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  1. The whole topic is far too snobby. None of you are any better than someone who buys FIFA every year or Tomb Raider or anything else - get over yourselves. EDIT: beaten to it
  2. So, it all works. I went looking for Virtua Racing today at cex but no luck. Most of the games that came with it seem to be common as muck Looks like I'll get about £15-£20 for it all if I go for an exchange job in cex - unless there's something you guys reckon I need to be playing...
  3. Gah! I've only just spotted this so I've missed out. Please pm if you're going to play again
  4. Hello. I have the box in front of me - there's nothing major: Nuclear Strike, Manx TT, Tomb Raider, Thunderstrike, Daytona, virtua fighter megamix, sega ages, the lost world, gun griffon and a couple of others. I've yet to test it out, but i had 37p of easyinternet credit and a half hour wait for the train. More news later....
  5. I may well do. I'll have to check what shop it is though - I'm not helping the aged
  6. you know the worst bits? 1) I haven't even checked what the games are (although I'm pretty sure there were at least 10) other than the copy of Manx TT on top 2) It's more of a 'oooooh what a bargain' thing, more than actually wanting one. I'll probably sell it on in the new year 3) I promised my mate about a year ago to buy his one off him (with 10 games) for £30
  7. I was rushing down a back-street in London today when I have to suddenly do an about-turn. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a Saturn game on top of a box on the floor of a charity shop. I stop for a good look and notice there are quite a few games in there. Stepping inside the shop, I rummage around and find a saturn in the bottom too. How much did the lady want for it? £5 She's put it all out the back for me, and I'll collect it tomorrow. Pleased as punch, me
  8. Isn't the crucial element of Gamecube's copy protection actually in the CPU? That's probably as good as it gets
  9. meanface

    Quake II

    hang on, so if i got this on say... a dreamcast, i can (with no bother at all) play agains PCs/macs/whatever?
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