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  1. Well that was some performance by Joyce, can’t deny the heavyweight division is so much fun at the moment
  2. Holy shit! Hope they’ve scored the rights to the dickies soundtrack that’d be the icing on the cake.
  3. Haha AJ just screwed the pooch. His marketing team must’ve had a coronary
  4. ah right thanks for the info I'm on the xbox.
  5. I'm replaying at the moment and I NEED that suit, what is it?
  6. Me & my boy are the dream team. I do the big picture he does the detail. He said we should get a job in real life doing it so we could buy a Lambo!
  7. Digging the new MMWB record, heavily leaning into the shoe gaze stoner space rock vibe.
  8. I adore this film, one of the few films we had on Betamax! The first reveal of the chopper is The script is pure class and has some amazing action sequences click, click.. catch you later!
  9. King Crimson do the same, I'm all for it tbh.
  10. Drunken Master 2 A Better Tomorrow 2
  11. Just got back and thought it was good but not great. The pacing was all over the place and more like a series of vignettes than a coherent whole. The script was pretty bad in places too. Big plus was the cinematography and the costumes which were brilliant.
  12. Yeah don't sacrifice sleep. My habits have changed so much, I just go for bitesize quick lift games nowadays so no more 12 hr shifts on Zelda etc! Playing quite a lot of Fortnite with my 7 year old, he has a remarkable skillset!
  13. Honestly I'm really pleased about this with a decent squad it's great fun.
  14. Lamb - A24’s arthouse version of Stuart Little. Nice lens work though. 2/5
  15. I went with performance mode this time but turned off grain and motion blur.
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