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  1. Morning all If somebody could answer the following it would be much appreciated :- forza 6, I tried to set up a private match but it kept returning an error ‘unable to allocate server’? Is the online still available? Also the reason I wanted to set up a private match is so that my brother and I can race the ai together (online), is this possible as I was disappointed to see they dropped the feature in Forza 7? thanks in advance
  2. Trokie

    The Division 2

    Sorry mate, due to a lack of interest I joined another clan so had to disband the original, will amend my original post.
  3. Trokie

    The Division 2

    Ignore below :- clan disbanded ——————-//////- I have an Xbox clan going its :- Trok Burns Just me and my brother (Shaky Burn)at the moment.... feel free to join and I will approve you and add you so you can invite your friends. Your welcome to play with us but if you just want to play on your own or with your own friends that’s fine. I believe we all benefit from the shared spoils? An added benefit of being in a clan is that the text above a clan member is in yellow so stands out if you are playing coop with a friend.
  4. Thanks mate, I have Nier, if XV is the latest FF I have that Also. In fact I should go back and complete XV Thanks for your input though
  5. Thinking about getting one of the final fantasy titles above, I like action rpgs would any of these be suitable, if so what would people consider to be the best title? Thanks in advance
  6. To allow you to use your playstation wheel on xbox....obviously check yours is supported, most are i believe! I bought a drivehub last month, it works fine with the xbox on forza 7 and other games, not all the buttons work on a Thrustmaster T150 but enough to get by. Currently playing f1 2018 on xbox x on the wheel and it plays great. buy it from here https://collectiveminds.ca/shop/allconsoles/drivehub/ its sent from within the UK so no import tax. Use code GTPLANET10 at checkout to bring it down to £80, i got it 3 days after ordering.
  7. I have it downloaded and have the gun controller, right up my alley. The impressions from the US are very positive, as they got it today...
  8. Thank you, as above, will be on quite a bit levelling up, looking forward to having a game with the clan. We (myself and Shaky) have not done any of the raids so once we get levelled up enough would love to have a crack at them with a few clan mates....
  9. I had the same problem, fully reboot your xbox (ie close it down by holding the power button on the front of the console until it turns off). Orta is now installing from disk....
  10. Hello Dimahoo I dont have the game in front of me but i am sure i have saved arcade races and career test/races. If the save replay option is not in the top left area then click exit once and you should now have the replay option (on the screen where you can restart, move onto the next challenge etc), start replay and hit the red record button in there. I think thats right. Have a look at my profile I have uploaded arcade and test races i think.
  11. Ok, good to hear, thanks for the info
  12. I haven't player it yet (have it preordered for ps4), does that slider not improve the ai for the wheel to wheel battles then?
  13. SharkyOB i think you can adjust a slider for ai aggression as well as one for their general ability.
  14. Trokie

    Dirt Rally

    In the settings you can configure the dpad (or any buttons) to adjust the in car view, so you can go nearer/further to the dash and up and down, also side to side if you want...... These buttons are not set as default, so just have a look at your controls and it is listed as unassigned VR head up, down etc... Been playing pretty much all day, no sickness, but not yet had any VR sickness and i have played most VR games, just lucky. This is the standout game for me tho. With a wheel and Playseat it is just an amazing experience, bravo Codies, thanks very much.
  15. Trokie

    Dirt Rally

    Using a T150 and Playseat. Its great fun in VR, graphics are good (enough), a little blurry like all VR but an improvement on DC, i'm on the PS4 Pro. Just took a Escort Cosworth through the forests of wales, amazing fun, it was lashing down as well. Yep, no backs to the cars that you can see, not like you have time to look backwards anyway. I did sideswipe a gate with the backend of my car and there was impact so it is 'there'. Also, done some rally cross and was competitive, so once you are settled in VR you can be on the pace with others who i presume may not be in VR? Verdict = stunning
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