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  1. If anyone was thinking about picking up the 4K of Terminator: Dark Fate [March 2] it's already in Zavvi's 2 for £30 offer. https://www.zavvi.com/blu-ray/offers/2-for-30-4k.list?pageNumber=1&affil=awin&utm_content=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.digidip.net%2F&utm_term=Discount+Code&utm_source=AWin-249371&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=AffiliateWin&awc=2549_1579855722_294b65d8035512322083636dc4199b57
  2. New triple A games this gen have been incredibly stale, too safe and too geared towards appealing to the mass market gamer. I don't want to play the same game in slightly different clothes just because that style of game has become fashionable or reviews well. Hopefully next gen will spawn some new experiences and less reliance on following a dated formula. Thankfully with the recent studio aquisitions it looks like devs finally have full creative freedom going forward so we might see some new concepts arise. I get a feeling the next seven years will be more way more expansive than the previous.
  3. Nice double standards. So does Xbox ffs but you left that out because 'you're being cunty' or just totally ignorant.
  4. Some new news and vids.
  5. Gris is in the Xbox Wire release list for this week and that's only ever covered the console releases so I think it's coming to Xbox One. I guess we'll know for sure Thursday morning.
  6. Was it in that montage video from XO19? -edit just checked. Nope. I don't think anything has been announced about it coming to Game Pass but it'll be announced next week if it is.
  7. I think it's Bloober team who made Layers of Fear/2, _observer and the recent Blair Witch game. They seem to be pretty close already to MS Studios. https://www.blooberteam.com/ Bloober Team SA Cystersów 9, 31-553 Kraków Poland
  8. You would have thought the Tax relief fund would be means tested, For Rockstar North to take £80 million in a period they've released two titles is absolutely disgusting. It should be there to help small devs struggling to pay their rent not buy the CEO a new Lamborghini.
  9. Didn't want to turn it into an advert but even that's under selling it. There's about 270-280 games already available to download and play when you want on console. You get a mix of 8-12 new games each month including new indies and third party games on the day of release You get every first party game available to play on the day of release As a service it's very easy to recommend on price and the quality of content.
  10. That's fine if you live in America and can get those prices. The Ram should be 12gb of gddr5 not 8, The GPU should be the GDDR5 version not the bottom rung one. You have no control device, OS or 4K drive. This is all just to match a console made 2 years ago. How many of those parts are people buying a new PC this year genuinely going to choose? I even forgot the storage device in my list
  11. A better CPU but inferior GPU and RAM to what's in the One X plus it's missing, OS, Controller/M&KB and a 4K drive. Even that works out at around £635 and the Ram and GPU are worse than what I specced.
  12. Recently the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order pack has been available for £280. The Forza Horizon 4 pack with the dlc is £300. Let's spec a worse new PC on overlockers and scan... AMD RX 580 £200 12gb ddr3 ram (should be gddr5 but no equivalent available) £120 Jaguar CPU/ Intel i3 £40 Motherboard £70 4k blu ray drive £70 power supply £35 case £40 boggo standard one xbox one bluetooth controller or budget mouse and keyboard £40 Win 10 64bit £110 £725 Plus the OP isn't really a good example of the value available in console gaming when you only cite Playstation. There's much better deals available elsewhere like Game Pass.
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