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  1. I bought it months ago, but I finally got around to watching CB4 today. There some funny little spoof references to NJC - the guy with the stutter, ehat was a sidekick of the bad guy. Looking at the cover, I thought it was Wesley Snipes, but no, it's his stunt double Charlie Murphy. I wonder if he was cast for his acting, or because he looks like Wesley?
  2. Well perhaps not, but my Dad's lived here for 40 years, and it still bothers him. Some (older) Indians give themselves an Anglicised nickname, for the same reason. Anyway, other than that, and the "if we were in my country, I would have slapped you a long time ago" comment (Nigerians are fond of saying) the sketch didn't do much for me. It was the same with most of the others too, there's some clever observations, but the actual situations weren't very funny. A bit like Bo Selecta
  3. I'll definately give it another go. The black president thing didn't do anything for me, and the devil kid I don't get. The Nigerian traffic warden is pretty accurate, and has potential, but the sketches were slightly too long. The sketch where she talks to an actual passer by was better imo - I liked the way she stayed in character. If any of you actually *KNOW* any Africans (and probably the same goes for a number of nationalities) you'll know that, surprisingly, people *DO* get annoyed when their name is constantly pronounced incorrectly. So again, that's quite well observed. A lot of the show was poor though
  4. Possibly, the cabinet had a Naomi sticker on it, so I assumed it was Naomi. I guess that would explain the graphics. Spunky Monkey, I didn't notice any female players - but I only had one game.
  5. meanface


    Erm, pretty much what I said - the Gooners would probably say Lee Dixon though, and what might Rob Jones have gone on to achieve? Gary Neville's been around at a time when he's had no outstanding rivals. Since no-one managed to answer (or rather, just ignored) my earlier question: Danny Mills - reasonable player, versatile, questionable temperament. Hasn't been a regular for his club for 2-3 years, so unlikely to make the England squad. Phil Neville - more adventurous, probably a more 'gifted' footballer than Gary Neville, rarely seems to play full-back any more. Nicky Hunt - I know that he's English, but not much else. Doesn't seem to play very often for Bolton, so unlikely to make the England squad. Glen Johnson - rarely gets a game for his club, so unlikely to make the England squad. Luke Young - looks OK. Got injured at a crucial time, otherwise might have been our right-back throughout the World Cup. Is Gary Neville better than any of those? I don't think so. If they all played every week, then you could prove one way or another who is best. As it is, Gary Neville wins by default.
  6. Played this today, and, nice as it was, it looked like Dreamcast VT2 in higher resolution. If it's standard Naomi fodder, it would be nice to have for the DC, even just for the extra players. A bit of a long shot, but is there any prospect of a short-run release?
  7. meanface


    In any other decade, Gary Neville wouldn't have got anywhere near the England team. Perhaps you could name five current English right-backs that he's better than. Apology accepted.
  8. meanface


    Possibly the worst player in the Premiership. Him, or Gary Neville. Has he got 'compromising' pictures of Arsene Wenger?
  9. Probably one of: Walking With A Panther - LL Cool J For You - Prince When The World Knows Your Name - Deacon Blue Blue Lines - Massive Attack Portishead - Portishead Check Your Head - Beastie Boys Siamese Dream - Smashing Pumpkins Fever To Tell - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  10. erm, SeanR has earned his stripes, and falls into the 'can have what he wants for free' camp. How he'll get it past his missus, is another matter. EDIT: Sean, it's yours then. Wanna make a semi-sensible offer on Elite?
  11. haven't you already had a NES off me?
  12. Hi. I can't see myself ever hooking it all up again, so I might as well get rid of it. Would anyone here be interested, before I ebay it?
  13. meanface

    The Spurs Thread

    What happened to you lot buying Carlton Cole? I was shocked to see him sign for West Ham, especially since they have at least two forwards ahead of him, possibly 4. Maybe he likes being a sub edit: More chance of a game at Spurs since they don't have a big forward, even though the little-uns are both good
  14. GTA3 (got the twin pack, and went straight to VIce City) Hitman contracts GT4 Ghost Recon 2 Full Spectrum Warrior Socom 3 Splinter Cell Chaos Theory SEGA Superstars Rainbow6 3 Headhunter Redemption Counterstrike Battlefield 2
  15. I bought mine after seeing the tv adverts for Perfect Dark. Man, it looked so awesome. We hooked-up the surround sound and had some mad co-op action. I never properly got on with the controller though, and spent weeks holding it completely wrong Really liked Excitebike and 1080 too
  16. torrents are surprisingly thin on the ground:( Everyone I wanted to see seemed to be on at the same time
  17. Sorry, I hope there wasn't too much glare off the back of my head
  18. Multi-player Soccer Manager on the Spectrum. Not the best management game, but with a few mates and some simple house rules it was cool
  19. Can anyone remember this game? Spectrum and C64 I think, and was (and maybe still is) the only judo game available. The cover/inlay listed about 4 or five moves but stated "there are many more for you to discover". I found one. So were they blagging, or was I just crap?
  20. I enjoyed the first two series, but this one wasn't funny for me from the word go Jackson and Craaaaaaig David still make me laugh, but the rest of it... Still, Ali G will surely be back on soon (watch out for the C&C Music Factory bit) and maybe the Peep Show will get another go. Friends and Will & Grace round off the package nicely imo
  21. To be honest, i was speculating. Since they have adverts, I didn't realise they were being bankrolled by ITV (weren't there some financial problems a couple of years back though? That's what I based my assumption on - although I could be very wrong though). I would imagine that their remit, to "appeal to tastes and interests not generally catered for by ITV," to innovate and experiment, and to provide a high quality, wide-ranging and distinctive service" must be tricky to enforce, as it's subjective rather than being an exact science. I assume they're fulfilling this (to whatever degree it's measured) otherwise surely they'd get pulled up by the broadcasting standards people (or whoever the watchdog is) and lose their license to broadcast
  22. perhaps you could actually consider what the words mean. By all means, take it to ATF if you find that you cannot understand the concept. I would imagine a letter to someone at C4 would suffice, rather than attempting to ridicule me. If you don't give a shit about it, then why subject the rest of the forum to your thoughts? And who is 'Mr. Deacon'? or 'someone who likes to moan, but to people who he thinks will agree with him, massage his ego but ultimately not be able to do much to actually address the percieved problem' please point out where I suggested my posts were of good quality or that they were even worthwhile, as I don't recall making such claims. Fair enough. My opinion is that we're getting what we deserve. Unless their people know that (whatever C4 consider to be) a reasonable percentage of viewers are unhappy with what they're putting out, the situation is unlikely to change. In any case, I have 5 channels available, there are things on C4 I enjoy, and things I don't. If something comes on that I don't like, I switch over or switch off and do something else. If you're unhappy with the cultural/artistic/dramatic output on TV, then why not read a book, go to a musuem/art gallery/ballet/opera/theatre or whatever else, where it's guaranteed. Do C4 actually owe us anything? I don't know for a fact, but as long as they're able to tick all the boxes at the end of the year, I doubt they have to do much more. Neither you nor I have to like it, but they probably don't have to 'go the last mile'
  23. there's an old saying "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem". If as a result of this thread you're going to tell someone that matters, then good - you'll be part of the solution (assuimng they'll take the criticism seriously - remember, at the end of the day they are a business, they are accountable to shareholders, shareholders who want decent financial results, which comes from the advertising revenue of some of the 'poor quality' shows that have been mentioned, not from obscure art and documentary shows, however well-made they might be. If you're just going to whinge here about the quality of C4's programmes, then you're just part of the apathy that is unlikely to ever make a difference. Which are you? As for the comment about the quality of my posts, I'm hardly arrogant enough to think my opinions are more important than anyone else's. If you check, you'll find most of my output (input?) is in 'ask-the-forum' trying to assist people with their tech problems, and 'off-topic' arguing with people that cannot accept that some people have different opinions to whatever if forum flavour of the month.
  24. it's a good thing that C4 execs spend so much time reading through posts here, on a small videogames forum, isn't it? Otherwise all this bleating would be in vain... If you would like to be part of the solution, instead of part of the problem, then write to C4 There are dozens of other channels available, perhaps you'd enjoy one of those more.
  25. I remember seeing a Sanyo one in the flesh at Live '95, so other than costs, I can't see why this has taken 9 years to come to market. The 'sweet spot' was an issue on the Sanyo, but when you looked at it from the right zone it was VERY impressive
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