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  1. You should celebrate with a PS Plus Premium subscription!
  2. I nearly bought Biomutant in the recent sale so this is a good month. I know it's supposed to be very average but it looks nice, so we've got that in common.
  3. I think it Mike McMahon who really nailed the massive chin look we all knew and loved
  4. Man, I remember when my kids were that cute *sniff*
  5. Bloody hell, @strider I've been looking for IT in charity shops for about a year with no joy, and you get it on your first try! (I did eventually find The Stand though).
  6. Clinton is one of my favourite co-commentators. He comes across as a very likable fellow, and I love the fact that he doesn't try and disguise his accent at all.
  7. I've upgraded from Essential to Premium, as @Stanley says, you can't argue with 10p a day! Now to download a load of games and never play them! Living the dream.
  8. The two Art Blakey Blue Notes are classics. There's a version of "Night In Tunisia" on the Birdland record that remains a favourite of mine. You've got a nice little jazz collection building there. Time to pour yourself a shot of bourbon, dim the lights, open a copy of Howl by Allen Ginsberg, and start channelling your inner hep-cat.
  9. Looks like I can upgrade to Premium for 50 quid for the remaining 500 days of my plus subscription. It's obviously not getting a lot of love in here, but that is pretty tempting. Even though I have a Gamepass subscription that I almost never use . Still there's two Ys games and Returnal on there that I haven't played, that's worth 50 quid right?
  10. The novel "Q" by Luther Blisset (a nom de plume of various Italian academics) presents a fictionalised account of the siege of Munster which is superbly done. The whole book is excellent if you've an interest in the reformation.
  11. Mingus Ah Um for 10p has got to be one of the great bargains of our age. It's a masterpiece.
  12. Awesome thanks. I haven't seen The Lodger in years.
  13. How are you seeing these early Hitchcock films if you don't mind my asking? Are they readily available somewhere?
  14. Anybody in the market for some Brazilian funk? This is taken from Celia's eponymous 1972 album. Not to be confused with her eponymous album from 1970, or the one from 1975, or the one from 1977! After four albums called "Celia" she decided the gag had run thin and started calling them other things. That's some commitment to a schtick though.
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