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  1. It took a while to click for me, but once it did I tore through it. A really atmospheric game, that stuck with me long after finishing it.
  2. Chelsea got Atletico at this stage last year, and Bayern Munich the year before. The most recent year they qualified before that they got Barcelona, and that was when Barca were good! Whenever Chelsea have made it past this stage, which until last year was some time ago, they've had to work for it.
  3. That would have got me the second seasonal prize which I now can't get without the multiplayer stuff, and I'm physically repulsed by the notion of playing with other human beings.
  4. What do you have to do for the seasonal challenge with the treasure chest icon? When I select it it shows me the map but with nothing on it.
  5. Yeah maybe. I think I might have agreed to it just so it would stop pestering me. I'm old and I get confused OK!
  6. I hate the idea of MS rewards on principle. Performing your little tasks like a good lab rat in exchange for Microsoft treats, all the while Mad "Uncle" Phil watches on laughing maniacally (probably). What I dislike even more is that you perform those tasks without even meaning to. The Xbox applauds you for being a good little rat even when all you wanted to do was play a game. I just wanted to hoon around Mexico in a massively souped up Morris Minor and somehow I'm contributing to whatever nefarious scheme this whole thing is part of.
  7. Tell you what, no graphics engine is going to be able to recreate what a crazy motherfucker Keanu Reeves is. In another life he would have been creating his own religion.
  8. I don't think this is such a bad month. I have no interest in Godfall, but I've been wanting to try Mortal Shell, and my kids might enjoy the lego game. There have been months recently where I haven't even bothered to claim the games on offer, so it's an improvement on that.
  9. Add me to the list of patch victims. I was seeing quite a few bugs before the patch (I had to delete a save altogether because it wouldn't let me change radio stations), but now I've had multiple crashes, multiple instances of the controller not responding, audio glitches, hanging on the saving screen. It's a pretty poor show for such a high profile title.
  10. I've got both and as someone who thought the PS4 was probably the best console I've ever owned, I'm very happy with the PS5 as it continues in pretty much the same vein. I do have a huge backlog of PS4 games so barring a couple of excellent exceptions, it's really just been a nicer way to play those, which is great. I picked up Xbox Series X a few months ago after not having an Xbox last gen and was a little underwhelmed. There wasn't much from the back catalogue I was desperate to play, although I enjoyed Forza Horizon 4 for the 20 or so hours I spent with it. I also think Gamepass is something of a blessing and a curse. Obviously on paper it's excellent value for money, but I do find myself trying a game for a short period then drifting away from it and trying something else, and so I never really end up playing anything. Apart from Forza Horizon 4 I doubt I've put more than an hour into anything. A couple of nights ago I had a whole evening on my own, with uninterrupted access to the TV and ended up scrolling through the whole list of Gamepass titles without finding anything I wanted to commit to. It's my own fault really because I had the exact same experience when I signed up for PS Now. First world problems and all that.
  11. Fez and The Witness are so unique I don't think they'll ever really age. Each one really is a staggering achievement and they play just as well today as they did on release. Hollow Knight isn't as unique, although it is a brilliant example of its genre. I'd think the idea of a best before date applies more readily to the latest game in those identikit franchise titles that appear so regularly, sell so well, and offer so little over their predecessor. The feel pretty irrelevant once the next game comes out.
  12. For the first question, you won't have access to any of the games you claimed on PSPlus until you re-subscribe. For games that you do have a license for, the only way to download them now is logging on to the shop on the vita and finding the game, or scrolling through your download list. For the second question, yes. It will delete the save data too. If you have a PS Plus subscription the saves for PS Vita games are backed up to the cloud.
  13. I played the original version. It looks like PS2 game, the plot is utterly forgettable nonsense and there's a lot of it, and it's littered with pointless side quests, yet somehow I ended up finishing it after putting in 100+ hours. It was great.
  14. Anecdotal only obviously, but I bought mine from there and had no problems.
  15. I like this because I can't work out whether you're criticising Shenmue or Yakuza.
  16. I just tried CPS-II (Aliens Vs Predator) and NeoGeo (Garou: Mark of the Wolves) on my RG351P and they run fine. I had to change the default emulator for NeoGeo to get it to run at all but it worked well after that. I've played a lot more PS One titles on it and it's handled everything I've tried.
  17. I absolutely loved this game on the PS2 and haven't found a game since that fully scratches the itch. On top of that I loaned it to someone years ago and didn't get it back, so I have no way to play it. It's very unlikely obviously but I would love to be able to easily play it again.
  18. Series X are in stock at Amazon right now. I had one in my basket, but I really don't need it. Edit: And I bought it for some reason.
  19. The only game I've got left is a boxed copy of Gal Fighters, after I sold the rest about a year ago. I just checked the prices on ebay. WTF!
  20. Kratos' character is another version of the "repressed father trying to make his son a man with tough love" trope. The game is not even subtle about it, I remember cut scenes where Kratos almost wavers and shows Atreus some tenderness but then pulls back. I thought their relationship was really well done actually with Kratos desperate to make his son tough enough to survive, and Atreus knowing that his father loves him and wanting to please him, but getting to an age where he is just starting to rebel.
  21. Oh and no funk thread would be truly funky until it has at least one Undisputed Truth track in it. Everything these guys did was amazing.
  22. Some great records posted already. I couldn't decide which of these The Perfect Circle tracks is funkier so I'll just post them both. Damn that's funky.
  23. I'm really impressed by how much they've transformed the game since it was released, but I have to admit to being disappointed with the nature of pretty much every release. The thing that attracted me to the game in the first place was the idea of being a lone individual adrift in a vast universe. If anything even the first release had too many outposts and space stations for me. I would have preferred them to be a little less frequent but also more impactful. Each one a welcome oasis in the vast expanses of unpopulated space. I'm pretty sure I've said this before in this thread, but I'm reminded of it every time they add another update.
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