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  1. It definitely is. I'm not a big fan of FPSs, but I loved it. Something about the current political climate makes killing Nazis even more fun.
  2. I've had one for a little over a week and it is a very nice little unit. Even better than a custom-firmwared RS-97, which is what I had been using. The screen is really sharp and the colours are bright. I've mainly been playing SNES and GBA and so far and it's been pretty much flawless. It hasn't struggled with anything I've tried yet, even Starfox runs pretty close to 60fps. For PS1 games I've been using bin files, which have worked. I did try ISO, which didn't. I've only played a bit of Dino Crisis 2, and a quick go of Vandal Hearts but performance was perfect to my untrained eye.
  3. Just had one of these. I'm a good way into Castlevania: Circle of the Moon on the GBA (I think I've beaten four or five bosses) and have only just realized that the cards the enemies occasionally drop allow you to do magical attacks! I had a quick look at the DSS menu option when I got the first couple of them, but it didn't seem to do anything so I ignored it. Then I accidentally pressed the left shoulder button during a boss fight and suddenly I was flinging a flaming whip around. I'm going to assume that's why the previous boss fights have been such a struggle for me (and not just the fact that I'm really rubbish).
  4. I can't work out if it's knowingly the worst, or unwittingly the best.
  5. That's good enough for me! Birthday money spent. Cheers WizRider.
  6. Has anyone tried one of these? Looks nice and I've got some birthday money to get rid of.
  7. I hadn't played the game when I read this but having played it now, I don't think the style is futurism. It seems to be a pastiche of much earlier advertising (turn of the century) based on Art Nouveau.
  8. I played Yahtzee once, but it was a bit too exciting for me and I had to lie down.
  9. In deKay's defense the thread title is pretty enigmatic. I don't know what Mixer or Twitch or King Gothalion is but that combination of words is intriguing.
  10. I'd leave it, it's obviously not for you. For me you're not really missing that much. I finished it on PS4 but I hated as much as I liked about it. Also it's pretty confusing if you haven't played all the previous games, and aren't willing to read reams of explanatory text.
  11. I would have done if Nintendo hadn't released the Switch. I don't have an Xbox One and have no real desire for one. So unless Microsoft do something amazing with the Xbox One Two I'll probably stick with a PS5 and whatever madness Nintendo throw out.
  12. You were just unlucky I think, most red stars have planets with plain old Cadmium on them.
  13. Sorry to hear that. At least you can console yourself by playing one of the most critically acclaimed games of recent years. Or even winning a virtual world series if that's more your thing.
  14. The procedural naming does throw up some oddities, I visited a planet called Dewsbury the other day. By coincidence it too was a hellish pit of despair populated by shambling and forsaken denizens, each one more horrifying than the next.
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