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  1. That trailer breakdown is good. Even if the film is just “meh” you can tell Reitman really loves GB and has tried to stay true to the spirit of the original as much as possible.
  2. imagine, who did the digital doubles and face replacements on Mangold’s ‘Logan’ are exceptional at this type of thing. I had no idea as much of that film was not Jackman. Anyway, from what I’ve seen from the Glasgow set I’m expecting a first act sequence where:
  3. Went down again today and watched them filming for a bit on my lunch break. Sadly no Ford (but his stunt double/standin was there - wearing Ford makeup and CGI markers on his face) but Boyd Holbrook and Phoebe Waller Bridge were both there.
  4. I’m going to visit the Glasgow set tomorrow. Dragging the kids, making them see the stuff I love the way my Dad did back in ‘91 when he dragged us around Laytown to see ‘The Crying Game’ filmed.
  5. Anybody else watching ‘Physical’? Really enjoying it and not at all what I was expecting.
  6. They are 100% CGI markers. The hat looks a mess because he's soaking wet in that scene. James Mangold's been pretty active on Twitter recently - getting into it with some trolls as to why their usual complaints (Harrison's too old, Kathleen Kennedy is producing!) are all bullshit. Interestingly, in one exchange, he asks them how they think this makes him feel - being asked to renounce the work of the very people he's working with now to alay the fears of some randoms on the internet while also saying that privately they might be in agreement on lots on why the last film didn't work. Exploring his Likes gives an insight how he's approaching the de-aging. One guy complains about how bad it was handled in The Irishman and hopes that it's just done as a prologue/flashback in Indy 5. Mangold liked it. So I'm guessing we ARE getting a de-aged Indy but only for the WW2 part of the story. We're going to get a McGuffin that he was involved with during the war and then a follow up in the late 60's with an Older Indy for the most part. He also liked another tweet that wished the film would bring back the harder edge that was present in Raiders, as opposed to the overly comedic tone that LC and KOTCS veered into.
  7. They showed you, when he said "What?" and got a new sheet to sign. Anyway. I loved it. I liked WandaVision a lot, all the way through, even if I think the ending was too run of the mill. FATWS I bounced off of pretty hard. I didn't really like any of it! I hated the new suit at the end and I wanted more flirty Bucky. But this? Loved it from the off. Good to see Hiddleston playing in a new space with Loki and cutting back on the "someone says something so he pulls a smirk, pauses and says something witty" standard. A humbled Loki (for now) is more interesting to me.
  8. Possible title reveal and some art mock-ups that are spoilery!! EDIT: Debunked! It's a load of Wolfenstein concepts that someone's been having fun with
  9. It's not quite that good I'm afraid but there's a noticeable improvement, in my opinion. I say that, I've yet to watch it, I'm going off the below screens only. Spoilered for size
  10. I've got you covered, Goose https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/298108-indiana-jones-5-james-mangold-directing-summer-2022/&do=findComment&comment=13196272
  11. Disney have confirmed this will be the last Indiana Jones movie. (I fully expect there to be an Indiana Jones TV show/cartoon on Disney+ before long however....)
  12. A quick scan of some of the comparisons make the transfer look incredible and KOTCS has been colour corrected to bring it more in line with the others. That overly bright green wash that it had for some reason is now gone.
  13. Only one episode in so far and it's a pretty faithful adaptation of the book, which isn't a ringing endorsment tbh. Very trippy and meandering with lots of questions lingering and horror hinted at but not shown. It might pick up - iirc the book did - but found the first one a bit of a slog.
  14. Because I'm a giant Indy fanboy, despite being burned by KOTCS, I'm back on the hype train baby! Latest rumours from the UK shoot, which is just starting next week, include.... spoilered in case anyone is precious about staying in the dark on this..... This is uncomfirmed This is confirmed
  15. Sci-fi mystery with Rebecca Ferguson playing a femme fatale - or is she?? - I am ALL IN
  16. Just stepped back in the house after getting my first dose of the vaccine and it's here, waiting on me. The day is picking up!
  17. Finished it last night and then went down a SCP rabbit hole for hours. This was a genuinely great read though, thanks for putting it on my radar.
  18. It is. Kate Dickie is in it too so we're getting a semi The VVitch reunion.
  19. Cambell is a real big fan of people getting shot and being absolutely launched into something by the force of it. He did it with Mel Gibson's daughter in his remake of 'Edge of Darkness.' This is not a complaint btw, I'm a big fan of it too!
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