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  1. Rllmuk Top 100 Games 2017

    I only ever had Elite Beat Agents, which I know people say doesn’t have quite the same charm but I loved and played obsessively. Not quite enough to make my top 20, but wasn’t far off.
  2. Super Mario Run

    Use Yoshi - managed to do it with only 1 coin, which was on the flagpole.
  3. Super Mario Run

    I’ve had the problem since first installing but already had some decent scores before I noticed so didn’t want to start again. Means I can’t access the challenges or use a Mii. Very annoying!
  4. 1. Zelda: BOTW 2. Zelda: OOT 3. Super Mario World 4. Super Mario Galaxy 5. Resident Evil 4 6. The Last of Us 7. Arkham Knight 8. Street Fighter 2 9: Mario 64 10. Tetris 11. Mario Kart 8 12. Okami 13. Secret of Mana 14. Super Monkey Ball 15. Zelda: Majora’s Mask 16. Legend of the Mystical Ninja 17. Jet Set Radio 18. GTAV 19. Portal 2 20. Doom (2016)
  5. Super Mario Run

    Nice! I've played this to death so be good to have some new levels to try out.
  6. Tennis

    Strange how Zverev has struggled with slams this year. I'm sure he'll break through soon but seems at odds with the level of his play throughout the year.
  7. Tennis

    Only two of the top 15 left in the bottom half of the men's draw, Federer taken to a fifth in his opening match - this really is anyone's tournament.
  8. My mate and I are convinced this is the greatest movie title of all time. We haven't actually watched it though, obviously.
  9. Fantasy Premier League 2016/2017

    Unlucky - would have been a great comeback! Mind you, given how stressful trying to win a mini-league is, imagine vying for the overall title. Some poor bugger got overtaken on the very last day. It'd be incredible to come 2nd overall, but to miss out on top spot like that would haunt you forvever!
  10. Fantasy Premier League 2016/2017

    6th in the end for me. Disappointing overall rank compared to previous seasons but the top 3 in our league were of a great standard, all really high in the rankings. Well done all.
  11. Fantasy Premier League 2016/2017

    Hazard's proving to be a dilemma. Not sure whether to drop him. High chance he won't play but if he does could score big against an awful Sunderland side.
  12. Fantasy Premier League 2016/2017

    Annoyed at Poch for suggesting Rose was getting fit as ditched Davies for Vert on my wildcard, missing out on his pair of assists that my money league rival bagged. Says a lot about fantasy football that I get 179pts and yet all I can think about is this one small fail. I need to get a grip!
  13. Fantasy Premier League 2016/2017

    Not looking forward to the last week. I always get a red arrow without fail. So much rotation it feels like pot luck. No idea how Chelsea will line up. Could be 7-0 will all their top players amongst the goals, or a virtual reserve team saving the big guns for the FA Cup final.
  14. Fantasy Premier League 2016/2017

    A Chelsea-like effort defending my rllmuk title, currently languishing in 8th. Think I'm going to take a year off next year. I care far too much when something goes wrong, which his season it has, a lot!
  15. Super Mario Run

    1,000 yellow Toads needed for red Yoshi? That's going to take forever!

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