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  1. I've seen torrents for eps 1,2 and a pilot. Cheers for the info, I'll grab them tonight
  2. there are currently 3 eps floating around at the moment, and in the absence of anything else (interesting) at the moment, I reckon I'll give it a try - unless anyone knows better....?
  3. someone should remind Van this is on
  4. put the cheese in your bum-bum
  5. meanface

    Music you like

    Someone in OT explained what 'black cherry' means, the other day Personally, I listen to all sorts except country and heavy metal. I've gone off rap since it went from "I'm the best rapper..." to "fuck you bitch/nigga/gangsta", but I trusted Zane Lowe's voiceover on the commercial and bought the Kanye West album - which is much more to my taste. Give that a whirl
  6. I would say 'quirky' rather than ropey. A different kind of funny to what was around at the time
  7. I'm hoping to find a Megadrive with Altered Beast
  8. meanface


    I like their version of Union City Blue, too
  9. no offence anyone, but I'm not going to bother trawling through the rest of this thread to check if this has been answered already, because I'm already finding it a bit dull. Anyway, I think I know the track described here: Massive Attack - Angel
  10. It's a shame they had the Godfather Trilogy on 5 a short while ago, as I could easily sit through the 3 of those again. However, I'd like to see some of his older films for the first time, or Apocalypse Now
  11. I've got a big box of spectrum games, if anybody wants them
  12. not strictly the same, but didn't Argonaut do some 3D games (Starstrike, was that one?) on the Spectrum, years before Freescape? Or were they just wireframe?
  13. Right, I picked up tickets for SeanR and myself today, so we're both definates. *shameless plug removed*
  14. I'm sorry, this has been bothering me for days: Doug E Fresh
  15. meanface

    Kanye West

    I'm off work this coming week, and I'm actually looking forward to a trip to the record shop. A valid idea any other week, mind And this idea that you buy an album if you've enjoyed the mp3
  16. meanface

    Kanye West

    Not really a fan of rap these days - gangsta this, nigga that - but if this guy sounds like Ma$e for most of his album, then I'll give him a go. Anyone got the album?
  17. eh? My one lasted longer than the computer!
  18. Quickshot II Turbo - the red/black thing with microswitches. Superb
  19. maybe not yet... What I'm saying is a college education is good, but it's not everything
  20. Did you know that the singer Prince can't read or write music? Does that make him a crap musician?
  21. to be honest, I'm not as obsessive as some of you guys. I just watch it - like some episodes, don't like some of the others. Overall, I think it's pretty good
  22. Ah, ok. I don't even remember the last time I watched Star Trek on TV, since the BBC stopped showing it thank fgod for bit-torrent.I wish I had Sky
  23. Yeah Still, looked pretty good though Actually, didn't they actually all die in an earlier series (except for Harry Kim IIRC)? And the crew that made through to the end having come from an alternate reality/timeline or something?
  24. I actually really liked the ending to Voyager. Yeah, it was a cop-out, and may even have been written at the same time as the pilot (as it doesn't really tie in much with the rest of the series), but it wasn't bad. Not as good as the TNG and DS9 finales, but still very watchable
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