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  1. Not just the incels but even hardcore Bond fans on Reddit are losing their minds over this, throwing competing "canon" at one another and generally behaving like absolute cretins. Why anyone thinks this will be anything other than "James Bond, meet 007." in the first third of the film, some double-double-oh action in the middle third before Lynch's character is killed off and Bond is given back the 007 designation by the films end is beyond me. Well, it's not, the people whining are just sexist, racists or people who cannot comprehend that white male is not the default of humanity. What they should be getting worked up about is Fukunaga sticking to the continuity of Spectre and bringing back characters from that film. It's one of the worst Bond films of all time and that's saying something.
  2. Lots of HYPE reviews coming out about this now (although I remember the same being the case with HEREDITARY, which was an overall disappointment) so I'm jumping on board the hype train. Comparisons to TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and everything. Most importantly, it's supposed to be funny too, a key requirement for a good horror imo. Also, Florence Pugh is amazing; check out LADY MACBETH if you haven't to see a star in the making.
  3. Yeah, it’s good. Creepy rather than scary but does what it sets out to do well. Like most horrors (imo) it loses steam in the 3rd act once things start to be explained but I’d still recommend it.
  4. I have been totally uninterested in this, after a good friend gave it a terrible review, but this one line alone has got me interested again!
  5. Travelling into space to save the world by killing your Dad; it’s every young boy’s dream!
  6. I think it looks great! I’m in.
  7. Fuck, had never imagined a Vilenueve Terminator before and holy shit now I can't stop
  8. Agreed. After I binned my script for a Terminator 4 when Genisys came out (the Terminator was a baby, infiltrating John Connor’s daycare), I submitted a new script that focused on bringing that fear of the unknown back to the franchise, by doing the only logical thing: targeting John Connor’s Great-Great Grandmother - Fanny O’Connor, a backscrubber in 1840’s Dublin. The fool’s passed. Fools!
  9. Watched it. HOT MESS CONFIRMED. Why, when you have the iconic "Terminator Theme" available to you, would you not include it in your trailer? Why? Even a bit, when Sarah Connor appears would have been enough. But no. Instead, we go back 5yrs in time to when slow, twee cover versions of songs were all the rage. Maddening.
  10. That’s good but this....this makes even better.
  11. Yes. A dose of 500 roentgens per hr is lethal for humans; the guy touching the piece of graphite core would have been exposed to approx 10,000 to 20,000 roentgens. You’re basically melting from the inside out, even without touching stuff.
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