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  1. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Hello Dimahoo I dont have the game in front of me but i am sure i have saved arcade races and career test/races. If the save replay option is not in the top left area then click exit once and you should now have the replay option (on the screen where you can restart, move onto the next challenge etc), start replay and hit the red record button in there. I think thats right. Have a look at my profile I have uploaded arcade and test races i think.
  2. Ok, good to hear, thanks for the info
  3. I haven't player it yet (have it preordered for ps4), does that slider not improve the ai for the wheel to wheel battles then?
  4. SharkyOB i think you can adjust a slider for ai aggression as well as one for their general ability.
  5. Dirt Rally

    In the settings you can configure the dpad (or any buttons) to adjust the in car view, so you can go nearer/further to the dash and up and down, also side to side if you want...... These buttons are not set as default, so just have a look at your controls and it is listed as unassigned VR head up, down etc... Been playing pretty much all day, no sickness, but not yet had any VR sickness and i have played most VR games, just lucky. This is the standout game for me tho. With a wheel and Playseat it is just an amazing experience, bravo Codies, thanks very much.
  6. Dirt Rally

    Using a T150 and Playseat. Its great fun in VR, graphics are good (enough), a little blurry like all VR but an improvement on DC, i'm on the PS4 Pro. Just took a Escort Cosworth through the forests of wales, amazing fun, it was lashing down as well. Yep, no backs to the cars that you can see, not like you have time to look backwards anyway. I did sideswipe a gate with the backend of my car and there was impact so it is 'there'. Also, done some rally cross and was competitive, so once you are settled in VR you can be on the pace with others who i presume may not be in VR? Verdict = stunning
  7. Titanfall 2

    Please comfirm in this thread if you have used it, thanks psn discount code 4RN8TRF3HC
  8. PS4 Pro

    I have a Samsung, have you enabled UHD from the tv menu? on your tv, goto menu>picture>picture options>hdmi uhd colour. Then switch on the hdmi port that your ps4 is attached to, you then need to turn the tv on then off. Hopefully, that should solve it. Assuming you have not already enabled uhd on that hdmi port before! as for Hdr, as mentioned previous, the PSVR passthrough box is not HDR compatible. I would suggest you plug the Ps4 hdmi straight to the tv for now and remove psvr from the loop. You should then get 4k and hdr. Hope this helps. Also, some helpful info at the bottom of this link in the Q&A on this paticular tv JU6000 it seems UHD is only available on hdmi 1 http://uk.rtings.com/tv/reviews/samsung/ju6500/settings
  9. PlayStation VR

    As my first VR experience I am blown away. Just done the shark dive and the head pong games and its just amazing, the scale of everything is what blows you away. Got my wife to try the shark dive and she screamed near the end and could not complete it. She has no interest in games at all, quite the opposite but she had to admit it was pretty impressive which is high praise indeed. The kids are just trying the VR playroom and loving it. I have got loads of games to get stuck into eve, dc, rez, battlezone, cant wait.... No buyers remorse here.
  10. PlayStation VR

    Yup, gonna buy Battlezone to play coop with my brother. Not sure if Driveclub is a launch title but will be going for that and Eve (amongst others) i think.
  11. Dirt Rally

    Been a bit in an out of the thread but did you get a steering wheel in the end? if so what did you think?
  12. Gears of War 4 - Fudge to eat Richard?

    My code has finally arrived, please reply in this topic if you want it.... edit: code sent to Curtis
  13. Gears of War 4 - Fudge to eat Richard?

    SteveH Would love to have it if its still available. Still waiting for mine and i was day one on GOW Ultimate edit: Thanks to SteveH for the code will be offering mine up here if/when it arrives.
  14. Dirt Rally

    No worries SharkyOB, I appreciate you taking the time and effort to sort out the leagues.
  15. Dirt Rally

    SharkyOB Unsure why my time is not on your list? I think I should have shown as 2nd behind Joe on the PS4 listing? I completed all stages Friday morning and was showing on the leaderboards as complete? Has the data gone now? Not that it really matters now.

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