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  1. I did, but not counting that cdkeys is still two to four quid more than any other time I've picked up a voucher. Does mean keeping a bit of an eye on eBay and stuff though.

    Hi stefcha

    I buy all my Ps4 games digital. I generally use CDkeys for my credit and i can see they have gradually increased the prices. I have just had a quick look on ebay and could not find any cheaper than CDkeys, in fact many were much more expensive than the actual value of the psn card???

    Can you give me any pointers as to where else to get cheaper credit please? Any particular ebay user that you buy through and can be trusted.

    Any info much apppreciated.

  2. I done the upgrade to the Seagate 2TB drive on a 16gb usb, no problems. I upgraded my PS4 and it went smooth and easy. Done the same on my brothers and i had the problem you had above. I did solve the problem but i cant remember how exactly, sorry not much help.

    I would suggest starting again and double checking you are doing everything correct, one step at a time. Reformat the USB and then redownload the update (make sure you get the correct one).

  3. I have finally reached level 27, all legendary gear, no exotics sadly. Really want to try a VOG raid, just to have a look at it. I really need some ascendant shards for my armour as i have them all leveled up to the max but cant do the upgrades due to lack of ascendant shards. I have been doing the public events but keep getting motes of light. Tomorrow, i see Xur to get the next part of the Ju Ju quest, 10,000 points in crucible matches wont be a gimmee.

    Any advice, or anybody able to assist with a basic raid at some time please?

    Can be on tonight from 8 till late. PSN is Trokie


  4. It read as 11.61GB (on PS4) at first. Now it's saying 2.77GB. This isn't going to be one of those things where I've got to run the game just to download it, is it?

    Yep, thats what it is, download first 2GB then start the game to kick off the final 8/9GB download, annoying...

  5. No, it's worked just fine for me, probably about an hr ago.

    Anyone got room in their club for someone who's probably a bit average (nothing like selling yourself eh)?

    Sounds like you would fit in well in our club, search for Trokie Burns and request to join, we are nearly club level 9 now so moving up, 3 spaces left in the club. All welcome.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I haven't actually tried to play the games since we did this to see if that sorts it.

    No problem, when it works and you are getting your digital games for half price then it will all be worth it. I trust i dont have to mention CDKEYS at this point to bring the price down further ;-)

  7. Yes, so your mate on his console logs into your profile and sets it as the primary, then logs back into his own profile on his machine. You do the same on yours, log into your mates profile then set as primary, then log back into your profile. As i said, i dont know if it would work with previous purchases. Once you have set the machines as primary, dont change them, it has to be left like that.

    Now if you was to purchase say drive club on your machine at home, whilst logged into your profile, download and play it on your ps4 and this would then make it available on your primary ps4 (which is your mates ps4). Your mate then should be able to access it under his profile as it should show as free in the store, if not, he needs to log into your profile on his ps4, go to the store and driveclub should show as free, he kicks off the download, logs back into his profile and will see it downloading and he will have access to it. Should be, and is, as simple as that. I do it on ps4 and xb1with my brother, bar a few issues here and there we have got every game to work this way.

    Hopefully this helps, if not, google ps4 game sharing and you should find more detailed explanations than i can provide here.

  8. So we set this up but still getting padlocks on each others machines. I got a pop up saying it may take time for licenses to transfer. Case of waiting a while?

    Or will it only work for games we buy from now on?

    Never seen that pop up as the first thing we done was set each others machine as primary, as such i cant tell you if previous purchases will work. Assuming you have set primary consoles, have you tried the restore licenses option under settings?

    These may help



  9. I'm going to set up that whole game sharing thing with a mate. Can someone answer a couple of questions please?

    I will give quick answers as a bit busy, basically me and my brother have been doing this from launch and managed to get every game to work thus far..... Some require a little more effort than others.

    When we have assigned our primary console as the other persons do I then have to sign in as my friend to download his games? Sometimes, not always, sometimes you will log into your profile and it will start downloading the game automatically, most often you will go to the psn store find the game say driveclub for example, and it will be showing as free, so you can just kick off the download.

    Does he have to be signed in on my machine to play his games? No

    Any downsides to doing it (other than no cloud saves)? I tried to upload a fifa goal the other day and it would not work dont know if that is because its not set as my primary console or because i done something wrong as it was my first attempt. BTW you can use cloud saves you will just have to upload them manually from the settings>game save management area. I replaced my drive and had to do this to ensure i kept all my saves.

    When I buy a game on the webstore and set it to download will it only download to his console? I have always bought my games from the psn on my console to be sure, but i think you may be ok using thewebstore, try it on a freegame download to test.


    If you have any other queries, let me know and i will try and answer them when i can

  10. I've sent a request to join, hope that's ok, I've been playing casually since Christmas, love the game but don't get a chance to play that often. However, would love to be part of a club just to compare times etc.

    Course it is fella, your casual approach sounds ideal, welcome along. Your request has been accepted and it sent you an invite to the club, so you may need to accept that. If our paths cross fine, if not, thanks for contributing, you should have plenty of beatable times to have a go at :-)

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