequential oversight. Dumbfucks
  5. max renn

    The Division 2

    yeah that's what I figured but I've got data for all my other games? I'm probably over thinking it..
  6. max renn

    The Division 2

    Bit of a weird question but got a PS4 pro and want to migrate over but can't seem to find Division 2 save data anywhere on my system? Paranoid I'm going to fuck it up in the transfer..
  7. max renn

    The Division 2

    I'm on PS4 (ricklingpiece666) joined the clan too. Can't wait for this My gear score is only bout 300 though am I going to drag everyone down?
  8. That would make me very happy. There's a distinct purity missing from the later games that I'd love to rediscover.
  9. T3 suggested a wireless upgrade for PSVR (sorry at work can't post link atm)
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