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  1. Neon Pink and Yeller huh.
  2. Still six quid too much considering the half assed job they did.
  3. Revival

    PC Engine Mini

    Japanese version is Prime Only (the next two days maybe?) https://www.amazon.co.jp/【プライムデー記念発売】PCエンジン-mini-収録ゲームオリジナル楽曲-曲数未定-付/dp/B07SQ18WJ8?pf_rd_p=928d3980-ff0d-458a-aa04-df0f94f87447&pf_rd_r=PANDCQ96QJ9V8GKRNHK4 ¥11,550 | £85
  4. Revival


    Out on July 24th for Switch and Xbox.
  5. I feel really bad for Chris, He's got to glue the whole thing together while being the butt of every joke. If all of this crap is making the edit just imagine all of the 'content' they're having to cut. Flintoff has no place in this whatsoever.
  6. Welcome to the Xbox One release list for July 2019! July 03 - Illusion of L’Phalcia July 03 - Ovivo July 03 - Paradox Soul July 04 - Stranger Things 3: The Game July 05 - Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle July 05 - Hero Express July 05 - Sea of Solitude July 05 - They are Billions July 05 - Voyage of the Dead July 09 - Bear With Me: The Complete Collection July 10 - Doughlings: Invasion July 10 - Grass Cutter - Mutated Lawns July 10 - SolSeraph July 11 - Aggelos July 11 - Blazing Chrome [Free with Game Pass] July 12 - Lethal League Blaze July 12 - Redeemer: Enhanced Edition July 12 - Streets of Rogue July 16 - Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity July 17 - Initial 2: New Stage July 17 - Night Call [Free with Game Pass] July 18 - Etherborn July 18 - Growtopia July 19 - Welcome to Hanwell July 25 - Mighty Switch Force! Collection July 26 - Wolfenstein: Youngblood July 30 - The Blackout Club
  7. Revival

    Xbox Game Pass

  8. Wow, Space Engineers is still happening...
  9. The Mega CD, 32X etc tower is back in stock for pre-order at Amazon JP at the retail price... https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07SPZ2R4K/ref=twister_B07Q51C1NK?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  10. Yeah I just got the email too. What if they've declared the value on the customs form as $60!? I can just imagine everyone being charged £15 to import a slipcase now.
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