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  1. What's your first planned flight? When I was a kid I lived in Burma so would regularly do Bangkok to Rangoon, it's going to be epic reliving that
  2. I've been playing a lot of F1 2019. For me it's the ultimate switch off material, get on track focus entirely on the apex, nail the sectors, learn the track inside out then partake in a lovely full length race. Perfect.
  3. Fuck it I only got 3 tiers left anyway.
  4. did anyone else not get their tier skip? I didnt get the assault rifle for hitting 155 either FFS
  5. It was bad on PS4 last night too
  6. Slightly OT but I've completed the Vanilla P5 and am itching to get this BUT..I've got Tokyo Mirage sessions on my pile of shame. What to do hive mind?
  7. The sound is fucked for sure. Landed on a roof with the squad last night went down a ladder into the building and could clearly hear their footsteps above me, then some chump came up the stairs below and shot me in the ass without making any noise whatsoever.
  8. You really don't need crossplay on I had it off all night last night. (PS4)
  9. Noticed last night that if you've an active bounty and someone else gets the kill you still get the cash monies Oh and the buy stations are campy death traps, beware people!
  10. One gripe last night was the lobby times. We waited at the main lobby screen for ages then dropped into the pre-launch area for about 3 secs... at least let us shooty manz while waiting.
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