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    Passionate about Motorsport, Technology, Design & work as a Lead Software Tester. Vintage watches and retro video games are my vice.

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  1. Wools

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Reminds me that I’ve never been able to play WipEout or Ridge on the final speed class as it has much a similar effect!
  2. Wools

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    True: Tag got AA & Ridge V was faster than the Japanese original but had epic boarders. If Sony has given us PAL original Rom’s on the Classic then I don’t know why they even bothered with it.
  3. Wools

    Dave Perry is back...

    Not a surprise to see the brexit voting, aporophobia suffering philistine love a bit of 90's era misogyny.
  4. Wools

    Dave Perry is back...

    Alan, Alan Patrridge, is that you? It’s awful. I thought it may have been the start of a Ben Dover porno when the Women walked in but alas, it’s a bitter man stuck in the 90’s justifying his failure playing a course in Mario 64. I can’t wait for episode 2!
  5. Wools

    Bottom : An Appreciation

    They were 2 pathetic men who used biros to make their chest hair more luxurious & had a heart attack when a woman asked Richard Richard to make love to her. They weren’t upstanding feminist role models but I don’t believe they were sexist. They were the butt of jokes and most of the women in the show gave them the disdain they deserved. Also, every woman got complemented on their smashing blouse, so they’re alright in my eyes.
  6. Whilst looking at Kickstarter, I totally forgot about this game and that I backed it. lookimg into the Drift Stage comments, it seems it was never released and the artist took to Steam to apologise and explains that the programmer has somewhat done a runner. https://steamcommunity.com/app/349470/discussions/0/1743342383225913578/#c1743342647550172276
  7. Wools

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Some 2D games suffered badly with frame rate too along with issues such as blinking shadows, bad transparency etc. Their are countless jarring issues with 2D games. Whether you choose to ignore them is another question. Although I understand exactly what you mean, I feel that the widely held assumption that 16-bit 2D games never age to be a fallacy, especially in the context of the younger generation and their expectations of 2D now. Our generation feel 2D will never age, but it has, we just fill in the blanks like the best works of abstract art. As such, I feel early 3D has a real quality to it and it doesn't get some of the recognition it deserves, unlike early 2D works.
  8. Wools

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Agreed, it's such an overused phrase that early 3D games have aged badly but late 16bit 2D is timeless. Firstly I disagree that early 3D has aged badly. They've taken a form of their own; Abstract worlds, simple controls, small music cues, they have their own rugged charm and to dismiss the early 3D revolution so plainly is difficult for me to comprehend. Yes the graphics are crude but there is a quality to the best 3D games that is hard to dismiss outright. For example, I prefer the look and visual design of Metal Gear Solid in retrospect than the clean lines and plain textures of Metal Gear Solid 2. Despite the increase in resolution, frame rate and wonderful VFX in MGS2, the abstract polygons of Shadow Moses in MGS1 still pulls me in better than the entirety of the sequel. And for people thinking 16 Bit 2D is timeless, I present to you my Nieces: I've showed them countless 2D games and despite liking the classics, they all have said how bad Super Mario World looks; It's blocky, 4:3 and looks dark to them. I then loaded New Super Mario Bros on Wii and they adored it, the 3D characters, 2D backgrounds and VFX. Kids who have no connection to the past, from my experience, still seem to prefer newer games visually, even if they're wrong. Looked at harshly, ealry 3D and late 2D games are awful in comparison to what's technically possible now but as always, it's not purely down to rendering horsepower to dictate what someone likes the look of visually. I still adore the look and design of Sega Rally, VR Racing, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 2 and Ridge Racer: Type 4 over some lauded 2D examples of the form. But Super Mario World, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and KOF '98 are timeless to me.
  9. Wools

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    I don't know, I think that's a perfect list of games that encapsulated the PlayStaion and has some genuine classics. WipEout, Gran Turismo and Tomb Raider seem like genuine omissions to me, but otherwise, that's a fun list of games.
  10. Wools

    Goodbye Games TM (and Gamesmaster)

    Arcade was probably my favourite ever gaming mag. Mr Biffo wrote several reviews of Dreamcast games, the fun Games Night features, My Beautiful Arcade, silly humour, I loved it. Thanks to @deKay I have a stash of my favourite Arcade & CVG’s and I have a re-read from time to time.
  11. Wools

    Goodbye Games TM (and Gamesmaster)

    That's a real shame. When I was fully into gaming, I was just as into Videogames Magazines as I was gaming. Picking up magazines for Demos months before games came out, reading about a console you've never heard of and attempting to track one down before the internet, hearing about an article of an old game on the old Rllmuk and waiting with baited breath till the Magazine release date and of course the holiest of grail's: The Edge 10. GamesTM came out when I was fully into the scene and really enjoyed their output. It wasn't as up it's own arse as Edge, was more fun and the Retro section was a brilliant addition that eventually spun out to it's own magazine. GamesMaster was of the time when CVG, Arcade and countless other classic Future Publishing magazines were about and just hearing the name brings it all flooding back. 90's era photography, girls on the front cover, an obsession with coolness and lairy writing. It wasn't right but I have a lot of fondness for that time frame. Yes, GamesMaster wasn't the same as it used to be but the idea it was still being published made me smile whenever I passed it and flicked through it in WHSmiths. Godspeed annuals of gaming. It feels like a part of my childhood died reading this thread.
  12. Wools

    Is crunch required?

    I worked in the games industry for around 10 years, in games testing, tools testing, level design and design. Worked over 100 hours for several weeks during my first big game development role. At the time, I wasn't forced to but I was a contractor so was paid for hours worked, was young so had no idea about working practises (Had to be told by a producer once to go home) and felt unbelievably lucky to join my favourite developer so was more than happy to. As time went on, I was fortunate enough to move into tools testing and was spared any long hours as the main game team took that brunt. As I moved into design, I was excited and wanted to prove a name for myself so worked weekends to get levels made and write design concepts. Then it went back to 100 hour weeks. All my overtime wasn't forced but a mixture of wanting to make the best game and a creative atmosphere combined to want to make the studio your life. However, after I stopped contract gigs and went full time, I was never reimbursed for my time, we signed a contract saying that wouldn't be necessary at the places I worked at. I stopped in the industry about 6 years ago and glad I did. Looking back, it triggered all my anxiety, made me fat and in some ways, I do feel I was taken advantage of. I'm proud I helped make some great games and look back fondly but the need to make great games requires dedication and sacrifice. In some ways, I bet that every single great Video game or Film required real sacrifices by the team to get made. Maybe that atmosphere encourages some real great work, but there's no question it's unhealthy looking back or from the outside.
  13. Wools

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Rockstar fired all the original developers of RDR & are probably lining up these developers, I bet they’ve got other things on their mind rather than a few lost sales. Rockstar are fucking revolting, but we’ve known that for awhile.
  14. Smash Bros. After years of playing Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, Tekken and then countless other great fighters, my best mate and myself played the N64 Smash Bros. and bounced off it more harder than some of the special moves in the game. The control lacked direct connection with what was occurring on screen, the camera was so far out you could not see exactly what was occurring, the levels looked nice but the platforms felt rubbish to play on after we had already played on multi floors in games like PowerStone and Virtua Fighter 3, the list of marks against the game were vast and myself and the entire school (Well, the gamers) hated it. To see it become a lauded brawler whilst other fighters died a death always filled me with sadness and a long distrust of the people who love it. PS: Powerstone deserved all the praised heaped at Smash Bros. feet. On a more positive note, I feel Tomb Raider is one of the best games ever made and seeing some retroactive scorn poured on it really annoys me. It's just as revolutionary as Mario 64 but I don't feel it's regarded as highly then or now and that's a real shame. It still looks beautiful in it's abstract, pixelated 3D world, has wonderful music and despite being a bit clunky with some tricky shotting later on, I adore the atmosphere, tranquillity, vertigo and sense of adventure Tomb Raider has locked away in its lost valleys and South American tombs.
  15. Wools

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Can't wait for this, the PlayStation was more instrumental in my love of Videogames than the NES or SNES ever were. Very happy Ridge Racer Type 4 is on this, hoping for Tomb Raider, Gran Turismo and WipEout 2097 to be on the line up! Although with their decision to include the original controller and not the analogue or Dual Shock, games that benefited from them like GT or Metal Gear Solid may not be included.

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