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  1. Is it actually any good? Does it make a level that actually matches the song well or just some random notes to press?
  2. Top draw game, based on playing the demo. Definitely on to pick up next month.
  3. ashleydb

    The Matrix

    Played the beta. Won't be getting the full version. Not a bad game, but paying that much I can't justify, (same for any MMO).
  4. Got this at the weekend. First one since the original. What the hell happened to the "Most Coins" Star?
  5. But all that wasted space... at least on my design concept there were buttons there. A D-Pad for flicking through options, or even just buttons to turn the screen lights on and off...
  6. It looks like something David Hasselhoff would be driving around in on TV in the 80s.
  7. Well, you could possibly subscribe to a server that holds all the games out for the system. You have access to every game available for just £9.99 a month, rather than buying games when they come out for £30 (or whatever)
  8. No. You play as it still downloads. There needn't be huge load times as you'll have already downloaded each chunk as you reach it in the game. -edit- what rgraves said
  9. http://psp.ign.com/articles/519/519828p1.html?fromint=1 But the colour ones may appear later, as they often do.
  10. "Hi, is this EA? Yeah, Soong asked if some random stranger could come down and have a look at what you were doing at the moment. Yeah, thats right. Give away all your secrets on the internet afterwards. Is that OK? ...Hello?"
  11. ashleydb


    Just for those worried about batteries: http://portagame.com/index.php/2004/05/18/...essory_Pictures There are some other accessories on there too.
  12. ashleydb


    So, a cheaper and smaller version of the PSone (with the screen and battery addon packs) with a HDD.
  13. Hugely OT, but what did the person that gave the quote in your sig. think the boat was?
  14. ashleydb


    Isn't that the idea someone had earlier about having a UMD writer in their PS3 with stuff downloadable from 'PSLive!'? Just without the HDD.
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