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  1. I've had an original model for years, charging it very regularly and the battery will still give you a good few hours of play. I did once have to remove the battery and re-insert it, as the system constantly showed that it was flat. But it's been fine since then. You can pick up replacements if you want. The newer models have better battery life but the screen is not quite as good. Also they can be charged with a standard USB cable rather than the bespoke connector on the original. It's a brilliant console though whichever model you get.
  2. It's a great theme but I think I actually prefer the original. That crunchy electric guitar sound and the soaring church organ, combining for maximum dramatic effect! Nothing says shit is about to get real, in quite the same way. Dammit now I have to go and listen to the whole OST again. Even the Gold Saucer theme!
  3. A hacked PSP plays GB and GBA games pretty much flawlessly. The RG350 plays them perfectly as far as I can tell (as well as PS1, SNES and a whole load of other things). I love it, but it might be a little pricey at about £70, depending on how much you wanted to spend. I also have an RS-97, and that emulates the system really well, but only after I installed custom firmware. Though I think on the more recent versions even the standard firmware gives you pretty perfect GB and GBA. That's quite a bit cheaper than the RG350 so might be more appealing. The screens on both of these are very sharp, and the colours are bright. I was actually really happy with the RS97, but the RG350 looked too good to resist.
  4. I really like mine, but I would say that I found the emulation to be loads better after I'd installed custom firmware. I was getting sound glitches and stutters on GBA stuff on the standard firmware, but it's completely flawless now.
  5. I'm not sure that constitutes very little effort. I don't have a device capable of emulating a Wii, and I'm not all that comfortable visiting whatever corner of the internet you have to go to to get hold of these games now. If the Wii I own dies, I'll have no practical way of playing the few games I bought from the Wii Shop. I'm not actually that bothered about them, but the fact that ongoing access to games you've bought can be removed might give some people pause.
  6. Everything that was only available on the Wii Shop?
  7. Clearly this guy are sick. The script is amazing!
  8. I think a more realistic target for me would be to play every game I own at least once. I must have hundreds of games that I've never even booted up.
  9. If you have kids and they are going to be using it, then yes. I've learned this the hard way.
  10. Just for balance, I'm the opposite. Had a Switch since launch, and played it loads when I was playing through Zelda. But since then I mainly play on my PS4. I have a load of games installed on it, but somehow rarely feel the urge to pick it up. I still haven't finished Mario vs Rabbids, or Mario Odyssey, or any of the 20 or so indie games I bought for it.I still like the Switch, and it was worth getting one just to play Zelda frankly. But I'm probably not as enamoured of it as many in the thread.
  11. Has it actually been confirmed that Sony games are coming to PC? I know there was a rumour but is it more than that?
  12. But I'm sure you can see that as a solution to the problem of playing games while sat on your sofa, paying hundreds of pounds on top of the hundreds you've already spent on the PC, to stream that PC to your television, might be less attractive than spending less money and getting a console?
  13. Don't those things cost almost as much as a console?
  14. I figured that was because I was playing it in Europe during the day, no? Was it at night even if you were in Japan?
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