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  1. Got a club up and running with my brother so 4 places left. All are welcome, nothing serious, no requirements at all. Even if you just want to compare times and stuff thats fine. I was playing the MP a bit tonight and it was very good, mostly came in the bottom 3 but was good fun all the same. Drop me a message if you want to join.

    PSN is Trokie

    Club name is Trokie Burns

  2. So, are we getting a raid together for first-timers tonight? I'd love to get in on that. PS4.

    I would be up for that, level 26 here. Not even tried a raid yet, so would like to give it a go even if i am a bit underpowered.

    Will be available from 19:30 tonight, PSN ID = Trokie

  3. In case anybody else experiences the first car meet crash/bug I think i have worked out a solution. This resolved this issue for me and a user on the Forza forum

    I just managed to get past the car meet bug after 2 days of trying. I deleted my profile from my XB1 using these instructions http://xbx.lv/1mOEpXk. When done I added my profile back using my email/password. Worked through the initial steps and then tried FH2.

    Drove to the car meet and low and behold, it completed the cutscene and started matchmaking, quit out of that and went back the forza festival which starts the next road trip.

  4. http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst23687_First-Car-Meet---Keeps-crashing-the-game---Xbox-One.aspx

    Game breaking bug/crash and i have it. Crashes the game every time at the same place so can't advance at all. Tried reinstalling ( downloaded the 36GB again as its the digital copy), still the same issue. I am game sharing this and it works fine for my brother, in fact i can log into his profile and get past the car meet crash!? It works fine, so the game is not corrupt, looks like it is tied to the profile that downloaded it.

    I don't suppose anybody knows of a fix for this? It seem HeliosT10 at Turn10 is aware, but no answers yet

    I am on the preview program which i have heard may cause issues but have downloaded the latest available patch.

    What a sickener

  5. Yep, I'm up for a referral!! :) (tag: Slartibart )

    Also, D4 looks spectacularly bizarre, which I love. Also as I'm getting the version with Kinnect and don't have anything to use with it, this seems like a good option. At first though I was even more excited as I though this related to the D game I had on the 3DO, but alas, not to be. Looks batshit crazy from that trailer though so I won't look at anything else until I play it :)

    Also, as per my request at the bottom of the last page, I'm getting my shiny new console on Monday so if anyone can recommend any exclusives (apart from Forza Horizon 2 that I have already waiting to play) then I would love to hear them, interested in smaller download stuff too, but have a PS4 and Wii U also...so mostly it's anything fun that's not already out on them that I'm after. Thanks in advance....

    I am happy to refer you, not sure if anyone is ahead of me, you might want to have a quick look back in the thread. If not, feel free to drop me a PM with your details and i will get it done.
  6. I can't currently invite anyone to the club - the option is giving me a big "fuck off", but I've got your tags down and will do so as soon as it lets me.

    EXCEPT FOR... BulldogAuto - your tag doesn't exist mate, can you correct and let me know? Ta

    Promoted the following to co-leader status:

    - The Disco

    - SnoopZakaDaVe

    - Beertiger

    - Mr eSports

    And when he gets in the club:

    - Meerman

    Co-leaders, please don't fuck up the club without my express permission :)


    Just bought FH2 and will be on later this evening, please could you add myself and my brother to the RLLMUK club?

    Trok REAPER and Shaky Burn


  7. Is anyone able to add me to the preview program? My GT is stebb0 (with a zero at the end).

    I have sent u a friend request, accept that, let me know and i will send you a preview invite

    Edit: invite sent to preview 14:53.

  8. So I didn't see any message/s for the preview program tonight, should it just be a normal message or is it elsewhere?

    It comes through as a normal message on your xbox one. You can then install the preview app from the message. I will send you another invite to be sure.

  9. Has anybody had problems with their triggers on the DS4? I know the rubber on the thumbsticks is fairly common but I've now had a second controller's right trigger go.

    I think one of the axles holding it in place snaps so it sticks down and needs manually pulling back up. Not ideal for playing BF4!

    It seems common-ish searching online - just wondered if anyone else here has had the same problem?

    Yep, had that very same problem, sent back to shopto for a replacement.

  10. The Halo MC collection is going to get confusing. Each version has different control methods and different mechanics. Skipping between levels is gonna cause some "oops, wrong button" moments.

    Even sniping between Halo:CE and Halo2 was a totally different mechanic.

    My understanding is that you can have a control method consistent across all games in the collection.

  11. Guys can anyone send me a invite to the preview program please? Gamertag is KriessG.

    Also wil be adding some more people from here soon as want to play more Titanfall, and prep for epic MUK Halo MP sessions :)

    I have added you to the preview program, you will get a message from xbox on you XB1, this will contain an option to install the preview app

  12. According to your profile you have no friends - only followers. So you can't be added !!

    How very sad :-(

    I presumed my friends carried over from xbox 360 they are still showing as friends on xbox.com, not at my XB1 at the moment, but i certainly i have friends on there, so not sure what the problem is?

    EDIT: i might have my preferences limited as to who cansee my friends perhaps? Either way i have added you Yoshimax.

    If you are able to add me to the preview program it would be much appreciated, also, thanks for the advice above....

  13. Is anyone else having the problem where once in a blue moon, mid game the controller momentarily disconnects and you have to press A to get back into the game? Found plenty of people online having the same problem but no apparent fix.

    I've had a few issues like this. I find it mainly happens when I use the official stereo headset.

    Yep, had it quite a few times now. I have updated my controller and mostly use TB headphones, if that matters?
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