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  1. Wools

    Top Gear - Series 24

    Fantastic episode. I loved the trio & gutted they didn’t have more time to find their feet.
  2. Wools

    Current Gen, Next Gen or Double Dip?

    Neither as I'll be playing it on PC. PS4 will probably me my last exclusive console as I've just built a PC and it should do everything I want game wise for a good long time. And hearing the scuttlebutt from Microsoft releasing GamePass on Switch makes me feel these next 5 - 10 years will be the decade where you just buy a box and then subscribe to a service to get what you want.
  3. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I'm stunned we've gone from 1/6 scale paper craft arcade cabinets in the early 2000's to now a working ROM on the same scale. Going to buy the Street Fighter 2 one as soon as it's available for my desk.
  4. Wools

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    That's a shame to hear. I've heard so-so things with Sega's current licencing partner choices (Their retro consoles seem particularly suspect) but this seems like a step in the right direction. As building brand new Saturn & MegaDrive controllers (Both USB and their original native hardware ports) in 2019 seems so odd, I want this to be good and support it. But I'll hold hope for a few more reviews first.
  5. Wools

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    Those controllers from Retro-Bit look fantastic. However, Sega have burned me so many times with hardware, I'll have to hold fire for a bit to check the build quality is up to snuff. However, first impressions seem good and I'm all over that Sega Saturn Slate Grey USB controller. Just, please be good!
  6. Wools

    What type of retro fan are you?

    I was born in the 80's, my first console was a Master System, I adored games all my life and worked in the industry for around a decade so it's fair to say I've played everything I ever want. Sold my collection back in the late 2000's as I found my life was consumed by it all. I've been free of the bug for over 10 years now but still class myself as a gamer. I have a real fondness for retro games but the reality does not always align with my own memory. Over the years, I've frequently thought I'll love to revisit an old game and go to buy the system, games, controllers and although I get a real rush of re-playing the games I want, it's more often than not a brief love affair. Not because the game is now suddenly shit, but I know what the experience is, I know how to complete the game off the top of my head, how the same circuit feels, how the same cut scene is still great. The realisation that I'm not getting the same thrill has been had over and over again, I'm pretty good now at ignoring the pangs to play it again. With a Wife, job, commitments and only a finite amount of cash, I'm quite happy now playing a handful of modern games a year and getting new experiences in what free time I have. When I do want to play an old game like Sega Rally and buying a Saturn, listening to the music and reading up on it is normally enough To get my nostalgia fix then let the desire fade away. The only exception to this is when an old game gets ported to a modern platform, then I can enjoy it, that's probably my only source of retro gaming now. So I think it's fair to say, my retro gaming is done on modern ports of old games, I no longer have a retro collection to ogle over. And in some ways, I'm very happy with that. *Still doesn't change my yearly desire to buy a Japanese Saturn in white with Sega Rally*
  7. Wools

    Games Industry Dead Pool

    Or as is often the case, the designers, developers, testers and other creative types just feel games development isn't worth it and leave to make more money with better job security away from gaming. That's what I decided upon and I'm sure many others here have done the same. The more Publishers and Developers favour their shareholders, bonuses and firing of staff to make cash, the more talent will either be warned away from games development or leave and never return. I feel as time goes by, it'll just be the tiny indies and massive behemoths left making games. I don't feel any creative industry can be truly safe as you're only as good as your last product but this model of hiring and firing is such bullshit. Unless the stars align, I'll just keep making little games as a hobby at home rather than push my career back into the trenches.
  8. Ha, reminds me of reading this old Arcade Magazine interview with Steve Jobs as Apple prepared to treat gaming seriously by getting involved with Quake 3. Apple's tried before, let's see what happens this time.
  9. I remember that video. It's one of best examples of where I adored something and then a bloke spends half an hour telling me why I shouldn't have enjoyed it. I feel Nolan is one of the best Directors alive today, switching between action, drama, sci-fi and comic book with ease. Absolutely love him and can't wait to see what he does next.
  10. The hairs on my arm stood up reading that, beautiful. Was that a purely LE Eurogamer special? Would love it myself!
  11. I think 2018 has been the year to dull me towards games. The last time I felt passionate about games was when I was consumed with Mario Maker & Forza Motorsport 6. It was perfect for me, both games capable of tight gameplay for a few laps or levels but I could play for weeks learning the subtleties of each game. The GTA, RDR, Assassins Creed open worlds, once so intoxicating and new, really just leave me with a sense of dread now. Despite RDR being a favourite of mine, I had 0 levels of enthusiasm to pick up the sequel, same with Zelda, Forza Horizon 4 etc. Right now I have such little free time, I want something new, tight gameplay and getting straight to the action. I don’t have the time or inclination to get immersed in a game that’s trying to build atmosphere. Maybe, I’m of the age where an Arcade experience is all I’m looking for now? I only buy a handful of games a year now and generally find I’ve been completing 2 adventure games a year, combined with always having a racer on the go. Maybe it’s not a bad thing at all anyway? I used to adore films, picked up countless VHS or DVD’s and saw a cinema film every few weeks. Now it’s 1 blu ray every 6 months and only a few cinema films per year. I don’t lament that, just realise I’ve caught up on the classics, only want to see the cream of the crop and know my tastes so well, I wait for reviews I trust to rate it. The same is true with games now. I know what I like, but the best and occasionally try something left field as there’s enough podcasts I listen to to tell me if I should try something. Besides, I’ve asked for a SNES Mini for Christmas and am dreaming about building a new PC 1070ti AMD rig in the new year, so I know the gaming gene is still present!
  12. Wools

    PlayStation Classic

    And I’m out. Absloutly gutted as I adore the PSone and the games really meant something to me. Wonder whether Sony just couldn’t be arsed getting the NTSC Roms over to Europe, then placing the translations alongside it, or just didn’t care. Eitherway, a terrible way to treat the legacy of one of the first and most important 3D consoles. I’ve put the SNES Mini on my Christmas list instead.
  13. Wools

    Dave Perry is back...

    'Social Issues and sexism have gone absolutely crazy, and to be honest they drive me crazy. I have no time for all this 21st Century bulls***.' I seriously love how the opening of that sentence made me think he's talking about the problems in society, but the second half clarifies his position: He's tired of people complaining about misogyny and social issues and just wants to see some tit. A man outta time.
  14. Wools

    PlayStation Classic

    Reminds me that I’ve never been able to play WipEout or Ridge on the final speed class as it has much a similar effect!
  15. Wools

    PlayStation Classic

    True: Tag got AA & Ridge V was faster than the Japanese original but had epic boarders. If Sony has given us PAL original Rom’s on the Classic then I don’t know why they even bothered with it.

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