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  1. Yep, its on its way back to shopto now. They must have changed their policy on this. Thanks to all those who advised me to go back to shopto.
  2. When i contacted them about my original controller failure in November they said i had to contact Sony. Will give them a try tho, thanks for the advice.
  3. Shopto.net Killzone camera and extra controller pack. Will try at bang on 10:30am when the support line opens but not holding out much hope. Was really frustrated yesterday and pretty disappointed with Sony's support set up, which is clearly inadequate for the amount of people trying to contact support.
  4. My ps4 controller (R2 trigger) has failed again. I tried yesterday to contact Sony support on the 0203 5382665, for a total of 1 hour and never got to speak to somebody. I have also emailed them Sunday with no response except the initial auto response. Really, really poor as i just want to get the fault call started and get my broken controller sent back. Does anybody have an alternative contact or at least a freephone number for Sony support please? Much appreciated if you are able to assist at all... Thanks
  5. The ps4 version unlocked at midnight last night, in the UK at least. Only played the tutorial, typical Sniper Elite so far, looks good in 3D and pretty smooth. Looking forward to giving it a proper go later
  6. Trokie

    Nintendo Wii U

    I also chose it as my free game and completed it last night after around 14 hours play through(on easy). I loved it but I also really enjoyed Bayonetta as a reference. If you liked that then you will probably like this.
  7. If you are interested, Sniper Elite 3 due next Friday is showing as stereoscopic 3d compatible on Ps4. Also, Zen pinball is 3d and looks/plays very nice. Agreed though, Trine2 looks great in 3D.
  8. Trokie

    FIFA 15

    Have you tried playing a 5-4-1 formation? we play that with 1 up top and 3 in the midfield to help the AI defenders, at the first sniff of over the top through ball, i stick the defence back 1 notch and push up on the dpad for offside. It certainly is not foolproof, also you need to be on your toes bringing the keeper out, that often discourages them. This is my 5th year (version) and my pro has naturally upgraded to level 80 something, never done any boosting. The game has its faults, no doubt, many of which have been highlighted but it also plays a cracking game much of the time.
  9. Trokie

    FIFA 15

    Is Clubs really one of the least popular modes, i play every Friday night through late into Saturday morning, and it pretty much always finds a game very quickly. I agree about the boosting, it would be nice to have everyone on a level playing field. After about 200 club games we have got as high as the fourth division, then yoyo'd between it and the 8th. Its the only mode that i play on the game, not really interested in the single player. At least this year you can combat the speed merchants a bit by playing your defence deep and offside trap. I suspect this tactic may not work as well in the higher leagues? We all play our own pros, only 4 of us, it would be nice if they could improve the AI a bit more. Still really like it tho.
  10. Trokie

    FIFA 15

  11. Nah, i tried it with _ Perhaps they added it this afternoon?
  12. Thank you, how did you find it? I share downloads with my brother, so all our digital content is half price, still very expensive tho. As far as i know i cant go the US route as that would mean sharing the content 3 times (extra D/L to my US profile), which i don't think is possible, by all means correct me if i am wrong? My US profile is pretty much dormant, i only want to use my UK profile for playing the games.
  13. Is it possible to buy (pre order) this on the UK PSN store for PS4. I have searched for it, but it just seems to have the PS3 version available. Do we have to wait for release date?
  14. Trokie

    Battlefield 4

    Have you tried hardcore mode? People can spot you which will give a verbal warning to other players but you dont get the orange arrow over your head. Obviously, it has minimal HUD options and other changes but it plays great if you want to play a bit more tactical. Check those corners for campers tho :-)
  15. Trokie

    Battlefield 4

    Rubber shark> rubber banding :-(
  16. $59.99 i think
  17. Trokie

    Battlefield 4

    Applied to Platoon, thanks. Should be on tonight between 8-10
  18. I have a xb1 and ps4, not 'upset' with either purchase. I like gaming.....
  19. Hammer X button (3 times to eject)
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