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  1. no need to roll your eyes, just explain to some of your team's 'fans' in this thread, how pointless it is laughing at a team that got further in a competition than their own
  2. He means that Liverpool were there
  3. meanface


    Do you mean that because of the "southern media bias" it will be forgotton by the morning? You know what hasn't been forgotten yet? (hint: it's in my sig)
  4. Missed it earlier Can't find the Danielle interviews on youtube either
  5. I'll be happy to Will & Grace back every morning now CBB has almost finished. Does that make me gay?
  6. He's got a point though. Underpromising & overdelivering was always going to be the better strategy. Sony did the opposite and deserve their criticism
  7. Has this been posted? I didn't know they still made women this stupid
  8. meanface


    OMG! it was like - the best thing I've ever seen </jack black> equaliser, Ronaldo booking, Henry winner. all capped off by Lehman's late 'injury' which was just a genius moment On a serious note though, clearly, this is all the fault of the southern-centric media and a ref biased through David Dein's FA associations...
  9. meanface


    Gunners: please get a result today - I'm looking forward to reading more of Mr Do's posts blaming the result on "the biased 'Southern-centric' media", that Arsenal shouldn't be allowed to field so many (cheating) foreign players and David Dein's influence over the FA.
  10. did I dream it, or did Jade just look for a camera, before hugging Shilpa?
  11. Hello, Forest fan here Lawsy's made a good start, and I rate him as one of the better managers around at the moment. TBH, I wanted him to come home to Forest, but there you go. Good luck for the rest of the season
  12. Anyone gonna be around at ~9pm tonight?
  13. was I dreaming, or wasn't there supposed to be a Star Trek on-line game out this year?
  14. Yeah, 9pm looks favourite, if that's ok with you guys. Sorry about yesterday, but I was determined to finish some desert mission. Hard as **** on your own Still, it got me up to Level 6, and I only died 49 times
  15. Ah yes, 'cotm' I used to play PSO with you ages ago. I'll keep 'em peeled later...
  16. where abouts do you meet? In the Guardian's floor, or somewhere better?
  17. Ah ha, just clocked this thread! Anyone on tonight, about 8pm? I'm only a poxy lvl4 or 5 at the mo, but I'll work on it early evening. Look out for the hulking figure of 'Meanface'
  18. The QS2 Turbo was fabulous though, the microswitched one. I used the same one for about 3 or 4 years before anything broke.
  19. Interesting tidbit about those - I got them for £2 each in One Step Beyond, in Norwich, which someone started a thread about in ATF last week. I lied about the interesting part
  20. I'm not really one for the bells-and-whistles, but that looks pretty good to me
  21. I think any distro using KDE and Synaptic, will change your mind in minutes. PCLinuxOS, for example
  22. meanface

    Maroon 5

    What's with the vocals on that one? As he sings "...out in the pouring rain..." in the chorus? It sounds a bit 'robotic', unlike the rest of the track. Wierd. Anyway, love about 3 or 4 tracks on that album, not really into the rest
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