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  1. Seeing Indy in the swinging 60's is going to be something...
  2. Even better. Absolutely Magic 8 Ball vibes to his signing choices.
  3. Wheatley's CV is insane. He's going to do a Tomb Raider soon.
  4. I don't know if they have ditched it. They made a deal of Walker and Battlestar talking about the effect of the serum in the last episode and what they thought would happen to change you. It was just less explicit that before.
  5. A less effective version of it than was given to to Steve but yes, he's enhanced by the super soldier serum. TBH, the actual MCU films are terrible about explaining this. In CA:TFA, he's captured and when rescued by Steve there is at least one throwaway line about Zola doing "experiments" on him. In CA:TWS, it's expanded upon, to show that the serum is the only reason he survived the fall from the train and the loss of his arm. The brainwashing and cryo-freezing then comes in. Steve's vita ray bombardment is what turns him from super skinny midget (my height) into the Cap adonis
  6. Sharon steals Cap's shield and Falcon's wings and gives them back to them after they are arrested for trying to help Bucky escape/stop Black Panther killing him, after the U.N bombing in Zurich in Civil War. She also provides them with intel on where to find him before her bosses get to it, allowing them to find him and setting up the final run to the airport that results in the big fight, injuring of Rhodey and the discovery of the Stark/Winter Soldier link that ultimately sees Zemo's plan succeed. It would appear that despite being on the run for a couple of years, working as the Secret
  7. When does this season end? Trying to figure out how long I've got left to grind. My son and i have both hit a bit of a wall with it after rinsing last season - Ive restarted RDR2 and he's back into Roblox but would like to get some more of the skins before it finishes
  8. Yes and no. Yes because they obviously ARE Memberberries... no because in the story canon, Rudd’s character would have seen the events of the first film play out, so Stay Puft would have become a cultural memory associated with ghosts. The small Marshmallow Men can exist in this story. EDIT: just re-read this. I’m 40. I could be having a mid-life crisis affair, not posting about Ghostbusters.
  9. I'm fairly sure that Sharon .... speculation within, not an actual spoiler based on anything I know... I do agree that it went a bit Torchwood this week even though I enjoyed it. Generic Shipping Container Yard fights are never any good.
  10. By labelling this 'The Book of Saw' it is a new way for Lionsgate to keep the franchise going. Churn out new fims with a killer who uses elaborate death traps and link it to the original series with that tag. Having said that, I quite fancy this film. I liked the Saw series for the most part until it's own timeline got so convulted with retcons. A clean slate with minimal ties to Jigsaw works for me.
  11. I'm totally in the minority it seems in really liking Kelly McDonald in this. She's a DCI, ffs; of course she's going to be an unlikeable sod! I did think that Dunbar was playing Hastings a little more broadly than usual though; like he's playing up the memes now. The bit where him and Steve were taking outside the station was practically a parody of LoD.
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