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  1. £15 as a Amazon Prime Day deal
  2. Standard edition was £39.99 in Argos
  3. When it comes to graphics I'm blessed because I never really notice frame rate changes but cursed because I can spot pop up or draw in a mile away.
  4. I play mostly play solo with the odd game of Ticket to Ride with the wife - that's not a metaphor by the way. I regularly play: Pandemic Escape the curse of the temple Castle Panic Forbidden Island Forbidden Desert The D&D board games - Legend of Drizzt et al Dungeon Quest Elder Sign The Lord of the Rings LCG The Fighting Fantasy game book are cheap and bring back some nostalgic memories and - if you don't cheat and also do a map - give a strange sense of satisfaction when you complete them.
  5. Yesterday the Game in Hull was heaving. There was about 15 people ahead of me in the queue and by the time I got to the till - with a very miffed 14 year old daughter in tow - the queue must have been 20-25 people long. In farness to Game they had about 7 staff working the tills so I did not have to queue for long. The bloke that served me said that earlier in the day the queue was out side the door, he also said that it was mostly people buying gift cards. I did read somewhere that the Game in Hull is one of the most profitable in the country, which probably says more about Hull than it does about Game!
  6. I've been looking at this forum at least several times a day for many years but hardly ever post, so the fact that I'm posting should show you how much I liked this film. I went yesterday with my soon to be 14 year old daughter and she loved it also - she laughed all the way through but has an even dryer sense of humour than I do. As soon as she left the cinema she was looking up all the main characters to see what happened to them in real life. They should show it in history lessons in school as it really does show the fear that everyone felt and was under better than any other film or programme I've seen before.
  7. alf

    SNES Mini

    Stockinformer.co.uk says that all the Argos stores have them in for click and collect but I keep getting runtime errors when I click the link to get one. Mind you this is the first night shift I haven't fallen asleep on in years, so Nintendo must be doing something right!
  8. alf

    SNES Mini

    Working a night shift has its advantages!
  9. alf

    SNES Mini

    Smyths seem to have some more in stock to click and collect.
  10. On Amazon the Ps4 version is £19.99 or £17.99 if you have Amazon Prime.
  11. I contacted the Nintendo store - my order for the Switch said a dispatch date of the 03.03.17 - and they e-mailed back to say that all pre-orders will be posted before that date for delivery on the 03.03.17. Alf - long time lurker some time poster.
  12. I read on NeoGAF that from tomorrow Game will no longer price match Cex, so if you are purchasing the Switch instore at Game and trading some stuff towards it, it might be better to go in today if you can and get the credit towards it. Alf - long time lurker some time poster.
  13. I think the last map packs didn't go live until 10:00 am or 11:00 am.
  14. Thanks. That's even better, I pre -ordered even though I thought it was only 2d!
  15. This may sound like a stupid question, but is the image you see a 3d image - like the 3ds or a 3d film - or just a standard 2d image that you can look 360 degrees at?
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