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  1. Certainly, fair enough :) .

    I am not trying to punt this game out by the way, my brother has nicked it and plays coop with his son now, so I guess I will never get to play it single player, although I can't see that it will improve on the co-op play.


  2. Horses and Courses...

    I have not actually played it single player yet and have cleared every level. the co-op play hangs together very well. Had you played the Two Towers before? if so, you could not be expecting it to be much different to that, just minor improvements and presentation. Does what you expect is to do <shrugs>


  3. If u want hack and slash and want a good co-op game then ROTK will do you fine. I have the XBOX version and really enjoyed playing through it with my brother. Yes the RPG side is not really there but hacking hundreds of Orcs up is good fun...

    Should be able to pick it up pretty cheap now as well.

    If that don't suit then go for Norrath as suggested above.


  4. Count me in please, I have got my order in with Play.com (found out about that little deal on this very Forum, so thanks guys :wub: ).

    I to will be getting BF Vietnam but won't forget the UT2k4 clan.


  5. Can somebody confirm whether the XBOX version has got a Live scoreboard system, I will be right gutted if it ain't ;) .

    If they have not included it then very poor show...

    Does it save your highest scores for each game to the XBOX. These are score attack style games really


  6. I have being gaming since the first Atari console hit these shores (before that scrounging around in arcades).

    Have owned nearly every console since then and most computers Spectrum, C64, ST, Amiga, 2 PC's.

    Without doing a accurate tot up but I would be amazed If I had any change out of £30,000 and in all honesty I reckon it could be a bit higher than that :rolleyes: .

    I am thinking about moving house and I chucked all my currently non-playing gaming stuff in a double wardrobe (Dreamcast, N64, Saturn, Super famicom etc). It nearly filled it up to the top and I still have a load left in the garage.

    Frightening, but I have spent a lot on beer also, so it my life has not been a waste after all.

    But has it been a waste? no I don't think so. I have had 25 years of pleasure for the cost of a new car which does not seem so bad after all. If I am honest I don't begrudge or regret a penny of it either.


  7. Thanks for the tips Magic L0rd.

    I actually used to be really good at this on teh C64 version. But so many games and the fact that my brain cells have been subjected toi abuse over the years means that I forgot a lot of the little tricks and tatics of this game ;) . It was great to play it again though and I will invest some time into it as soon as I can.

    Off topic

    Will be picking up Midway Arcade Treasures on XBOX tomorrow and will hopefully upload some half decent Defender scores, looking forward to some of them old games and tunes :rolleyes:


  8. Where you unzipped it to should have a readme file. look there all the keys are listed.

    I think that slow down is '\' or '/'key and speed up is space bar. It seemed to automatically set the buttons up for my sidewinder Pro joypad, including a slow down, speed up button, which was handy.

    Need to get some creds and buy a docking computer quick !


  9. Thanks for the info.

    I downloaded the windows version last night and got shot to bits after my first hyperspace. I know that enemy ships are in yellow, but is there any way you can tell what is a pirate etc other than getting up close and looking (even then its hard). I shot at a ship (showing white on the scanner) and it started raining missles at me and took me out, how can I tell which ships I can pick on and which ones I can't ?

    Also I have been using the 'j' key to jump towards the planet until it says MASS located, where is the docking station from here, do just keep heading towards the planet. ?

    Great game though, brought back very fond memories.... :lol:


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