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  1. Got the havoc in Artillery last night. Immediately got 2 kills which is more than I've had in the last 3 days It's a beast.
  2. Had a real beating last night just couldn't catch a break. One match I didn't find a decent gun for about 6-7 mins, sorry to any invites I missed I think we need to sync our meeting times for good team action? Apologies Bishimitsu wasn't really on point last night.
  3. I call them cherries, like "get over here YOU FUCKING CHERRY!" I'm still completely shit close range battling, just a total panic master. At range I'm a little bit more successful.
  4. Mirage is great I've only just unlocked him and the auto cloak when you're downed is a life saver.
  5. I like dropping into artillery. Always good loot and plenty of action and if it gets too hot there's lots of places to hide.
  6. max renn

    What reasons are left for keeping hold of a Wii U?

    Is it easy to do? Bear in mind I'm a total goof at this stuff.
  7. Yeah it's a pain but to be honest I've had more wins with less experienced players. I dropped kicked a player last night for the kill - didn't even realise you could do that!
  8. Yep it's happening a lot. Time to get some friends requests sent out
  9. I got up a 5am this morning to get an hour in before the skids woke up
  10. max renn

    Bad games transformed by patches and remasters

    Resi 6 is a masterpiece of madness. I loved it then and I can't wait to play it through once more. Thanks for the info
  11. max renn

    Bad games transformed by patches and remasters

    Does Resi 6 have the upgrades for the base PS4? I'd love to re-visit
  12. What sensitivity settings peeps running? I've got look on 9 and ADS on 7 at the moment but I think I might need to tone that down not sure.
  13. So much savagery! Had a drop onto the supply ship go horribly wrong last night. Dropped in missed all the loot so had to bail due to 4 squads of heavily armed bad guys, landed in the village below where it started raining tough guys on top of us. Whole game lasted 45 secs
  14. Is there any way on PS4 to see recent players? Sick of finding people who play the game well and not be able to send them a friends request so we can team up. Had a good win last night, picked up a sniper rifle from a care package and camped out on ledge keeping overwatch. Was getting anxious of an counter attack so protected myself from flanking by placing a minefield of gas tanks on the approach to my nest, no one could touch me! When the final ring came up I jumped down into the river and camped while the rest of the squad cleaned up
  15. yeah enemies can use it too. I need to to get out of the blackout/ blops mindset and chill a little. This is more like ghost recon than COD.

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