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  1. Wools


    I didn't feel it was unnecessary and that it was an important part of the film; The whole film has many subtexts and one of them is professionalism. All the main characters reek of going about their jobs in the most professional way possible. And when they don't; Gambiling, screwing other people, letting their Wife or Partner down, their work begins to unravel. Waingro is the antithesis of both Neil and Vincent and by allowing him into the gang, then kicking him out, his antics and chatter allow Police to get closer to the team and the job they're planning. I would argue, Waingro w
  2. After switching away from PS4 and XB1 almost 2 years ago onto a new PC, I've had my eyes opened about how wonderful it is to buy a game on Steam that's almost 20 years old (Sometimes just re-downloading it on Steam if I've already picked it up) and it just works. That doesn't even delve into the enjoyment I've had playing Emulated games. I feel preservation of old games is important in our hobby so any chance to revisit an old title or having the ability to easily play a game you purchased over 20 years ago, is a benefit. Why would anyone not want that ability? Although
  3. That's a wonderful way to see it, I try and subscribe to that feeling. I'm fairly confident I didn't have a backlog circa 2015. I had spent tens of thousdands of pounds and hundreds of thousands of hours playing and living in games from my childhood, teens and early 20's. As I now approach 36, I've settled into not caring about all new games and through Rllmuk, Bordersdown, Twitter and friends, I let the cream of the crop rise to the surface. So for the past 5 or so years, I probally only buy around 8 games a year and once I have one, I play nothing else till I compplet
  4. Totally. Also, remember that when Bob was at his lowest point after having his heart surgery, it was Paul who kept asking to come out Fishing with him.
  5. What an odd film. I adore Nolan so went in with elevated expectations so that may have been my undoing. The spectale was off the chart which drew you in and I loved the complex world building but after constantly thinking "Okay, I think I know what's occuring." something else would be drip fed in and by the end setup, I had almsot given up trying to understand why anyone was doing anything. Yet, the Film's quality still shone through as when my Brother text me with this: I was like, shit, I need to see it again. It didn't feel as stunnin
  6. That looks a really nice setup and pre-built for €1.2K seems reasonable @Meers although if you pick up the parts yourself, you could probally get one or two hundred Euros off if you fancied building it yourself?
  7. Nice! It's alwasy fun saving up and then getting a PC just right for you. Overspend and you're overpaying for stuff that's of limited benefit but if you're sensible, you can get some great tech for a somewhat more modest price. My big choice was going M.2 only for storage, so that required specific Motherboards, but I felt the market was moving to faster read / write speeds so was worth it. Soon after, Sony announced the PS5 was going to be using simular tech for their game loading, so I think I chose good to future proof myself! The other big option was GPU. The 2080ti would have
  8. Not at all! I've got the following setup which was from a brand new build of mine early last year: Intel Hex Core i7 7800X Skylake-X 6 Core (3.5GHz) Asus Prime X299-A Corsair 16GB DDR4 LPX 3200MHz ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2070 Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB M.2 EVGA 850 Watt GQ Gold I also decided to go for a 2K resolution monitor (ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q 27 Inch) as I got more specs for the price and even now with the Super series of RTX cards, games struggle to do 60FPS on Ultra settings in native 4K. So I'm targeting 2K resolution and as such, get
  9. I sunk another 8 hours in over the weekend and still loving it. I'm still not over the shock with the look and feel of it all, but getting more into structred flight; Setting a departure location with a destination and seeing the flight through. Gutted on a 2 hour long flight to France though, where I was only 10 minutes away from landing when I started to descend and didn't cotton onto just how fast I was already flying, resulting in overstretching the aircraft... 2 hours lost! Also been mucking around with the settings and bumped them up a bit with not much of a notic
  10. Picked this up during the week and have been particually absorbed by it. If you pick an airport and just fly, it's peaceful. Completly engrossing too when you remember this is an accurate recreation (Well, as close as they can without handcrafting it) of planet Earth and you can bumble around the skies of your home towns, before teleporting across to some of the most beautiful parts of the world. Howevever, in a moment it can become the most terrifying game ever made, when you push the aircraft too far and you try and recover it or take part in a challenge like this wee
  11. Although fantastic ports, I don't really think of them as the definitive remasters. Blue Point done great work but essentially took the base game and optimised it to run at 16:9. Shadow of the Colossus, Resident Evil and Soul Calibur are far more impressive remasters in my eyes. Lots or all areas of the game were changed to push newer technology and were far better for it.
  12. Wools

    Formula One - 2020

    I admire F1 putting on a show to end racism but I find it a real shambles almost half the grid refuse to take a knee. It's such a simple but powerful gesture considering what's going on, yet Kimmi, Max and others can't be fucking bothered to do it. Anyway, hopefully onto a great race!
  13. Weird to see a non Lionhead Fable game, doesn’t feel right somehow. Although I wish them all the best, I look back at what we were prototyping, the stunning artwork the art team were producing along with the cool ideas we were coming up with. Then we had to make a MOBA, then something else, then half the team culled then shut for good. 8 years later, let’s make another! Anyway, old wounds and all that.
  14. I did not know that, thanks for the info and links, thought I knew a lot about the Mega Drive but never knew the emulator was rendering the overscan area!
  15. Thanks for your thoughts @spanky debrest & @Nick R, oddly enough, BlastEm is the Mega Drive emulator I left on my machine! I've just spun it up for 10 minutes this morning on Sonic 3 and Streets of Rage and maybe I was being unfair. Playing them again reminded me that the issues I was having was a generally unpolished look to the UI, specific bugs (My Xbox One controller drifts when moved to the right but that issue is not present on any other emulator or game) and some oddities I can't remember if they were present on the hardwear. For example, small blinking lights in the low
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