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  1. Wasn't the hardware almost identical between the GC and the Wii, only really adding a larger CD loading drive, so they just kept all the ports?
  2. It's great isn't it? I always felt the game got a rough ride as despite critics and players getting how good it was, they seemed to say that if only it was on a big console it would be better and the 3D effect is just a novelty. When 3D World came out, that seemed to be given the classic status and I feel that's a real shame. I felt like a child experiencing Tomb Raider and Mario 64 again playing 3D Land. The beautiful level design that took full advantage of the 3D and the handheld nature made it feel unique and novel wheras a console port took that away from me. Having this little faberge egg of a game was part of the appeal for me; This fantastic, brand new yet past looking adventure, distilled into this little hand held... I've got it on my Amazon wish list now...
  3. Seeeing this thread isn't doing my tempation any good. There's something about the games, hardware and feel of the 3DS that always make me want to come back , buy a machine and pick up Mario 3D Land and Ocarina of Time. The nostalgic feel of the games, but combined with the 3D effect, make the experiance more than the sum of its parts. Also, as time has moved on, I feel 3D Land has transended other games I've played and has become the best game I've ever played. Fantastic 3D effect, great 2D / 3D courses, fantastic control and some memorable moments. I miss 3D Land...
  4. It's meant to be comming to the US before Christmas but last I heard, Europe and UK will have to wait till ealry 2020. Fingers crossed it's here in time for Christmas, that would be going on the list.
  5. I remember Sonic Adventure has downloadable themes that changed Station Square (The main hub world in the game) to a season. The first game I ever saw (Outside of FPS Mods for games like Quake or Doom) that had such an ability. The Christmas one is particually lovely.
  6. That fucking sucks. I'm fairly certain I played some old Xbox 360 games with him as I used to play a lot with the forum back then, they were great times. That's no age to go, my sincere condolences.
  7. Wools

    Gamer or lamer?

    Is that rated by the FTSE 100?
  8. I think you summed up what I love and hate about Kojima and KCEJ games. The game part is brilliant, the story is unique, odd and intresting but how they deliver that to you and eventually, explain it is usually bad. I adored MGS as it was unlike anything at the time. MGS2 was reasonable but the bait, switch, story and eventual outcome was only truly enjoyable in hindsight. Whilst playing it, the story was nonsense. MGS3 was my favourite MGS to play and despite some rough edges, I adored it. MGS4 went off the deep end. Story set up was exceptional but they bottled it. MGSV was the only mainline MGS game I never completed. I felt the need for an open world with little story justification at the start, slowly dulled my enthusasm and the characters and motivations were just bobbins. Oddly, the MGSV Demo was more exciting and pure. Might give it another go in the years to come. Death Stranding looks more up my street and the oddly desolate world has all the atmosphere but the same criticisms make me feel Kojima is setting up another eccentric and intresting story and ultimatly, not deliver the pay offs for me to truly care like a lot of his MGS work. But then again, he might do the unexpected. And ultimatly, I'll rather play a game that's trying something new but fails than another murder, death kill simulator. PC release still a year away?
  9. Didn't try but works fine with an Xbox One controller connected by USB using the analog stick.
  10. Thanks, I'll take a punt despite the cold 50 /50 split!
  11. Was that fairly early on? My favourite bits of Tomb Raider and Last of us is exploring with no action, so wonder if I'll still like it? Same. I liked Tomb Raider, found Rise was a focus back on exploration and adventure so was hoping Shadow would be that same ramp up. Did read that Shadow was not made by Crystal Dynamics so maybe it is a poorer game.
  12. How come? Was it too much combat, a less believable world, not enough adventure? Reviews seemed positive with the most prominent negative aspects focusing on a poor story, lamenting the significant amounts of combat (Despite being good) and a few other niggles. I'm surprised after hearing okay thing about it and then reading the amount of vitriol on here!
  13. It's stunning isn't it? People do forget how beautiful and good Sonic Adventure was, I have a real soft spot for that game. That's a shame to hear. Playing all of Kilick's Arcade Mode in Soul Calibur and mucking about with a few modes yielded no issues with the emulation but did remind me how much I have to unlock! If doing that causes crashes, that's a disappointing.
  14. I'm stunned and slightly jealous, you're playing it on a mobile! I posted a few screenies in the DC appreciation thread but for anyone who is unconvinced or thinks it's hard to set up; Literally buy the emulator for £5 on the website, place the key in the run folder and the emulator just works so well. Gutted that Sega Rally 2 doesn't work (It was a Windows CE release and the emulator can't yet suppport it) but the games it does run...
  15. Surprised by the overtly harsh criticism in this thread! I recently completed Rise of the Tomb Raider and really loved it. It looked and sounded beautiful, great puzzles, excellent adventuring, great hub world and decent combat. Is Shadow really meant to be that much worse? Saw it on the Steam sale yesturday and added to my wish list as I enjoyed both the reboot and Rise.
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