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  1. I don't want to be one of those pricks who says 'I know the truth, but I'm not telling!' but that's totally what I appear to be doing. I wasn't there at Lionhead when it all fell apart on Unity, but came in soon after and heard some stories that all seemed to collaborate with each other. All I'll say is publicly, everyone went their seperate ways but over the years, the fans have blamed Lionhead or Nintendo. But the version of the story I've heard is the blame lays squarely at Jeff's door. Then again, could all be bullshit! Just don't take the Unity dev story at face value.
  2. Half Life 2 for me. Nothing comes close to the realisation that every surface that looks breakable can be broken, interacted with and puzzles in the game are solved using (Mostly) real world logic. I've started re-playing it recently and aside from some bland enviroments, the world building, meaty combat, fun physics puzzles and general fit and finish are still excellent and never replicated to the same degree.
  3. It's been frustrating over the years reading peple mention Unity and slagging off Lionhead or Nintendo for cancelling Jeff's game, because the truth might shift the blame somewhat. However, what I've been told may not be true either, but whenever I hear Jeff being put on a pedestal, I'm always a bit depressed by his standing in the industry.
  4. I got a new PC about 4 months ago and after the initial splurge on new games, level editors and coding giddyness, I slowly feel the draw of the classics. I used to adore Quake but never had a PC capable of doing it real justice when it was released and I only had the shareware version so never completed it. Once I had a PC capable of doing it justice (Think of the power!) I had moved onto other PC games like Quake III. Because of that, I have a sense of unfinished business with the original Quake and since going Mac only about 9 years ago, I've never had a chance to revisit it. I finally sat down yesturday with the goal of finding a mod that gave the game a subtle lick of paint and then wanted to play through it. I found a nice mod that keeps the original, grungy graphics, adds the haunting original soundtrack from Trent Reznor that was stripped out of the Steam release and adds widescreen support along with a few subtle lighting improvments. My god, it's still a fantastic shooter; Atmospheric, haunting, dirty with really satisfying combat and some excellent levels where you have to go hunting to find the craftily hidden secrets. The whole game has a sense of place that few FPS's have over the past 20 years and once you've got a handle on the combat over the first chapter, you start to book it through the levels and the whole game encourages you to fly. I'm deep into chapter 2 at the moment and can't wait to get stuck back into it. I'm stunned by how great it holds up and with a simple little Mod, it feels just as fresh as it did back in the mid 90's.
  5. I had not given Fuji a look at but the X-T20 looks excellent @Ste_S but it's double the price of the A6000 with a 18-55 lens included, brand new. Looks beautiful though and an excellent spec. Also noticed the X-T100 which is closer to the Sony A6000 in price, that could be a solid contender! Eitherway, some excellent options, thanks everyone, it's really appreciated.
  6. Thank you so much for the excellent impressions @Alexlotl having a look on Amazon now to get my bearings.
  7. I’ll be honest & admit I’ve not heard of that range of cameras before. Are their many pros & cons of using them over a Sony A6000 or a more traditional DSLR?
  8. Looks fantastic, wondered what Sam was directing next.
  9. After a long dry spell, I'm considering moving back into photography as a hobby and I'm on the lookout for a camera. I previously owned a second hand Sony A100 and 5 years later got a brand new Nikon D3200 and loved them both. However, as time moved on, I didn't much care for the bulk of the kit I owned and came to the realisation that I shoot street photography and landscapes almost exclusively. I sold my gear and ran with just my iPhone for years till recently falling for some of the mirrorless small body cameras and alsmot went for a Leica Q before my senses came to me. However, I've recently taken a look at the Sony A6000 and really liked it. The price is reasonable and after seeing a friend take some great astro photography with it, I'm fairly convinced it could be a great camera for me. Does anyone here have a Sony A6000 and have some long term impressions of it? Also, what are the Sigma lenses like?
  10. I feel gaming is in a really nice place at the moment. With the exception of a few developers I care about, what's refered to as AAA games is fairly dead to me as the series they're still keeping alive play it so safe or just don't intrest me. However, their are some exceptions to the rule and those budgets really bring out the computing power consoles and PC's now have access to. Aside from that, a few good B tier titles are released every so often but that market has shrunk as developers become more risk adverse. But the indie titles, they're just exceptional. I love this new era of small little 1 person, small studio teams bringing the inovation and style that big studios no longer can and all the while, they're priced around £10 on Steam. Really inspiring. As a guy in his mid 30's with less free time, this lack of games that I'm intrested in is a god send as I don't have the spare time to complete the games I do buy, let alone the one's I keep away from!
  11. Report it to Police. As someone who helped a friend go through a similar, awful situation, the police is always the first point of contact. Public outing of a perpetrator can be an awful way to do it; It allows a witch hunt of not just the alleged but allows one to be assigned to the victim too. Eitherway, this is just fucking awful. A man lost his life & an abused woman didn’t get justice.
  12. Watched the opening 2 episodes of Mindunters Season 2 last night and fell in love again. I could watch the 4 main detectives investigating an aircraft hanger all day, with their characters and Fincher's direction and cinematography. Like others, I did notice the colour grading though. It looked like everyone had jaundice. I could not work out if it was make up, style choice on the colour or something was wrong with my TV or odd compression through Netflix.
  13. I used to attach real memories into the physcial games I owned, rather than the reason they used to bring me joy in the first place; Playing them. I think I'm a very nostalgic person and rather than just enjoying playing games, I always associated my favourite older games with a time and place and then the idea of throwing it out was akin to throwing out my memories. I could never do that! Eventually, the realisation dawned and I let them all go. Used to own around 300 - 400 games and 20 consoles so it took awhile but eventually let the bulk go. Then the next 10 years were me slowly climbing out of my habbit and in some ways, my reason to be; Collecting. The only physcial games I now own are 3 of my favourite games I worked on and, oddly, my mint copy of Ridge Racer Type 4. I think the R4 game box still is one of the best looking I've ever owned, it's one of my favourite racing games, my favourite ever soundtrack and brings back a nostalgic glow whenever I catch sight of it. Must get round to framing it some time.
  14. I believe that's not correct, if you purchased the game, it's always avaliable and that includes Outrun 2. Well, 4 years ago, I could re-downlaod it on my purchase history on PS3 and Xbox 360. Also, I got a new PC recently and Steam allowed me to grab Outrun 2 as well. I've only encountered a few games in my life where the store didn't allow me to grab them; A great XBLA game called Marble Blast Ultra vanished as the Dev went under so was pulled from Xbox Live and the demo for PT vanished too. Every other XBLA, PS3 and Steam game has never gone walkies, if I purchased them.
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