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  1. It was ALX but there are loads of those so changed it to AOK. I like to think there’s still a Time Crisis 2 machine with those initials on it somewhere.
  2. hellsbells


    Completely agree. As much as I’d love it to be a classic I think Nadal will win in straight sets. As competitive and closely matched as they’ve been I’ve over career I can’t remember ever being truly surprised about the result when they’ve played.
  3. hellsbells


    No mention of Konta here? She’s looking good so far. Such an unpredictable player. Always fancy her to throw in a dodgy performance but had a great clay court season so far so you never know. Nice semi-final draw too.
  4. hellsbells


    Yep he was dubbed the King of Clay before Rafa wasn’t he? Surprisingly only 1 French Open though.
  5. hellsbells


    I was thinking about that the other day. He’s still probably top 5. Nadal, Djokovic, Borg ahead of him but nobody else stands out. He’d almost certainly beat the likes of Kuerten and Bruguera.
  6. hellsbells


    It’s a shame Nadal’s upped his level to God-tier as it could have been a fascinating semi-final. As it stands I’d be surprised if Fed even gets to a tie-break, but then again I’m also surprised he’s in a grand slam semi playing brilliantly on his worst surface, pushing 40!
  7. hellsbells


    I thought this was going to be the most open French for years but maybe not!
  8. I’d argue that SMB2 wasn’t all that great either. It got pretty gimmicky. Definitely good but not as close to perfect as the original.
  9. Yep, only really going to be one winner for quite a while. I snuck into third with a decent last few weeks but overall too many mistakes over the season to really threaten. Managed to buy or sell Salah and Wilson at the wrong time, pretty much every time.
  10. hellsbells


    Bloody hell, you weren’t wrong. Quarter Final line up isn’t too shabby either.
  11. hellsbells


    It does feel like the next generation are slowly creeping into contention more regularly. The slams seem to be a step too far for most of them at the moment, but there’s hope for an exciting period once the big three finally decline or retire. Haven't seen even much of Medvedev but sounds like he could get up there sooner rather than later.
  12. Did you ever post on the Monkey Ball forum, which doubled as the world record page? It’s no longer there sadly. I got up to 4th in the world at one stage, although I’m not sure that was a fair reflection of my skill. I did get a few untied world records back in the day though. Pretty sure they’re all saved on a card somewhere in my house.
  13. The Monkey Punch mini-game in Super Monkey Ball. Played until 4am with a bunch of mates many moons ago and still remember laughing for pretty much the whole time we were playing.
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