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  1. 28 points on my bench this week. Bloody wildcard. Hopefully it’s set me up for future weeks but we’ll see.
  2. Wow, nicely done. My Raphinha captain didn’t work out at all, especially as lots of the other viable options hauled.
  3. I triple captained Salah and my live rank still went down 300 places due to no Robbo/VVD/Mane. Crazy week!
  4. Horrible week. Brought in Kane and their match gets cancelled then my double City clean sheet gets wiped out with the last kick of the game. All of which happened whilst I’m stuck in bed with flu so not in the cheeriest of moods right now! Somehow managed to cling onto second place but around 15pts down on where I could have been if the FPL gods hadn’t turned against me. I suspect I’m not the only one who had a bad Sunday though.
  5. Wow, tight at the top! 105 is a minor miracle given 3 of my players went off injured before the second half and Livramento stayed rooted to the bench with his 9pts.
  6. Given that I was the person that beat you by 1 point, I wish I was in your cash leagues.
  7. I remember coming second with a top 10k rank and still losing by about 100 points because the winner was something like 12th in the world! Don’t think that person plays anymore. Fair enough, you’re not going to top that!
  8. I got 105 and lost the first H2H match in my work league.
  9. Thanks mate - very close in the end. I crawled over the line after a horrible final week!
  10. Thought I’d been fairly solid, enough to defend my decent lead but I see you’ve managed to get 13 from the mighty Mitchell and Phillips in consecutive weeks! I always hate the last week. It’s so unpredictable. You often end up with some crazy scores!
  11. Maguire could be gold - reckon he’s as good a shout as any. It’s a mad week though, god knows what’s going to happen. All I know for sure is I need to get involved in these $1,000 for the winner leagues!
  12. Not sure I’d lose Dallas. Plays in the blank next week and has nice fixtures to end up the season. I also think Dias will play a bit now to keep him sharp for the champions league final but Digne is probably worth looking at. So hard to know if any United players will play all 3 of their triple. I wondered if Maguire would start the lot but he played a full game last night so doubting it now. Shaw off at half time and a chances created machine but he’ll miss at least one of the games I’d say.
  13. Cheers mate. Yeah, around 5k at the moment. Really pleased with that. Made it inside the top 10k before but seems so much more competitive these days.
  14. That’s me at the moment. Just looked at your bench though and you could close the gap massively after today!
  15. So this gameweek has been...interesting. I had 4 United and Liverpool players and count myself lucky!
  16. He had three touches in the box apparently, two of which were the penalties!
  17. Half way through my first play through when all the madness in the real world started. As rubbish as everything is now I’m loving my time with this game! But as I can’t have Witcher 3 (or several of my other favourite games): Super Monkey Ball.
  18. Alright, we’ve all had a drink.
  19. hellsbells


    It was. Loads of Swiss flags so plenty of support for Fed as you’d expect. I think it was ramped up even more than usual due to what happened at Wimbledon. Think it got to Djokovic even more than usual and he looked pretty dejected when he walked off but from what I’ve read he’s seemed magnanimous about it all.
  20. hellsbells


    I was lucky enough to be there tonight. Djokovic was way off his best but you can only play as well as you’re allowed to play. If that’s the last time I see Federer play live I’ll take it! Great performance. That serve. That forehand. Wow!
  21. hellsbells


    Sounds like Stan is finding some of his pre-injury form and could have a say, although chances are he’d have to beat Nole, Fed and Rafa in the same slam to win, which is pretty much the ultimate God-tier nightmare difficulty sporting boss rush!
  22. It was ALX but there are loads of those so changed it to AOK. I like to think there’s still a Time Crisis 2 machine with those initials on it somewhere.
  23. hellsbells


    Completely agree. As much as I’d love it to be a classic I think Nadal will win in straight sets. As competitive and closely matched as they’ve been I’ve over career I can’t remember ever being truly surprised about the result when they’ve played.
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