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  1. I'd leave it, it's obviously not for you. For me you're not really missing that much. I finished it on PS4 but I hated as much as I liked about it. Also it's pretty confusing if you haven't played all the previous games, and aren't willing to read reams of explanatory text.
  2. I would have done if Nintendo hadn't released the Switch. I don't have an Xbox One and have no real desire for one. So unless Microsoft do something amazing with the Xbox One Two I'll probably stick with a PS5 and whatever madness Nintendo throw out.
  3. You were just unlucky I think, most red stars have planets with plain old Cadmium on them.
  4. Sorry to hear that. At least you can console yourself by playing one of the most critically acclaimed games of recent years. Or even winning a virtual world series if that's more your thing.
  5. The procedural naming does throw up some oddities, I visited a planet called Dewsbury the other day. By coincidence it too was a hellish pit of despair populated by shambling and forsaken denizens, each one more horrifying than the next.
  6. David Kenny

    The Jazz Thread

    I knew I owned this album, but couldn't remember it at all. Your post prompted me to dig it out again, and it really is superb. The opening track is as funky as it gets. Nice choice.
  7. I bought an RS-97 a few months back and, after installing a custom firmware, that has been able to deal with pretty much everything I've thrown it. Everything up to and including SNES/MD, and even some PS1 titles. I also have a hacked PSP and that's perfect for PS1, PSP and Gameboy but it struggles with SNES games.
  8. I was going to express an opinion on The Last of Us, but I'm worried now because I can't tell if you liked it or hated it...
  9. I just needed to get that out. Thanks I feel better now.
  10. I own 3 3DS consoles, and I have a mountain of unplayed 3DS games, including all the classics (Bravely Default, Fire Emblem Awakenings etc.) and every now and then I resolve to actually finish one of them. It's then that I remember exactly why I haven't finished any; the bloody shitty battery life of the console and the fact it completely loses its state when the battery dies. I've been spoiled by the Vita I suppose, but I can't face replaying the same bit multiple times because I forgot to plug the machine in at least one every 24 hours. First world problems and all that.
  11. How high are these scores? Could you just beat them?
  12. I can't remember if this was in the previous version but I visited an "Uncharted" system yesterday, no Space Station and no buildings on the planets. One of the things I dislike about the game as it is now is that it feels far too populated (should have called it "Every Fucker's Sky, am I right?), so it was quite refreshing to feel genuinely alone for a bit. It helped that all the planets were incredibly hostile but chock full of valuable resources. So I spent a long time there struggling to stay alive, collecting loot, and making sure I had enough fuel to get back to a system with a space station in it. It felt more like what I would have wanted the atmosphere of the game to be by default.
  13. David Kenny

    The Jazz Thread

    Apparently the last lost recording was only saved because Coltrane was allowed to take recordings of his sessions home on reel to reel tape to listen to later. This was strictly against Impulse's rules, but you know, it was John Coltrane. It was found in a box of stuff in his ex-wife's house. Crazy to think of the music Impulse might have allowed to disappear.
  14. Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, as a text adventure. You are waiting by a tree with a tramp. There is a path leading north. > go north What's the point? Here's as good a place as anywhere. I'd play it!
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