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    Passionate about Motorsport, Technology, Design & work as a Lead Software Tester. Vintage watches and retro video games are my vice.

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  1. Smash Bros. After years of playing Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, Tekken and then countless other great fighters, my best mate and myself played the N64 Smash Bros. and bounced off it more harder than some of the special moves in the game. The control lacked direct connection with what was occurring on screen, the camera was so far out you could not see exactly what was occurring, the levels looked nice but the platforms felt rubbish to play on after we had already played on multi floors in games like PowerStone and Virtua Fighter 3, the list of marks against the game were vast and myself and the entire school (Well, the gamers) hated it. To see it become a lauded brawler whilst other fighters died a death always filled me with sadness and a long distrust of the people who love it. PS: Powerstone deserved all the praised heaped at Smash Bros. feet. On a more positive note, I feel Tomb Raider is one of the best games ever made and seeing some retroactive scorn poured on it really annoys me. It's just as revolutionary as Mario 64 but I don't feel it's regarded as highly then or now and that's a real shame. It still looks beautiful in it's abstract, pixelated 3D world, has wonderful music and despite being a bit clunky with some tricky shotting later on, I adore the atmosphere, tranquillity, vertigo and sense of adventure Tomb Raider has locked away in its lost valleys and South American tombs.
  2. Wools

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Can't wait for this, the PlayStation was more instrumental in my love of Videogames than the NES or SNES ever were. Very happy Ridge Racer Type 4 is on this, hoping for Tomb Raider, Gran Turismo and WipEout 2097 to be on the line up! Although with their decision to include the original controller and not the analogue or Dual Shock, games that benefited from them like GT or Metal Gear Solid may not be included.
  3. Wools

    Yoshi's Crafted World

    Looks even more beautiful than Wooly World. Me and my Wife adored that game, we'll be looking forward to this!
  4. It's also got some stunning music. People slag off the the Sonic games but I still have a massive soft spot for them. Yeah, I don't know why but I always have a compulsion to make lists and enjoy working out why one is better for me then another, maybe I need help but always done it. My current Top 10: The Ultimate Doom Super Mario World Halo: Combat Evolved Resident Evil (GameCube) Super Monkey Ball Half Life 2 Age of Empire II Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Shenmue Gran Turismo 4
  5. Wools

    Retro fatigue

    I got this feeling around 2006 as I hit my early 20's. I spent 80% of my life playing games, buying games, talking about games or making them. As I hit my mid 20's I slowly realised what I actually enjoyed about games was playing games I love, not the collecting, buying or obsessing. Over the next 5 years, I started to sell my collection, take myself away from the collecting scene and try as hard as I can, to only own 1 console and 1 computer and just enjoy the games. It's improved my life and gaming immeasurably. Rather than spending all my money on modern and retro, keeping up with what's hot and going down rabbit holes of my own making, I now have a focused collection, have 1 game on the go at any one time and dedicate myself to that title. Also, I realised that old saying the fun is in the chase, I would find more enjoyment than reading about an old game, talking about it, finding a mint copy and then... Not enjoying it. Now I've realised the fun is sometimes more in the chase, I just read more about retro now, and play games on emulation when I want to scratch that itch. If there's any advice I can offer a hardcore collector feleing tired of gaming or their collection; Please sell it all off aside from just a few favourite consoles and from there, try to enjoy playing them again.
  6. Wools

    Post Your Gaming Setups

    Thanks for the impressions, the Alienware 13 is going on the list!
  7. Wools

    Post Your Gaming Setups

    That's great to hear, I am verging towards those Alienware laptops. Had no idea they have OLED screen too! Whats the case like specifically in comparison to the MacBook Pro?
  8. Wools

    Post Your Gaming Setups

    Looks brilliant! I'm in the market for a new PC Laptop (Geared around gaming, Visual Studio and general mucking about) and have been looking at that Laptop too. I'm comming back to PC's from Mac's after 6 years away and the one thing Apple does right is their cases. The MacBook's are lovely to use, and some gaming Laptops are clearly made of brittle and cheap plastic and I want to get away from that. How does that Alienare feel, case wise?
  9. Wools

    F1 2018

    Chase & Status - Love Me More with Emeli Sandé.
  10. Wools

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    I know i'm more distant in gaming now but whilst casually keeping an eye, I've seen some amazing stuff; Tetris, the new From Software game, The Last of Us 2, Resident Evil 2 remake, Forza Horizon 4, the epic looking Halo Infinite and the beautiful little game no one's chatting about, Tunic. No question, most are sequels but I fail to see how looking at the videos of the games, you can call that a shit show. Maybe I'm just less hardcore now, I certainly play less games, but all make me feel excited and a few make me want an Xbox One X, they've got to be doing something right!
  11. Wools

    Photographic Modes and Streaming Gameplay

    I enjoy photography and have always enjoyed capturing still images in games, from print screening my levels in Quake to capturing images in Gran Turismo 4 off a USB stick. At one point, I considered buying a printer just for GT4, as it supported print outs. Why? It's something i enjoy, it's a shame such beautiful levels are used for a linear run never to be used again. If a game has a dedicated mode for taking screenshots, then I get even more out of it.
  12. Wools

    Ronin has just started

    Arise! For any fans of this film, I noticed in HMV over the weekend that a company called Arrow Head has re-released this film on Blu Ray and treated it to a new restoration at 4K which was supervised by the director of photography, Robert Fraisse. Also, the brilliant packaging of the Blu Ray has taken me back to when DVD's were at their height, great book included with insights from the team and brilliant new artwork where you took pride in the Film you picked up. Noticed ArrowHead are restoring new movies and picked up The Thing whilst I was there. https://arrowfilms.com/product-detail/ronin-blu-ray/FCD1547
  13. Wools

    Sony PSP Appreciation Thread

    For me, it never got better than: Ridge Racers 2 WipEout Pure Arguably they’re the best games in both series and I can’t reiterate enough; WipEout Pure has the best DLC I’ve ever played with Paris Hair. The PSP became a damp squib for myself but seeing Ridge running for the first time and using the machine for playing MP3’s and Movies on the go, it was a revelation. Also, it had portable Outrun 2!
  14. Surely, the only true Viking funeral for a 360 is to wrap it in a tea towel?

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