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  1. How many since Ferguson and David Gill left? Since Woodward started playing Fantasy Football and buying players not because they’d fit a style or need but because they were marketable. Ed Woodward the investment banker, in charge not because of any previous football experience but because he was the banker at JP Morgan that brokered the deal to borrow all that money in Utds name. The mismanagement is monumentally poor with massive amounts wasted on ridiculous contracts. The theft of over a billion pounds in interest, dividends and repayments is scandalous.It was only po
  2. I thought you said it was an elbow?
  3. Talking about this? He didn't even touch him.
  4. It's amazing just how little attention was paid to that elbow on the night. I'd say leading with an elbow, in a challenge where you have zero chance of winning the ball as he was nowhere near it, smashing the opposition in the head is at the very least a foul and penalty. https://streamable.com/qzn50t Personally I think it's a red as it's a deliberate attempt to 'leave one on him', the fact he doesn't look around after the incident is suspect. He has form for stamping on people heads, too.
  5. If Wolves win the Europa does that mean 5 English teams in the CL or that Chelsea miss out?
  6. So I was watching a video about the best 15 racing games on Switch: Does anybody know what game the thumbnail of the video is? The HUD doesn't seem to match any from the video. If the thumbnail doesn't show it's this:
  7. Unless you can get hold of a Brazilian pre-paid card you still won't be able to buy. Shops are assigned a rough region (Europe includes South Africa) so a UK resident can use their bank card on the Russian or South African store, but not the USA or Canadian store. A US resident would be able to buy from Mexico and other South American countries but not elsewhere. Pre paid vouchers are readily available for some places (US, Canada, Japan), but I think you'll struggle to find anything for Brazil.
  8. I'm on a PC. Haven't had a Mac since my old iMac G5 broke In terms of the injections, that is going to be insurmountable I fear. Does Boot Camp or Parralels open it? Converting your iso into the correct format is a stage that can't be sidestepped if you want to inject. The main reason I went for the injection method was it allows you to use the Gamepad for controls, something that isn't possible if you boot through vWii. Besides the inconvenience factor of not being able to load straight from the Wii U and the controller issue, nothing will stop you if you use the virtual wii
  9. Strange! Here is the file, the hosting site says it should remain for 14 days. I didn't upload the full package, just the one file the guide asks for. http://www.mediafire.com/file/gx0s7bf4vxd3n82/boot.elf/file
  10. It works fine for me? In the guide it links to this page: https://bootmii.org/download/ which loads and lets me download fine.
  11. Did mine over the weekend, I found this guide very useful: https://cheapergamer.co.uk/wii-u-hacking-guide/ Starts with how to hack the Wii U and moves onto injecting Gamecube, Wii, SNES, GBA and NES games. It's step by step with links to every download you need, bar the keys that are needed for some of the emulation... though it tells you the literal phrase to google to get those anyway. Doesn't remotely mention ROMS or where to get them, I've been converting my own discs so far, dug out the Wii for the Gamecube games. The main reason to inject the games means you can run everyth
  12. https://www.pcgamesupply.com/Nintendo-eShop/ Not cheap as such but it is virtually the exchange rate with no extra fee. They charge in £ on PayPal so no currency fee either. Use them regularly, usually have the code in seconds.
  13. Talk of research, Martin Edwards left in 2003 when he sold his shares and has held only an honorary position since. I'm guessing Guardiola didn't do any research either, seeing as they bid £70M for him a month or two ago and stopped when they were told it was £95M. Will the player improve the current defence? Yes, he's by far a better leader of the back line, brings the ball out and passes significantly better than the rest of the alternatives. This should free up the midfielders from dropping back to pick the ball up and increase the speed of play, the tempo and ability to pl
  14. Try this one: https://gameplay.tips/uploads/posts/2019-06/1561302350_2.png It labels hidden rooms as orange, I found it easier to find my final 0.3% this way.
  15. It's widely reported they've agreed a deal with Swansea to buy their winger, Daniel James. His father died earlier this week which apparently is the reason why it hasn't gone through as United are giving him space. They've been heavily linked with Sean Longstaff of Newcastle and that one seems more than the usual paper talk. Barcelona are reported as baulking at the demands of De Ligt's agent demands and Utd are trying to sign him. Personally I think it's the agent using our interest as a way of getting what he wants from Barcelona, but I think the interest of United is
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