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  1. Four new titles have randomly appeared in the Game Pass available to install area this morning [but aren't free in the store yet]: These four titles are leaving Game Pass in two weeks time. Xbox One Resident Evil Sky Force Anniversary World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap Xbox 360 Mega Man 9
  2. Revival


    No, This is the shmups thread. There's no c in Shoot 'em up.
  3. Revival

    Xbox One X

    I just don't get the messaging we should only acknowledge that only racing and shootymans games exist when there's other options (and in genres the other manufacturers first party aren't entering) Who's benefit is that for?
  4. Revival

    Xbox One X

    Dun dun dun...
  5. Revival

    Xbox One X

    It's a shame we've not seen any Vs fighters, RTS, Management sims, oldschool platformers and Metroidvania style games this gen. ------------------------- USA only so far, Competition prizes. Platinum Console plus White Elite controller.
  6. Revival


    Strikers 1945 Plus is released tomorrow (18th) for Switch, PS4 and Xbox for £6.69
  7. Did any of them have open framerates? Would be interesting to see if they can hit that magical 60 on the X.
  8. Revival

    Gaming things you regret buying...

    That's harsh, The 3DO had some fantastic games on it. Things I regret buying: Import USA PS3, Think I was one of those idiots that spent £800-900 at lauch to get one and spent the next two years playing PS2 Gradius V on it. 100% my fault but expected something much better considering the effort they made with the PS2 but their gaming direction started to change (imo) with this system. Sold it on after four years and the poor bugger that bought it got the yellow light of death about a year later. UK PS4, Oh look it's launch time again and I got swept up in the hype, Noisy machine with dated menus that wouldn't look out of place on a ten year old Bravia. Crap launch titles and Sony's first party started to feel like it was defying all of the good work they did with the PS1/PS2. Too much focus from first party games trying to be movies which is the total antithysis of why I play videogames. I don't buy many physical games anymore so In an increasingly digital market I felt like none of my info was secure with Sony's efforts (account was jacked twice) so It was sold and not missed. Wii, Yeah another US import but I'm not sure why I did. Bought so few games for the system it's probably the most underused mainstream system I've ever bought. Wii U, Feels like the point I fell out of love with Nintendo. After being such a huge Gameboy, NES and SNES fan the slow drip feed of titles felt like they realised a mistake happened very early and gave up and lost support of most developers along the way. Jaguar CD, Bought three of them. None worked. Supposedly has the worst reliability of any add-on ever produced going by the Atari Age forum. Never did get to play on a working one. Things I regret selling: Amiga 1200 - I traded in a beautiful mint boxed A1200 that I had happily owned for three to four years towards a Saturn, Got next to nothing for it and ummed and ahhed it because I didn't want to carry it back home on the bus [must have been 14 or 15]. Every six months or so this pops in my head as a terrible memory and I just think what the fuck did you do that for.
  9. Revival

    Battlefield V - November 20th

  10. The excellent looking Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is being added to Game Pass on it's release date of October 18th. https://www.windowscentral.com/sinner-sacrifice-redemption-joins-xbox-game-pass-week
  11. Revival

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Was just about to post that, Was tops on Gazetta Football Italia and the early PES games, passed away aged 67.
  12. Revival

    Microsoft buying Obsidian Entertainment?

    Double standards all over the shop, How come 1080p blu-ray is a benefit for Sony systems but you don't even bother mentioning 4K blu-ray on Xbox? There's solid third party and indie support also with 50-60 games released each month. Much more than any previous gen. Plus people might not even care about Sony's first party output this gen since it's so safe and no where near as diverse as it was. There's loads of positives to pick up any console over a PC.
  13. Revival

    Microsoft buying Obsidian Entertainment?

    That's called your opinion. I don't see the point in spending twice as much on a PC to get the same level of performance and have the fallout of trying to hide a big pc case in the living room.

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