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  1. Managed to raid an old workplace (With their permission!) and got a PlayStation Debug console for free. Paid for, the best bargain I got was Sega Rally on the Saturn for... 20p! Mint condition, complete with spine. Not a rare game but the best bargain I ever found.
  2. I've just picked it up on the PC too and it looks really bloody nice, the particle effects, constant rain, lighting effects and the atmosphere are really special. Played through Arkham Asylum twice on Xbox 360 and PS3 and really loved it, never played any others but really impressed with the very opening of Knight.
  3. I hope that's not the case. I have nothing but disdain for Game, from successfully helping kill my local indie Videogame shop, screwing me over numerous times on returns, high prices, destroying a whole generation of physical games and general skulduggery over the years.
  4. Game already helped ruin a generation of physical games by using marker pen to write numbers on cases, manuals and discs during the PS2 era. I imagine they'll recycle the manuals?
  5. For some perspective, I've been a Steam user for over 12 years and own about 60 games. However, this Steam Sale is the first since owning my new PC and scrolling through the sale, finding endless amounts of games to buy for silly prices, reminds me of being a kid and walking into an independent games shop and finding a load of classic games for peanuts. For myself, I've not been this excited about games in years.
  6. Totally, but I was a kid and didn't know any better! Still, the mint Mega CD and SNES went to good homes...
  7. Glad to hear you got out of that habit @Vimster! I was a collector, big time, sadly. From about the age of 15 - 22, I spent all my time and money on gaming. Buying games the day they came out, getting special editions, importing and getting into the games industry when I was 17 made the problem far worse! At it's height I was living at home, working 2 part time jobs and owned around 20 consoles with around 400 games. What made me stop was practical reasons. I passed my driving test when I was 21 which was epic, but it turns out the £2K I saved for a car didn't account for the insurance, so I had to spend about 4 months slowly selling off my collection so I could spend about £3K on insurance for the car, with around £500 left to buy the car itself! That process made me feel did I really miss the games and consoles I sold? So over the next few years, I whittled down the rest and finally got to a place where I artificially limited myself to 1 modern console, 1 retro console and a Laptop or PC. Over the next 5 years, that put me in a good place with not having much shit but replaced the hoarding issue with another: I kept buying and reselling consoles to keep within my confines! I've slowly got out of that now and for the past 3 years, I've had just one PS4 and been playing and enjoying the games themselves. However, I've recently just sold that for an all singing, all dancing PC but I think that was through boredom rather than not committing to my rules! Now, I have got back to enjoying the games before I got obsessed with the collecting and hoarding side. As part of that, digital has changed how I interact with gaming and how I treat it. It's not disposable and at risk of being deleted as the nay-sayers have you believe, it's allowed the strangle hold that collectors had over rare games to vanish overnight. I remember hunting for old games, Japanese oddities and special editions and the prices I had to pay, combined with some of the people I talked to, made me realise I didn't enjoy the hunt. I just enjoyed playing the games. So I now just have 1 PC, a SNES Mini and no physical games at all, except for a few games I worked on and mean a lot to have around.
  8. I feel that's a simplisitc take on the Bond films as a whole, the films have had lots of subtext and drifted throught the themes of their times. Here is a discussion about Nolan's new Film but has a nice apprisal of Bond films and what they've carried through the series: https://filmschoolrejects.com/christopher-nolan-tenet/
  9. My experience of that E3 process on the other side of the fence is that video game journalists are more sympathetic towards a work in progress demo or vertical slice than the public. As the public will observe a portion and write it off completely or dissect every second and then hate on the small imperfections. If I was responsible for a game showing at E3 or a public event, I would keep a vice like grip on every bit of material that got out to the eyeballs of the games players. As their levels of sympathy for an un-finished game is approximately 1%. Also, in this day and age where an odd remark, a flash of skin or a scenario that's open to interpretation can be twisted or read another way outside of the context of the full game, I just would not want that hassle. I feel you underestimate how badly a demo can be taken in the public arena when one area is focused on or how a section can be twisted out of context of a full game. Also, on the flip side, a demo and trailer just shows us smoke and mirrors. Their is no guarantee a demo or trailer will translate to a great game! I want CyberPunk to be excellent but we'll only find out when the full game is released. Hell, not even someone on the dev team will know how great a game is till it's out as they're so involved, they either think it's excellent as they're blinded by their ego, or think it's shit as they've spent 5 years of their life working on all the issues!
  10. That was excatly my reaction. I'll never doubt the ability for heavyweights such as Microsoft or Sony to be able to drive down prices, but I've just spent nearly 1 year carefully researching the best PC for my own needs and eventually settled on a build that cost over £2K (Without my IPS G Sync Monitor) that included a 2070 GPU that targeted a 2K resolution output with a 6 core i7 CPU. And even with this set up, I get around 40 - 60 FPS with the recently released Quake II RTX demonstration, with all settings on Ultra... The idea that the next generation PlayStation & Xbox could have hardware RTX capibilities at native 8K resolution with 120FPS at anything approaching 60Hz, let alone something like 144Hz, makes me rub my chin.
  11. Wools

    Gaming Luddism

    I've somewhat gone the other way. I used to adore all games, retro and modern and in some point in my early 20's, I adored all retro and went hard on playing and collecting retro games. Combined with all of that, I used to spend almost all my spare cash and time playing new games. I can never had imagined I would have been any different in my 30's! I've now come to realise that old games bore me. Literally, every single classic game that appeals to me, made from about the early 90's has been played to death and going back to revisit it just makes me go through the motions. Over the years, I've started to come to the realisation that I value new experiences over treading old ground and getting an ever decreasing nostalgic glow. Obviously there's more than a few classic classics I love going back to like Super Mario World, Resident Evil 2, Quake, Tomb Raider etc. but rather than wallowing in the past, I now want to focus on a few good new games over just re-playing games I've spent hundreds of hours in. Also, I now no longer play games for the time I used to, nor do I spend anywhere near my previous amount of cash! I tend to buy 1 new game every few months but I complete it (Unlike back in the day) and extract more from it. Also, I now code and make games in my spare time with Unreal 4 and that tinkering about takes more time. I feel I'm healthier with gaming now. I get more from it, spend less cash but actually invest more passion, whilst not damaging my life nor do I just needlessly revisit the past feeling it's somehow better. I actually see it for what it is: Rose tinted glasses.
  12. Oh, happy days! Wonder if my 2070 will even be capable of this though!
  13. E3's been muted for me for the past few years, but Cyberpunk looks brilliant and this reveal took my breath away, rather unexpectedly. They mention Xbox on the trailer but I presume this is all over PC?
  14. Don't forget about Prince of Persia: Sands of Time! Everyone does.
  15. I used to have loads but since the early 2000's, after buying a CD I would immediately rip it to my Mini Disc and listen to the album on the go. Soon after, I ripped them to an MP3 player and now with Spotify, I find CD's redundant. I let all my CD's go around 2 years ago and the last Videogame CD I had was Ridge Racer Direct Audio that was a collection from the PSP Ridge Racer games. Now, I have Spotify for all my needs and a 100 track collection of MP3's that'll probably never make it to Spotify like P.N.03 and the entire Sonic Spinball soundtrack.
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