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  1. Not played it for real yet but ran through the 1st scenario of ‘Undaunted: Normandy’ solo, so I could get the rules down pat before introducing it to people. Really liking it so far, think I’ve barely scratched the surface of its depth, regarding how best to build your deck, when to bolster, when to reinforce. Looking forward to getting into it. I think @scottcr has played it, would like to hear this thoughts.
  2. Sandler's acting where he is trying to watch the basketball game when he is supposed to be upstairs reading his son a bedtime story is fantastic, best thing he does in the film.
  3. Yeah, I'm watching it. I have read the book and they're doing a very good job so far, though I'm puzzled at what the next 8 eps are going to cover as they've done about 1/3rd of the book in the first 2 eps alone! Noticed that Jason Bateman directed the first episodes too, was impressed.
  4. ‘Kipo & the age of the Wonderbeasts’ is really very good. Enjoyed binge watching it with the kids last night.
  5. Terminator Dark Fate 3/5 An entertaining mess. For every fresh idea that it brings to the table, it ruins it by having something shit follow it up a few mins later. A pleasant enough way to spend a couple of hrs with a bottle of wine but it's far from being a worthy sequel to T2. As MpM says though, those first 4mins are great. I loved what they did with the Arnie character - I know there was a lot of backlash over it but I really enjoyed the premise behind it. Realistic? Probably not but neither is robots from the future either. Linda Hamilton was fine, was good to see her back on screen and clearly having fun. The plot? Eh, it's a Terminator film. It's by the numbers. I hated the weightless feeling to it all. Terminators shouldn't be jumping about like the X-Men and some of the CGI - opening exlcuded - was very ropy. But I can't say I hated it. "....and I'm very funny." had me in stitches.
  6. Looks like Billie Eilish is about to be announced as doing the theme song.
  7. Didn't go onto 'Blade Runner 2049' late though and it's got a banging soundtrack.
  8. Surely they tackle De Niro's next two greatest roles in the Joker sequel and make it a hybrid of 'Meet the Parents' and 'Awakenings'?
  9. There's no real answer given in the film as his return is hand-waved away as being something possible via the Dark Side. Personally, I think it's the original Palpatine body and that the Sith Crew on Exegol and the life support shit has kept him alive long past the point he should have died of natural causes. He does mention cloning but alongside dark Sith magic and other stuff. They basically gave us all we needed to make our own adventure rather than commit anything to canon. It's something I find immensely annoying about the film.
  10. Managed to get some good gaming time in with the family over the holidays. Picked up Disney's 'Villainous' for my wife for Xmas. Surprisingly difficult to play - especially a character like Jafar, who is at the mercy of his deck - but after sticking with it it clicked for us all at around the same time and the endgame became a hilarious round of Fate and Counter-Fates as we tried to stop anyone pulling ahead. Alas, my 8yr old won as Prince John, after amassing 20 power. Really enjoyed it. So much so that I just picked up the 1st expansion for it. Played 'Jaws' for the 2nd time yesterday with my Brother in Law and Cousins, this time and it was great fun. It's a properly thematic game rather than a tired rebrand or lazy cash in. They caught me quite early in Act 1 so I went into Act 2 with only a handful of cards and they were REALLY lucky with theirs. Ammo and harpoon guns up the wazoo. Despite that though I came within touching distance of beating them. I had the Orca down to just two damaged sections by the end, with wounds on all characters before Hooper finished me off with a hammer. Quint survived and gets to go home with the Chief and the city boy. Just wait until the taxidermy man see what he's brought him, he's liable to have a heart attack! Lastly, we played a party game that my wife picked up for my brithday in TK Maxx - 'Shut the Box'. Apparently an old English pub game, it has the numbers 1 through 9 mounted in a box. Everyone ante's up (we played for £1 each) You roll two dice and put any number of those numbers down in order to match your roll. As soon as you can't match your roll, you're done - with the remaining numbers making up your score. Leaving 1, 4, 5 and 9 - because you rolled a 7 - would see you finish the game with a score of 1, 459. Lowest score wins the pot. IF you manage to put ALL numbers down though...you have Shut the Box and you get the pot AND everyone pays the same ante again to you. This went down a storm with the group, the only thing I would mark against it is for a larger group - there was 14 of us - it's quite slow, you can't always see what everyone is rolling etc. But the betting really bring it to life; you could easily lose your shirt with it.
  11. I really liked 'Marriage Story' - funnily enough it's the really fucking weird karaoke at the end that I've revisited more than once, instead of the argument scene - but knowing that it's based on the directors own life makes it quite funny that his marriage broke down because he was too cool and interesting, because of course it did.
  12. Nope. Him and Chewie go to try and find support for the final confrontation and come back with everyone. It doesn't explain how they manage it. That annoyed me! If you're going to bring Wedge back, have him in an X-wing, ffs!
  13. Same here. Loved how fucking OTT that bit was. The more I think about it the more I dislike the film but I agree with this;
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