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  1. Thats a great race/video, thanks +1 Looking forward to Forza 5 even more.
  2. Seen it?Not first hand, no. Obviously I have seen video previews etc. Seen enough to pre-order it, whilst keeping realistic expectations. Yep, looks like I will enjoy it.
  3. I'm getting a xbox1 because of Ryse and Forza. I also have a ps4 pre-ordered. I have been viewing both threads with excitement and dismay. I am a gamer, my hobby is gaming, i have no loyalty to either brand, i have a ps3 & 360. I just want to play the best available games. Trust me, i am not a rich man, i just love gaming, so i save and put my money towards both because it is my passion. It is quite sad to see such efforts to condone either machine. I'm not blinked, I have been through enough launches to be aware that you will get some rascals in the launch window, but any improvement over the current gen will be enough for me. Sure, they wont top GTA5 but they will deliver a different experience. Spartacus in co-op is worth the asking price for me, i expect it to be limited but i also think it will be great fun to play... I am excited to play Ryse!
  4. I was getting this car park issue, just standing there, i then held down the 'back' button (360) and i was able to race against just lamar, after completing that first mission i was able to get 5 hours in this evening without any real problems. Might be worth a try...?
  5. In resonse to Goatys "Mr Trok sir! I too have been playing games equally as far back as you. If not further? And have owned every computer or console since then pretty much. But why do I try and justify this? ........." Thank you for the reply, i was pretty drunk last night and forgot i posted that. I lurk here and do not post often. I think why i chose to respond to your post was because i was disappointed for you. Thank you for responding and not taking offence and i do sort of agree with some of your points about games being very similar. I have a ps4 and a xboxone preordered and am really looking forward to trying them out. The reason i am getting a xbox is pretty much for Ryse at the moment, i think the majority oft my gaming will be on the ps4 which is the opposite to the current gen for me. I also agree that Destiny is looking good and like what is being proposed. I am hoping that GTA online may work in a similar way. I dont game on a pc so bf4 on ps4 with 64 players will be something i have not experienced before. I think I enjoy my gaming now more than ever. I have a twin brother who due to our busy lives (kids etc) i dont get to see as much as i would like. Gaming allows us to conveniently enjoy something socially together. Friday nights we play FIFA with a group of mates that are in the same boat as us (work, family etc), we play pro clubs and it is close as we can get to when we all played football together for real. It was not that long ago that this would not have been possible. The network connectivity has been really beneficial to our gaming habits and by far my most enjoyment gaming is co-op stuff with my brother. After years growing up playing couch co-op games we are now able to, more or less, recreate that every night. For that i am very grateful to the advances made. Also, go and treat yourself to a PS4/XB1...
  6. I think you need a new hobby fella. Not having a pop, but if playing new consoles does not work then i think you have become jaded. you should maybe then look at what we have available now. I grew up from the atari 2600 and have enjoyed every advancement since...
  7. My Tesco Killzone just arrived 1.1 patch downloading
  8. Yeah, my killzone failed to arrive from tesco. I am more concerned with the fact i have my GTA V preorder with them....
  9. Thanks for the vids +1 for your effort.
  10. Just bought this, please add me for a game PSN ID = Trokie Thanks
  11. Button mashing FTW
  12. Can I get an invite to the club now please?
  13. Just got Forza Hoizon, looks great so far, any chance of joining the RLLMUK club please?
  14. Been back to this over the weekend, and completed my hard playthrough and half way through Infinite Climax mode. Finally cleared the final Alfheim portal i was missing and got a nice surprise when I completed the level.... Just a great game, I have MGR on preorder but I will be very surprised if it is able to top this, as mentioned above, so much to it.
  15. Just a guess, are you able to drag/lure the target nearer the exit before execution?
  16. I have played games in 3D on both PS3 and 360 and really enjoyed them. The majority of my gaming is on 360 and have played both BLOPS, Batman, Avatar, Crysis 1/2 and GOW3 and I think the 3D really adds to it. Its not just the obvious coming towards you effect its more the depth it gives all these games that makes the difference. Yeah, bit of ghosting from time to time, some games more than others, but the trade off is worth it for me. I understand its not for everyone but for those that have not tried a home set up, give it a go, you may like it....
  17. Email from microsoft - free download of Wreckateer and 50% off Castle Crashers (which i have already). Dont look like i will be getting a free console then Edit On the plus side had 10 great years of Live, so wont look a gift horse...
  18. Was on the beta and motogp with some of the guys here, still the same tag. Motogp was amazing at the time.
  19. Might be missing something but is it possible to play spartan ops on legendary difficulty and play with others via matchmaking? Each time i go to a match it seems to be heroic or normal difficulty, can i define a search to legendary somehow? Thanks
  20. Managed to get a few more games last night and quite liked it. As mentioned sbove the sound effects are great on the gunfire and explosions. Was still losing connection during some games but did manage to finish a few matches witnout problems. Already had it pre-ordered and am happy enough to keep it, hopefully they sort out these issues, i know it is a beta but it is only 3 weeks before release.
  21. Apologies to Sainsburys, my copy just arrived, so maybe my late delivery of Sleeping Dogs was not down to them....? Happy days
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