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  1. OK, I'll start a RLLMUK room in whichever is the last UK server
  2. cool, early or late? (early - finsh by 9pm, late start after 10:30pm)
  3. Anyone up for it? (fellow newbs, preferably)
  4. watched them about 10 years ago on tv, didn't do a lot for me then - although the last one was interesting in the way a couple of the threads from the prvious films were tied up.
  5. exactly - the absolute potential of the PS2 will probably never be realised, due to the relatively short commercial lifespan of the machine. After eight or nine years, people were still squeezing more performance from the C64 and Spectrum, and they were pretty crude systems with far simpler architectures than anything on sale at the moment. There are always avenues for optimisation
  6. OK, I'm sorted. I can't try it out yet, but I'll be online with it about 10pm if you're up for that. You'll have to let me know how/where to meet you etc - and have the patience of a saint....
  7. Well I thought it was one of the best lists I've ever seen. Some modern stuff getting in on merit (Blue Lines and OK Computer for example) and not the usual: 1. Sergeant Pepper 2. The WHite Album 3. Queen 4. Led Zeppelin... I'm surprised that Definately Maybe was chosen over Morning Glory (which is usually spoken of more), but pleasantly surprised. A far more relevant list than you usually see, and one that's more likely to tempt me into checking out some of the artists I'm not familiar with
  8. Ah, all of which is fine, except Virgin have put a Platinum (and used, by the look of it) SOCOMM 1 CD in the box Well I've just managed to muddle my way through a couple of games of Ghost Recon online - so far so good. The others (all american, I think) were all friendly, and it went off well. The game ran smoothly - better than Twisted Metal. My first impressions are very good....
  9. OK, I've picked up SOCOMM 2, Twisted Metal Balck and Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm. Twisted metal was fun-ish, and I'm gonna try SOCOMM now. Anyone fancy meeting-up online tomorrow night?
  10. I'm looking at either SOCOMM or A Ghost Recon game i saw - simply because they both are pretty cheap, and both come with the headset If you reccommend SOCOMM 2 then I'll look into that. What abbout FIFA and PES - are they online? TIF is (apparently)
  11. OK, I've not tried it online yet, but I might give it a go tonight at about 10:30, if anyone else wants to play. To be honest, I could do with a bit more practice offline, so no shouting
  12. What a lot of snobby comments Personally, I really enjoyed it. But then I go to the cinema to be told a story and to be entertained
  13. I'm still waiting to see the story of what happened between the end of series 2 and the beginning of series 3. Maybe once they've killed Jack off, they'll go back and do that, keeping Keifer in the money (second divorce settlement is looming) and maybe link that in to a new series of events. So much potential in the franchise
  14. Strange episode really, the focus seems more on the president than on anything else - I don't know how they'll tie that all up. Anyway, the last few minutes are where it all happens - now that's what you call heat
  15. I was going to say Elite and Mercenary. I'd LOVE to see these redone with razor sharp, hi-res (possibly, anti-aliased) vectors. Only as a curio though - the originals are timeless
  16. I have a sealed Banjo Tooie, that's been waiting 2 years to be played - worth it , or should I stick to the virtually unplayed original?
  17. Don't be such a Candy Girl
  18. OK, maybe we should Cool It Now?
  19. and I must admit, I'm surprised this thread got more than Seventeen replies...
  20. pfft, She Ain't Worth It
  21. oh this could run All Day, All Night....
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