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  1. These look the business! I feel my 3 year old OG XB1 Controller for my PC needs updating with one of these. Stupid question, are those controllers supplied with a USB dongle for PC players, or do you need to purchase one separately?
  2. Everytime this thread is updated, I want to abuse my Mod powers for the first and only time and ban posters who update this thread. Unless it’s an update from Namco announcing a new Ridge Racer. One day, we shall be rewarded!
  3. I did read, thaks for yours. Well, if you're going to have Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega Rally and WipEout 2097 as all time greats, then you'll find no argument from me! Despite still adoring games, I will say that a lot of the early 3D era was developers creating boundaries and discovering genres, so there's no question that the 90's were a far more pioneering time than it is now. But a lot of the refinment we get, although iterative, is putting flesh on the bones of old concepts and I seem to appreciate it. Although like yourself, I don't play games anywhere near as much as I used to, so I tend to reach for well regarded games to not waste my time. Wheras as a kid, I had Edge under one arm and Rllmuk & NTSC-UK under the other, so I was spending every penny I had on new games. Regarding the vintage / retro genre classification. We're a new art form so there's always going to be difficulty describing ours to others. For cars, we tend to just have new and classic, but even they veer into modern classics and vintage, so they don't have their mind made up either. For me, I tend to think of all 2D and early 3D games as retro, but day to day, that never bothers me. I just simply ask; What do I fancy playing?
  4. I think 'retro' is only defined by the person in question. Anything older than, let's say, 10 years is old in this world, but the older you get, the more time seems to speed up, and we all seem to have a stronger rose tint on the older we get. My 2 Nieces couldn't give a fuck about my old watches when they were younger, but the minute I got an Apple Watch they were transfixed! However, the older they got (The oldest has just crept into her teens) the more they seem to show an intrest in anything from my childhood, like old watches as it's so diffrent from current technology. But the way I look at it, when I was a late child in the late 80's, I couldn't care less about the BBC Micro and Elite (For example) as the graphics were so old and creeky. Compared to my Master System and soon to be Mega Drive, the games looked and played terribly. As I got older and got more into games, I started to appreciate what games like Space War and Elite were doing but I felt like I grew up in an odd time in history as the early games were almost abstract paintings in look and sometimes control, wheras the 8-bit to 16-bit generation added detail ontop of the loose detail definitions of worlds we used to play. Is that cut now so strong that it's hard to go back? I introduced my Nieces to Crazy Taxi at only a few years old and they adored it, still playing it and now Minecraft 10 years on. I feel games from the Dreamcast / PS2 era can still be recognised as 3D game worlds without too much interpretation by the player! I find it stunning that you mention that for you, nothing decent has come out since the 360 though. Maybe you have the same difficulty I described but in reverse order? I've just completed some stunning games on PC, Switch and am deep into Breath of the Wild and it's showing Witcher III a thing or two, in the most stunning game world I've been in so far. If you've not played anything new recently, then I urge you to take a look as you're really missing out.
  5. I'm a bit disapointed by some of the you can't film this comments. I don't feel covering up history or not discussing it, whether through art or documenting it, is a healthy world view to aim for. By keeping it in the public's view and commenting on it, you can remind other generations what occured and sometimes, it jogs memories and uncovers new evidence not yet found or discussed. The idea that comedy can't tackle taboo subjects or film can't dramatise real world events is not just absurd, but dangerous in my view. Also, Coogan was fantastic in Philomena, which he co-wrote and acted in, so I have high hopes for this.
  6. After reading posters above fat shaming, I thought I'll share this.
  7. The most dazzling debut in cinema history, Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane was Criterion’s first laserdisc release 37 years ago. 30. 7. Years?
  8. I feel the nostalgia of that original game setup; Console + Controller and CRT is past the point of return now, at least for me. The last time I picked up an original retro console was a Dreamcast and it looked so bad on a HDTV through RRB Scart, I was actually gutted. When I started to look into a VGA > HDMI adaptor, it just started getting out of hand. Now, using the Re;Dream Emulator, I can play in native 1440 resolution on my monitor and using a Widescreen hack, the games look as great as I remember them. I just can't go back to original hardware now.
  9. I'm a fan and collector of watches and while listening to a Podcast about them recently, a guy on there said there's generally a diffrence to the enjoyment of buying and collecting vs. just enjoying wearing one. It reminded me of games where we can enjoy both sides but with age comes experience and I found that the itch I was scratching with owning a large collection of games was diffrent to the itch I had to play them. I was forced to sell a lot of my collection back in 2005 for my first ever car but soon after, it started a ripple effect of asking myself; Why do I have all these games while I can only play one at a time? I found what freed me was the realisation that gaming was a comfort blanket for me back when I was a teenager and suffering with deep anxiety. Being at home all the time with great games was fantastic, but it didn't really make me happy. As I freed myself of the anxiety, collecting (Not gaming, which is diffrent) was almost a remidner of the anxiety I had. Freeing my mind made my arse catch up, and it made sense to offload them. Now I have just a PC and a Switch. My PC plays all modern games and modern multiplayer games with mates and family. Also, when the mood takes me, and I want to play Metal Gear Solid, F355 Challenge, Super Metroid, Sonic 3, Shinobi or all kinds of goodness, the PC has that covered with bells on. The Switch is my armchair king and I can play Zelda or chill with my Wife in Animal Crossing. Playing the games is where all of us fall in love with this hobby and I feel that collecting, while fun by itself, leads to obsessing over objects and then storing rotting discs and cartridges as a remidner to all the time you're not playing them. If you've got to that point, then I feel you should jettison the collection and focus on games that you want to play. Despite all that, I do have 1 small little cube in my office where I have a curated collection of museum pieces that either make me happy of a time gone by, are signed games that I've picked up at meet and greets over the years, my favourite games I've worked on and a few little bits of memorabilia. It's only around 20 or so bits, but that cube is a place where I can look back at my past without it allowing me to get overwhelmed by it. You won't regret selling your collection if it gets you a shit load of money, buys you back time and I can bet money that you'll spend more time gaming and having fun, than just wondering around the shelves not playing anything.
  10. Yeah, don’t buy the vanilla version of Dirt 2 as it’s so lacking in content and kept me away from the game on release. But in a sale, I got the complete edition and it’s got shed load of cars, great tracks and honestly, it’s my favourite rally game of all time. Big thumbs up on Dirt 2 but only if it’s got all the content.
  11. Thanks for the offer, but I have new examples in mind so I’m good thanks.
  12. Thanks for the recommendations! I heard the same but was under the impression that Bluetooth would give me wider scope for compatibility. But in the end, if the lag is better or imperceptible on 2.4Ghz, then I’ll grab one of them instead. I had a little bonus at work and considering getting a Mega Drive 2 style controller, This is Cool Saturn controller and another MD2 controller just for… Display purposes…
  13. Did you go for the Bluetooth or 2.4Ghz variant? Very tempted to buy a Mega Drive & Saturn RetroBit reissue wireless set, but unsure to go Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz or USB.
  14. Thanks for that! I've also spent a bit too long using the EA artwork generator to make a personal 4K artwork of my favourite characters. It's pretty cool, well, I like it.
  15. Lovely little video. Nice seeing Medal of Honour AA again, havn't seen it in years. As has been mentioned, the editing in that video is exceptional.
  16. That’s odd as my take away is Bottas did nothing wrong; He left him the room and moved as that part of the track isn’t straight. George had the room, got flustered, put it on the grass, nearly killed Bottas, then fucking freaked out. It was embarrassing watching him pin it all on Bottas in the interviews “Gentlemen agreement, if it was anyone else he wouldn’t do that” and painfully just wanting the number 2 seat at Mercedes. My estimation of George has really fallen off a cliff in what a shit he was during and after that race. If I was Bottas, I would have flipped him more than the middle finger. What an arsehole.
  17. I know they're a small company and I'm in no rush, but it's embrassing how early they announce new stock and... Nothing turns up, months later. I signed up to their email list as I fancied the Mega SG after they made a song and dance about dealing with bots and stock shortages but it's been so long, the time passed, I can't tell if they're attempting to build hype or they really are just that poor at managing and public relations. Then again, if Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo can't fufil orders with their proven supply chain, maybe I should just shut the fuck up! Eitherway, it's a cool product they've got so when a Mega SG comes avaliable, I will be getting giddy.
  18. Yeah, but I found I didn’t like the updated engine and textures as it removed a lot of the atmosphere. Low level lighting that mildly lit a building became neon floodlights. Texture work that was sympathetic to the low poly models now contrasts to the higher quality textures wrapped around the still simple geometry of the world. And the once snowy fog that hid the world (And limited technology) is now removed, replaced with the player being able to see the entire level, in all its simple glory. I feel that the port of Halo also suffered with this. Fantastic original port work aside, the re-skin lacked a lot of the originals subtle artwork and VFX and replaced it with something that was too clean. Despite the lack of clarity, I think I still prefer the original textures, models and engine. The remake having a solid frame rate and true 16:9 helps with that!
  19. What a lovely reminder to how great GoldenEye still is. Yes, it's fuzzy and after an hour playing, I think I have a headache after not being able to focus clearly, but the game holds up well. Great control, fantastic combat, still excellent mission and level design, and with everything running at a smooth framerate and in 16:9, it shows its age well.
  20. I think you've nailed it @dumpster with the opening PS3 games. There's a diffrence between a developer saying 'This is the game we're making and hoping to release' vs a publisher just using target renders but then touting 'this is in-game.' Reminds me, although I'm a bit too young to have lived through it, of games showing screenshots on the back which are from a completly diffrent port!
  21. Wools


    I didn't feel it was unnecessary and that it was an important part of the film; The whole film has many subtexts and one of them is professionalism. All the main characters reek of going about their jobs in the most professional way possible. And when they don't; Gambiling, screwing other people, letting their Wife or Partner down, their work begins to unravel. Waingro is the antithesis of both Neil and Vincent and by allowing him into the gang, then kicking him out, his antics and chatter allow Police to get closer to the team and the job they're planning. I would argue, Waingro with both his character and actions, are integral to some of the films themes and story. Also, to echo others here, I adore Heat. It's one of my favourite films of all time, sitting proud with Blade Runner and Aliens. From the themes in the film and shots, the car travelling through the tunnel with blinding light to Neil changing his mind, the Coffee shop showdown, Vincent's outburts and the painful moments of heartbreak, it's a very human film that is sometimes forgot in the praise for it's gun fight. But when the gun fight is the best ever commited to film, you can't blame the noterity. Mann at the height of his powers and the best crime drama ever made.
  22. After switching away from PS4 and XB1 almost 2 years ago onto a new PC, I've had my eyes opened about how wonderful it is to buy a game on Steam that's almost 20 years old (Sometimes just re-downloading it on Steam if I've already picked it up) and it just works. That doesn't even delve into the enjoyment I've had playing Emulated games. I feel preservation of old games is important in our hobby so any chance to revisit an old title or having the ability to easily play a game you purchased over 20 years ago, is a benefit. Why would anyone not want that ability? Although it's not perfect, I do applaud Microsoft getting a lot of their old titles easily playable again. Hopefully Sony will do something simular in time.
  23. That's a wonderful way to see it, I try and subscribe to that feeling. I'm fairly confident I didn't have a backlog circa 2015. I had spent tens of thousdands of pounds and hundreds of thousands of hours playing and living in games from my childhood, teens and early 20's. As I now approach 36, I've settled into not caring about all new games and through Rllmuk, Bordersdown, Twitter and friends, I let the cream of the crop rise to the surface. So for the past 5 or so years, I probally only buy around 8 games a year and once I have one, I play nothing else till I compplete it or become bored with it. Because of that, I only really buy games when I'm ready to play one. Hence I don't have a backlog, I have a shopping list.. Are they the same? Maybe...
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