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  1. Went to Slipknot at Newcastle was incredible although my 48 year body isn’t capable of 2 hours in that kinda pit anymore, I’m aching all over today
  2. Can we post pics? Me on the local library bank in Redcar circa 1992? Apologies if derailing
  3. this is a good un
  4. It looks sooooo dated now but the first time I saw this it blew my mind. The NATAS section is incredible.
  5. Street Trash isn't scuzzy - Combat Shock is SCUZZY
  6. Yeah it's no where near the madness of Blops for that stuff 99% of the time it's my own stupidity that gets me nipped.
  7. Isn't the guy who did the score for DOTD the same guy that gets the screwdriver in his ear in Dawn?
  8. I've only just started using the M13 how far along are the Blackout rounds?
  9. It's certainly very, very special
  10. I've not read the story or seen the show but my 8 year old daughter wants to watch it. Too intense or ok?
  11. Awesome. I'm dying loads going ADS with LMG, it's just so slow.
  12. Thanks Buddy That Recon perk is great for a half blind old codger like me, works a treat on maps like Picadilly.
  13. Any set up insights? I'm feeling a bit wooly but then I use LMG's a lot.
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